Rosewood Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Boatopsy & Booty

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Ahoy mateys! 

Didn't anyone else feel like going on a treasure hunt while watching Rosewood Season 2 Episode 4?

"Boatopsy & Booty" was filled with a lot of pirate references and ended with an interesting twist, which Rosewood is always good for doing.

Treasure Hunt - Rosewood

For starters, Hornstock's daughter Sophie was visiting the department to shadow her dad. Sophie's currently in the police academy and wanted to get the feel of being in the police force.

Wait, you didn't tell her about the whole demotion thing?


Hornstock still feels ashamed about being demoted from Captain to Detective. He wanted to put on this facade for Sophie so she wouldn't be disappointed in her father. 

Ironically, Slade went on with the charade for a little bit, to help Hornstock save face. I'm surprised Slade wanted to help Hornstock put on a front with Sophie. Given the fact that Slade has given Hornstock a hard time about what he in the past, it was nice to see a softer side of Slade.

After all, everyone has a soft spot for kids, right?

None of that matter to Sophie though. She's proud of Hornstock. Hopefully, that reassurance will help Hornstock feel better about his new job position.

Rosewood: X marks the spot.
Villa: Oh, you just had to say it.
Rosewood: Oh! I had to say it.

Now for the case at hand.

David Benjamin Jones loved to dive for treasure. When his body mysteriously floated at a boat party, the question about David's death had everyone puzzled.

Was David's death a dive gone wrong, or was he murdered?

Rosewood: Everyone loves a good treasure hunt. Pirates...
Villa: Don't say booties.
Rosewood: What's wrong with booties?

Magic City Lab discovered an emerald lodged in David's body. Since David was known for diving for treasure, or as Rosie stated, booties, it was pretty obvious that someone knew about this little gem David discovered and wanted it for themselves.

Rare and price worthy treasures will bring out the greed in anyone. Especially someone that's a little down and looking for a quick get rich scheme.

That was definitely the case for David's death. Upon first glance, I would've assumed David's killer was his diving partner, Billy. It's always those close to you that needs to be watched, right?

I don't want to be a glorified lifeguard anymore.


David's killer was none other than the supposedly trustworthy lifeguard, Carl.

Carl wanted whatever treasure he assumed David discovered in order to cash in on a better life for himself. David lost his life because of Carl's greed.

Rosewood: I have some news there's gonna be a change here.
TMI: What change?
Pippy: Hey y'all!

On another note, Pippy officially made her return back to Magic City Lab. But will Pippy be back for good?

In order to fund her music career, Pippy had no choice but to return back to her old stomping grounds. With TMI and Pippy both still having a hard time dealing with their breakup, things at Magic City Lab could get a little interesting.

My mother is throwing her life away for a murderer.


Speaking of interesting, one thing I was not expecting was Rosie and Donna going at each other's throats for Donna's support of Gerald.

Donna took a mortgage out on her house to help fund Gerald's legal fees, and Rosie isn't on board with any of it.

Both Gerald and Rosie have suggested that Donna backed off and move on with her life. It could be that Gerald is actually guilty of his crimes and doesn't want Donna getting emotionally involved with his case.

Pippy: You guys have been keeping this from me?
TMI: You exactly wasn't around.

What will happen now with Donna and Rosie's relationship?

They're both headstrong individuals that are set in their ways. Maybe Donna should take heed for once and actually listen to what Rosie and Gerald are trying to tell her. Donna could be leading herself into a world of trouble with Gerald, and she's too blind to realize it.

The fact that Donna could possibly go broke and homeless for trying to help Gerald is just the icing on the cake. I can't wait to dig deeper into this Gerald case to find out if he's guilty or not.

So do you think Pippy will return back to Magic City Lab for good? Will Rosie and Donna be able to repair their relationship?

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Boatopsy & Booty Review

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Rosewood Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Carl: You don' think this was an accident?
Rosewood: Accidents don't cause handprints.

Wait, you didn't tell her about the whole demotion thing?