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Was Dr. Tara Lewis' brother the real deal?

That was addressed on Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 7 when a man appeared in town, claiming he was the brother of Dr. Tara Lewis.

The team investigated whether the man could really be the brother in question, or if he was trying to fool them for something more sinister. 

Tara struggled to get in contact with the real sibling, fueling her speculation that something was not right. 

Use the video above to watch Criminal Minds online to get caught up with the latest drama. 

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Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 7 Quotes

I have a badge and a very short fuse.


Reid [to Garcia]: It was an experiment. She wanted to time how long you could keep a private conservation private, and you made it 12 hours.
Alvez: Damn. I had you down for six.
Garcia: You know what? I thought you were my friends, but you suck. You all suck, especially new guy, but then you always suck.
Reid: I had 14 hours. I think I win, right?
J.J.: Who had 11?
Prentiss: I did.