No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 9 Review: No Truer Words

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Honesty is always the best policy, especially if we're talking relationships.

On No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 9, Xavier learns that Evie didn't tell him that his theory wouldn't be shared with the world like he expected. This isn't the best news, considering he lost a month of time where he could have tried to spread the word some other way.

Meanwhile, Hank is focused on winning Deirdre back, something that doesn't go exactly as planned. And while all that is happening, Kareema is trying to help her brother deal with his heartache, so she can then clue him in on what actually happened. 

Xavier's World - No Tomorrow

For the first time ever, I'm actually on Xavier's side right off the bat. 

No matter how wild his theory is, it was something that was important to him. Evie knew that, especially since it's the whole essence of their relationship and yet withheld the information that he really needed.

While at first there was only a big understanding of Xavier's side, it made sense from Evie's end, as well.

At first she didn't want to hurt his feeling but then was just happy to not always talk about the theory with him. Because that's the downside to an apocalypse bucket list, the reasoning and the gloom behind the idea. 

It still was up to Evie to clue Xavier in, if only because he was going to figure it out anyway. If you don't want to be honest because it's the right thing to do, be honest when there's a high chance of the person finding the secret out anyway. 

Wake me when you do something that requires a safe word.


Deirdre had a collection of secrets this time around, and none of them made Hank happy.

All he wanted was to get back together, but instead Deirdre told him she was focused on work. And that would be fine, if the man who turned out to be her ex-husband didn't appear in her life right at that moment.

Deirdre was married twice to this random dude but broke up with Hank after one argument. Something tells me that this means more about Hank than about her ex. 

But no matter how much more Hank seems to matter to Deirdre, her fear of the unknown won this time around. Her feelings are too strong, and she doesn't want to know what it may feel like to break up with Hank when she's even more invested.

That makes sense but it was kind of shocking that Hank didn't try to fight for Deirdre. Before, he didn't know how much he meant to her or what happened, but she told him exactly what was wrong and he didn't try to convince her to give their relationship another try?

As much as I'm rooting for those two to figure it out very soon, this setback was disappointing. 

Deirdre is calling the shots, but if Hank knows that she feels this strongly about him, maybe he needs to consider gaining control of this relationship. 

They are heavy defecators.


How does Kareema do it all?

Pulling double duty with her brother and Hank must not have been easy.

Kareema's plan to help Rohan made sense, but that was never going to end well. No matter how much Rohan depended on his sister during his breakup blues, she took the woman he loved.

Their moment in the cafe was somehow more emotional because we didn't hear what was said, just saw him storm off.

It was obvious that no matter what Rohan wouldn't be happy for Kareema right away, but this could open the door for more interactions between those two which would be incredible.

Sidenote: Rohan's steps to getting over a breakup were pure gold, and it would have been great to see even more of him as he battled his breakup heartache. 

Go get that honesty scone!


Timothy was doing so well, and then he just wasn't.

Dude still has it bad for Evie, to the point where he lost the woman that really wanted to be with him. 

At first it made sense, then it was sad ,but Timothy won us over once again with some shocking truth bombs. Looks like Xavier's attempt to beat the lie detector in the beginning was all a game, because he actually isn't Xavier. 

From the brief glimpse that we got of the article, it looks like Xavier or Hanish had a chaotic past. This theory he keeps pushing must have gotten him in trouble in the past if he's actually gone as far as to change his name.

But that also makes him a hypocrite, a huge one at that. He lectured Evie on honesty when he first realized that she lied to him, even though he knew that he was lying about a big part of his life. His name, his past and who knows what else.

You just stole a bloody month from me.


What do you think Xavier/Hanish is hiding? Is it something big or did Timothy stumble upon a secret that can be explained away in a second? What about Kareema and Rohan?

Will they be able to patch things up and not let Sofia ruin their sibling bond? How heartbroken were you over Deirdre cutting all romantic ties with Hank? What was your favorite and least favorite part of the episode? Let us know below!

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No Truer Words Review

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No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Wake me when you do something that requires a safe word.


They are heavy defecators.