No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 7 Review: No You Say it First

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There's nothing worse than saying "I love you," and getting stone cold silence in return.

On No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 7, Evie has to balance a relationship mishap and her dream job disappearing before her very eyes. Xavier is in the market for a job, which turns into some quality bonding time with Evie's sister. 

Elsewhere, Deirdre and Hank are trying to keep their relationship a secret but not having sex at work proves harder than expected.

Who Will Say I Love You? - No Tomorrow

I was actually surprised that it took Evie this long to say, "I love you." I figured it was an off screen moment that went down after they made their relationship official. But their super casual relationship and the impending end of the world must have put that on the back burner. 

But I've got to say, mentioning your feelings when your significant other is occupied with something else might not be the best call. That is, of course, proven right when Xavier makes his own grand gesture.

It isn't a huge surprise but pulling Evie out of work to let her know that he loves her in the middle of a rainstorm is a bit more romantic. 

This is a second reminder to not say I love you when your partner is preoccupied because like Xavier, they could completely miss what you said. And then you're stuck spiraling because you think they don't love you. That's just never good.

I'm going with 60's Space Rock as my way in.


And with Evie's day already getting off to a bad start, she also has to figure out a way to get a job that no longer exists.

Evie talking about the warehouse made me realize just how little we know about Cybermart. The Amazon equivalent has me strangely invested in how things happen behind the scenes, before everything arrives with Prime shipping. 

This is the in between, after we press "place order," but before the order is shipped, and it somehow turns more interesting every time we don't get enough information.

Luckily, there's not much time to dwell on all that because Evie's journey to a promotion is scary steep. With Deirdre out of commission, thanks to Hank and their wild office relationship, we aren't getting enough scenes with her and Evie. 

All there is to know is that Deirdre isn't exactly happy with Evie trying (and then succeeding) to get a promotion in Cyberhugs. 

I wonder how that will play out going forward, especially since there has to be a reason why Deirdre doesn't want Evie to succeed. This girl helped her get together with Hank; why isn't she more grateful?

Love is the worst.


Timothy is back and so are his subtitles! 

It would be nice to see Timothy more often, but when he appears, he leaves a lasting impression. 

Once again, Timothy battles with a relatable issue: social anxiety that turns into a funny situation all around. If his presentation title wasn't hilarious enough, his attempt to go through with it was.

Timothy counting on Evie to keep him grounded was a turn in the wrong direction for him, especially since he looked like he was moving on.

If he's going to be dealing with his current feelings for her, it would be wonderful to get a glimpse into their past.

They had a stable relationship that lasted a while; it would only make sense to actually see what it was like for the two of them. I'll take anything at this point if it means seeing more of Timothy weekly.

Evie: What were you doing last night?
Kareema: Nobody.

Remember when Mary Anne and her perfect family was the life Evie's family wanted for her? Well, now it looks like things aren't as wonderful as they appeared to be.

Mary Anne needs someone to paint her house, Xavier needs a house so the only reasonable next step is to get those two in the same place. Except Xavier's attempt to make Mary Anne like him turns into a fuchsia house and a drunk Mary Anne in the tub.

It's refreshing to see that being a mother isn't easy and can have sacrifices that not everyone might want. 

Tucker is an adorable child, but juggling two kids and an absent husband doesn't look very fun. It's no surprise that Mary Anne has no time for the things she loved to do before she had kids.

And nothing wins your girlfriend's sister over like enlisting her in their latest scheme to get close to Evie's boss. 

I have to admit that Evie and Xavier do better in their domestic lives. Even their schemes are more exciting when they aren't worried about their relationship ... mostly.

Nothing says family bonding like sneaking into a party to perform in front of everyone just so Evie could try landing her dream job. That level of teamwork was exceptional, and I now demand that this becomes the new scheme team.

What did you think of Evie's little "I love you" slip up? Are you still Team Xavier after the speech Timothy gave Evie? Were you surprised that Deirdre and Hank managed to keep their relationship a secret this long? Will we ever see Fern again or is she gone for good? What was your favorite and least favorite part of the episode? Let us know below!

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No You Say it First Review

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