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Evie reveals to Xavier that the expert he hoped would get the word out about the world ending never actually read his theory, and Evie lied about it for a month. To make it up to him, Evie tries to convince Timothy to give Xavier's theory a platform. He does but instead gets assigned a piece on Xavier himself, which is how he finds out that Xavier isn't who he says he is. Timothy shares this with Evie who confronts Xavier about his real identity.

Hank is focused on winning Deirdre back but she isn't interested in his advances. Instead she seems to be smitten with another man, one that looks like a cowboy. Turns out that he's her two time ex husband who proposes every time they win a dance competition. Hank recruits Kareema to help win the dance competition so Deirdre wouldn't get engaged.

They failed and Deirdre tells Hank why she can't be with him. She is worried about how strong her feelings are for him already, if they continue to date they will get stronger and the pain will be greater if they break up. 

Kareema tries to help Rohan get over the breakup so when she tells him that she is engaged to Sofia, he won't take it as badly. It seems to work, until she actually tells him and he storms off in anger about his sister's betrayal. 

Evie is clued in on a percentage that someone seems to be getting from every donation that is made to charity through their company. She tracks it down to Fern, who flees to Europe when she realizes she's caught and that Timothy doesn't care for her like he does for Evie.

No Tomorrow
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No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Wake me when you do something that requires a safe word.


They are heavy defecators.