Supernatural Season 12 Episode 3 Review: The Foundry

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The adventures of Agent Beyonce and Agent Jay Z?

Castiel teaming up with Crowley on Supernatural Season 12 Episode 3 was certainly humorous, and it was hard not to laugh when learning the identity the angel had chosen for himself.

Just imagine the other names he might wind up using next time. Agent Gaga? Agent Bieber?

I’m not sure I’d enjoy this pairing all the time, especially because it could wind up becoming too goofy, but for the brief time here it was fine.

Plus, it was good to see Castiel get something important to do this time, but it also was surprising that Sam and Dean let him go off on his own. Sure, Castiel felt that it was his responsibility, but c’mon, it’s Lucifer.

It just seemed like the type of task that the whole team would take on, even if Lucifer wasn’t in his ultimate vessel.

And I was glad that we did get that reveal that Lucifer’s new rocker look was decaying. It sort of cleared things up when it came to him occupying new vessels, but he can’t be bouncing from meat suit to meat suit all season, right?

Considering Rowena pulled a trick on the Prince of Darkness, essentially eliminated his vessel and sent him away (but where?), it does make me wonder about Lucifer’s story for Supernatural Season 12. And will the next time we see Lucifer be with a new actor filling the shoes?

But the Lucifer aspect of the hour was merely the B-story, leaving the main focus on the Winchesters tackling a case of the week.

It was actually a nice step away from dealing with the main story arc involving the British Men of Letters.

Look, I’m intrigued by Mr. Ketch, and I’m optimistic that the British Men of Letters will wind up proving to be worthy antagonists (seriously, fingers crossed), but I really didn’t miss them during the episode.

Instead, it was great to get Sam, Dean and Mary working together on a hunt. And while the internet has lightened up the legwork of solving the case, Mary’s old-school approach was just as important in getting to the bottom of the haunting.

Additionally, since the ghosts were children, it gave the case a much more emotional connection to Mary. Plus, it allowed for a nice tie-in with her past in seeing the flashbacks of her right before the yellow-eyed demon tried to get Sam.

At the same time, Mary was clearly still struggling with her new surroundings, and that was beyond just knowing how to use technology.

Her heartfelt, but heartbreaking, speech at the end to her two boys was so telling of the sort of confusion she’s been dealing with since being back.

Sure, it’s a happy thing that Sam and Dean have their mom again, and that she loves to crank up the tunes when on the road, but for Mary, it hasn’t been quite like that.

Hearing her talk about how she remembers her two boys, two little boys, and how she misses John, and how she was perfectly fine in Heaven and then, bam, she’s alive and in uncharted waters was an emotional moment that hit. She’s really been out of place.

So while her trying to bury herself in the hunt was classic Winchester, so was choosing to leave family for a bit.

It’s disappointing that that’s her decision, and clearly it upset Dean and Sam (just there reactions at the end sold it), but we’ve seen that move before from the brothers.

I wish that everything was OK for the sake of Sam and Dean, but I actually like how Mary’s return hasn’t been some happy, perfect ending. And actress Samantha Smith has done a phenomenal job of conveying Mary’s love and affection for her children on top of the struggles she’s been dealing with. But they are struggles.

She’s been such a fantastic addition to the season, that it’s sad for her to go. Obviously, it’s not the last we’ve seen of her, and I’m looking forward to seeing whatever changes or steps have been taken on her journey alone.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if she runs into some British Men of Letters along the way.

Hopefully, she can find her way and reunite with Sam and Dean down the road. I just wonder how Sam and Dean will be dealing with things in the meantime…

“The Foundry” really felt like a step up, especially in focusing on Mary’s difficulties being back alive. I am curious as to how her story will play out in the long run, but I maintain that it’s been great to have her and her fresh dynamic as a part of Supernatural Season 12.

What did you think of Mary's decision? What's in store for Lucifer? Sound off below, and be sure to watch Supernatural online at TV Fanatic!

NOTE: Supernatural Season 12 Episode 4 airs Nov. 3 at 9 p.m.

The Foundry Review

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