Once Upon a Time Round Table: Be Careful What You Wish For

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Be careful what you wish for because it might come true, and there are always consequences.

If there was any lesson to be learned from Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 10, it was that some wishes aren't worth wishing for, as the Evil Queen showed us with her wish to send Emma to a reality where she isn't the Savior of Storybrooke.

It was also revealed that baby Rumbelle, Gideon, was kidnapped and raised by the Black Fairy on dark magical timeline and is now back in Storybrooke as the hooded figure who's been starring in Emma's visions. 

And another wish made by David turned the Evil Queen into a snake, sending Regina's True Love back to her - kind of.

Below, TV Fanatics Steve Ford, Allison Nichols, Robin Harry, and Caralynn Lippo - along with Once Upon a Fan's Joanne Denney - as they talk David becoming James, Princess Emma and marvel over just how incredible Lana Parrilla is....

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Gideon is under the hood! Were you surprised? Are you pleased with that reveal?

Steve: I would have been surprised if they didn't reveal RumpBelle's child being taken by the Black Fairy moments earlier. That pretty much revealed it before the actual reveal and was a bit of a letdown. I love the idea, but the execution left much to be desired. However, I'm extremely excited to see how that will play out in the second half of the season.

Allison: Like Steve said, I would have been surprised if we hadn't just learned that the Black Fairy took him. I'm not super thrilled with the twist because it will mean that we will be forced to endure more Rumbelle drama, and also because it looks like they will be teaming up/being nice to each other as they try to save their son. I mean I'm happy it's not Regina under the hood, but I'm not all that excited that it's Gideon.

Robin: As everyone else, I put the hints of the episode together to figure it out before the reveal, but I was surprised when I figured it out. I didn't see that coming from the previous episodes at all. I'm intrigued; I'm interested in seeing how this all plays out, and what will compel Gideon to try to kill his nephew's mother.

Joanne: Gideon as the hooded figure was surprising.  I expected either the Black Fairy or Jafar. I don't know if I'm pleased with the reveal or not.  I'm curious as to why he is after Emma and what route this storyline is going to take.

Caralynn: I also had the idea that something was off as soon as we found out that the Black Fairy had taken the baby. Also, adult Gideon has been acting super sketchy and suspicious all season long. So it wasn't incredibly surprising, though I am really curious to see why, exactly, he's going to kill Emma -- and how he aged!

Did you like getting a glimpse into Emma's life if she'd never become the Savior?

Steve: Not really, that whole story was rather frustrating to watch Emma so oblivious and helpless. Although, it was fun watching Regina play the part of the Evil Queen, and Regina seemed to enjoy it a little too.

Allison: Emma was ridiculously annoying as a meek little princess. I'm still confused at how Neal was still the father of Henry since Neal coming to our world had nothing to do with Emma being the savior.

Robin: Oh man, that was painful to watch. Meek and mild is definitely not Jennifer Morrison's thing, that wasn't even slightly convincing. Or maybe that was the point. Anyway, that part of the episode was only redeemed by the maniacal and slightly unhinged Rumpelstiltskin, and by Lana Parilla playing Regina playing the Evil Queen. Those two gave fantastic performances.

Joanne: I really don't buy Emma being a dainty flower-picking Princess in any world.  The Wish World pushed Emma being a non-savior to the extreme.  It was kind of fun though seeing the alternate timeline.

Caralynn: Emma as not-the-Savior was super annoying. Seeing Snow and Charming as happy old people was nice though. Like Allison, I got really hung up on why Neal was still Henry's father in this reality. Kind of silly. Easily the best part of the episode was Regina trying to act out the part of the Evil Queen in order to force Emma to remember.

Robin Hood returned and stopped Regina dead in her tracks. What do you think her plan is with this not-real version of Robin, now that she and Emma are presumably trapped?

Steve: I'm not quite sure, but I'm digging Robin's new haircut. Maybe Regina will try and convince Robin to fall in love with her again and bring him back to Storybrooke with her? She spent so much time trying to convince Emma that nothing there is real, and Regina may now fall victim to this false reality herself.

Allison: She views Robin as her second shot at happily ever after. I'm annoyed that Regina let the portal close all because she was blind sighted by a version/hallucination of the man she loved. Robin: Robin Hood bores the living daylights out of me, so I was more than a little irritated that the fantasy version of him is what kept them going home. Also, isn't this Emma's faux-reality? Why would Robin Hood even be in it, trying to stop them? That didn't make any sense.

Joanne: Emma and Regina will find another way back, probably with Wish Rumple's help.  I'm sure Regina will try and bring Wish Robin back with her to Storybrooke.  The question is can Wish Robin survive the trip or will she see him vanish before her eyes a second time?

Caralynn: Wish-Rumple will definitely be a part of Emma and Regina getting back to the real world. I'm sure Regina's plan will be to get Robin to come back to the real world with her. I'm sure that will fail, but at the very least, it will give Regina an opportunity to say goodbye to him (in some form) and get closure. Real Robin died so quickly she didn't even have a chance to say goodbye to him.

Was it smart to let Rumplestiltskin out of his prison in the alternate-reality?

