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Arizona returns from New York to find herself stuck between supporting Andrew, her roommate, and Alex, her protégé. When Andrew asks her if he should move out, she hugs him. When she finds Alex and tries to scold him, he tells her doesn't want to hear it.

Maggie feels embarrassed to be around Nathan now that he rejected her. Meredith continues to hide her tryst with Nathan. She also keeps flirting and opens up emotionally with him. Amelia tells Maggie and Meredith they need to be there for one another because they are sisters. 

April brings her baby to the hospital and spends the day watching other people perform surgeries. She evens bonds with Alex since he also can't perform surgery. April admits to Jackson that while she loves their baby, being around a newborn is incredibly boring. 

Ben steps up to plate to play bad cop with Miranda's son after he gets into a fight at school.

A car crash at a funeral brings an entire family into the ER. The estranged sister is the one who caused the crash and Arizona rushes to make sure she and the unborn child are helped. Meanwhile, the matriarch of the family who just lost her husband dies suddenly. However, she miraculously comes back to life, and the family is able to reconcile with the sister. 

Grey's Anatomy
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