Quarry Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Seldom Realized

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It wasn't very sunny for Mac and Joni on Quarry Season 1 Episode 4, despite the fact they were hiding out at the Sunnyside Motel in nowheresville, Arkansas. The underlying bitterness between them reared its ugly head, and it wasn't a pretty sight to see or hear.

Meanwhile, as expected, Suggs went full blast on his hunt for his quarry, and there really wasn't anything that was going to get in his way.

Not even leeches.

Outside the Motel

If I had leeches all over me, I'd be pretty pissed too. They certainly looked painful. Mostly, they were gross, and I had to look away each time Suggs pulled one off him, because I could just feel how they felt, and it wasn't very pleasant.

That's a testament to how perfectly that scene was filmed and acted. Though, I have to say the entire hour was a study in perfection. The writing, the acting, the directing. Everything was outstanding.

With four episodes left, it's hard to imagine how this show could get any better, but I'm prepared to have my mind blown away even more than it already has been so far. 

Jodi Balfour and Logan Marshall-Green were more than amazing. They were absolutely brilliant. Watching Joni and Mac try to deal with their situation was intense, emotional, and exhausting.

How did this become our lives?


Joni hit the nail on the head when she told Mac he wasn't doing anything to get them out of the mess in which they found themselves. He wasn't doing anything even though he thought he was. All he was doing was waiting for someone else to take care of it, and blaming everyone else for his issues. Mostly Joni.

I guess you lash out at the one you love the most, but he's such a contradictory asshole. He throws out nasty verbal barbs one minute, and the next he's begging to be forgiven. 

Though, it takes a guy showing up in a sleek, black car to get him moving. It was ridiculous that he did nothing to try to resolve the situation before that guy pulled up. His wife punched him and spit in his face, and and all he did was continue his conversation with Harlow.

Joni: Kids? In Room 20 at the Sunnyside Motel in Huntsville, Arkansas is the perfect place to raise a child? Right?
Mac: Right. Yeah. Like you woulda made such a great fuckin' mother, huh?

Just call him Mac the avoider. He doesn't do anything to fix the mess with Suggs. He doesn't do anything to resolve the issues in his marriage. He just works on a pool pump, because that's easy and the only thing he knows for sure he can fix.

I wish Joni would have just left and not come back. She already proved herself to be resourceful and self-reliant, so for her to have returned to the motel said a lot about her love for the guy. 

Nothing was really resolved when she returned. In fact, it got a lot worse. But, to her credit, she really did want to try to talk it all out and make it better. Maybe she should've made him smoke some of that joint with her, mellow him out a little bit. She certainly was having a good time with it watching Gumby and talking about "Mac and Joni and cheese" (which was really cute, by the way). 

But, maybe not self-medicating was what he needed to get deep into his feelings. It certainly seemed that way. And maybe all the nastiness they threw at each other was exactly what they needed to get their marriage back on track. To get back to what they used to have. Before he went to war. 

Joni: Feel better hearing me say it? That I fucked another man while you were gone?
Mac: Yeah, well now we can both acknowledge that you're a whore.

The final bit of nastiness was the turning point. He called her a whore, she called him a murderer. I think both hit beneath the belt, but after that exchange things started to get better between them. They actually started talking about the real meat of their problems and they were calm about it. They were exhausted. The verbal viciousness finally ran its course. 

It's just too bad that they spent all that time choking each other with words rather than doing something to help themselves.

It was surprising that Suggs was able to find them so quickly. He certainly was resourceful. The minute he got that phone list, we knew it wasn't going to take long for him to find them.

And Mac is lucky that The Broker actually did send someone to watch over them. At least someone has brains. Had that woman not been there, Joni would be dead, and probably Mac would be too. The only sad thing about it all was that Harlow had to die for Mac's stupidity. 

As much as I hated Mac this hour (and the last couple of episodes), I give him credit for being completely honest with Joni about The Broker and everything else. If he can't trust Joni, who can he trust? But, he was warned about telling her anything, so did he just put her in more danger?

I just want to try to get us back to what matters. Put this all behind us. Together. Do you want to do that, Joni?


At this point, it doesn't really matter. I think they've proved that if they can get through what they just went through, they can get through anything. Love is powerful, indeed.

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Seldom Realized Review

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Joni: So are we safe here?
Mac: Of course.

You worry about finding this shitbag so I can take my goddamn wife home.