Steve: At first I was against it, but when he mentioned Storybrooke it had me curious on how he knew about it. Now that he's out and since Regina and Emma are trapped there for the time being, I think alternate Rumple will play a key role in helping to get them back to Storybrooke. But this time it may come with a price, since Rumple helped Regina the first time for letting him out. What will she give in return this time?

Allison: Regina wouldn't have had a way home without him, so yes, I'd say it was the smart move, especially since she went into this world believing that everyone is a hallucination. Of course, it became a stupid move once Regina and Emma missed their portal home.

Robin: Pretty much what Steve and Allison said. It was the fairest deal ever struck with Rumpelstiltskin, until Regina blew it.  Who knows what that will cost them now?

Joanne: It's never smart to let Rumple out of his cage, but how can you resist those sad, puppy eyes?  You could tell he was desperate to get out of the cell after 30+ years of imprisonment, and getting crazier everyday.  Regina and Emma will be running into him again.

Caralynn: I'm sure Regina paid it no mind because, as her killing Wish-Charming and Wish-Snow proved, none of these people mattered because none of them are real. So, logically, it doesn't matter at all what Wish-Rumple does in his (fake) reality.

David is worried that he's becoming like his brother. Have you noticed any small changes to David's behavior that support that fear?

Steve: I don't see him becoming James. He's just frustrated and I don't blame him. It's just that we really haven't seen David this unsure of himself like this before and it's shining a different light on a character who is normally very confident in finding a way to overcome any obstacle.

Allison: I don't think so, but, and I'll be honest here, I don't remember that much about James other than he was a not so great guy. I think David let his emotions and frustrations get the better of him.

Robin: David, bro, calm down. Eat a Snickers. I don't see David becoming like James at all, but the Evil Queen has put enough doubt in his mind to make him think he's becoming dark, and he doesn't have Snow at his side to be his anchor.

Joanne: No.  David is nothing like James.  His fear is totally unfounded.

Caralynn: I'm sort of over David's existential crisis. He always makes dumb decisions when he's stressed out. Can we switch back to Snow, please?

Did the Evil Queen REALLY get what she deserved?

Steve: I don't think so, but I find it interesting that she was turned into a cobra of all kinds of snakes. I wonder if she will end up playing a part with Jafar in the second half of the season, since his staff has a cobra head on it? That could be an interesting idea to toy with.

Allison: What the hell kind of wish was that? Who is in charge of deciding what the Evil Queen deserved? God? The magical Powers That Be? It was a stupid wish, but it was made, so there's nothing we can do about it. I do think that being alive yet unable to use her own magic or communicate with anyone is an apt punishment for her.

Robin: LOL! Allison, we're absolutely on the same page with this one. Regardless of what she does and doesn't deserve, since the EQ is the current antagonist to Emma's saviour, being turned into a snake was quite on the nose. Steve brings up a great observation, and I wonder if the snake will have something to do with Jafar in the second half.

Joanne:  Yes and yes.  Because of David's wish and the loophole that Regina and the Evil Queen are the same person, both of them got what they deserved.  The Evil Queen became a cobra and Regina has been reunited with her true love, Robin Hood.

Caralynn: I love Joanne's interpretation of this! Although I think it'll end up being more of a "Regina deserves a chance to say goodbye to Robin" more than her being reunited with him. I didn't fully understand why David was so vague with the wish wording, but now it makes sense -- the writers crafted that line so it could also apply to Regina.

A Happy Queen - Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 3

Who wins your vote as the MVP of the first half of Season 6?

Steve: I'm picking two people if I may, simply because they are actually the same person. Regina and the Evil Queen. Lana Parrilla has done such an amazing job portraying both sides of the same character. Lana and the effects team have done a superb job of being convincing that that these are two separate individuals interacting on screen.

Allison: Acting wise, I agree with Steve, and I have to give it to Lana. She has done a great job as Regina and the Evil Queen. Character wise, I don't know. I've been unimpressed by the first half of season six. If I had to pick someone, I'd pick Emma because she has made a lot of progress by talking to Archie and opening up to her loved ones about what's burdening her. 

Robin: Nobody else came even close to Lana Parrilla in this half. She played Regina, she played the Evil Queen, she played Regina-playing-the-Evil-Queen, and she stole every single scene. Every other character just seems bland next to her. If the writers could only give the others material that would stretch them as much as Parrilla (I mean, unhinged-jail-Rumple was so, so good - they keep wasting Robert Carlyle), the show would be SO much better.

Joanne: Regina gets my vote for MVP.  She has really stepped up to heal old wounds and has become a true friend to her former enemies.  She has even been willing to sacrifice herself for her family and friends.

Caralynn: Lana Parrilla has been absolutely spectacular as both Regina and the Evil Queen. She is playing the roles so differently it's honestly like two different actresses are playing the roles. She's also the only person who's character arc I care about even a little bit at this point -- everyone else seems to have reached their maximum potential and aren't going to change anymore.

The heroes are taking a break until March, but you can watch Once Upon a Time online right here at TV Fanatic while you wait. You may even catch something you missed the first time around! 

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Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Emma: I'm the Savior, kid.
Henry: You're also my mom.

Losing Robin Hood was the best thing that ever happened to us; it pushed you to liberate me. To free me from the prison of your self-loathing. To make me the best version of us.

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