Notorious Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Kept and Broken

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Despite the recent episode cut in the Notorious schedule, the series continued to deliver a compelling and unique story.

Notorious Season 1 Episode 6 revealed the District Attorney's new suspect for Sarah Keaton's murderer and arrested him on Louise Herrick Live: Jake Gregorian.

Secrets Are Exposed - Notorious

It wasn't the revelation of the night with Sarah that got him arrested, it was the storage unit rented in his and Sarah's names with the murder weapon in it.

So who is after Jake? Jake and Oscar must have something more in common than just their love for the same woman because whomever is trying to frame them for murder, either both together or separately, is out for blood. Literally.

Either shank me with this pen, or sign the damn document.


Are they going to be tried as a duo, or is Oscar free to go? Jake's luck has run out regardless, and it'll be interesting to see how he's going to worm his way out of this one. Not without Julia, we presume.

Julia's relationships with her job and Jake are sure to be tested as she'll want to prove his innocence against the network's wishes to get ratings, and it'll face her off against her new boy toy, the District Attorney.

Anyway, the new story of the week was much more interesting, surprisingly.

The stories of two missing girls – one from an upper middle-class, white family and one from a lower class, Latino family – got two vastly different amounts of coverage. It's no surprise which one was on every news outlet first.

Despite her motivations being purely selfish most of the time, Julia uses her powers and selfishness for good.

She brought attention to a girl that had been missing for awhile, yet the police were doing nothing to find her. They refused to even ping her cell because it "cost too much."

First of all, what kind of police do y'all have? It's sad that this is the world we live in, but this isn't the place for politics, so moving right along...

Thankfully, that girl was found, but Emily, the one getting all of the coverage, wasn't until it was too late.

Dark force. Vaguely racist Callie joins the party.


Thanks a lot, Callie. Your ridiculous news antics got this young girl murdered because you unnecessarily revealed information about her and the abductor on national television.

It really shines a light on the impact the media can have on a case. Had the anchor not brought attention to the girl's webcam stripping online for strangers, the girl might still be alive as she was murdered only hours before her body had been found. That death is on her.

Hold on, you're accusing Jake Gregorian of murder?


Let's just stop to bring attention to the all-star of every episode: Louise Herrick. Her party girl facade is a bit annoying, but her passion for her job is inspiring, and she never misses a beat.

Even as Jake was being arrested and her story was interrupted, she still managed to keep going, unscripted and not helped by Julia or anyone else.

It's such a shame that the episode count has been reduced down by three episodes, though hopefully, they'll tell us who the killer is before the series ends as it's very unlikely to get renewed with an episode order reduction.

Get another series soon, Piper! Please!

You can watch Notorious online to catch up on all of the delicious scandals.

Kept and Broken Review

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Notorious Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Julia: Oscar, what am I doing here?
Oscar: I want the world to know the truth about Jake.

Hold on, you're accusing Jake Gregorian of murder?