Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 6 Review: Ghosted

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It's kind of a miracle that the pack has survived for this long when you think about it.

On Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 6, Lydia, Scott, and Malia went to Canaan, a ghost town with blood on the carousel.

There were clues that suggested no one had been there since 1987. Oh, and the town made Malia and Scott hallucinate.

A New World - Teen Wolf

Don't you just want to pack up your bags and visit immediately? Gosh, I bet whoever still lives there is such a normal, well-adjusted human being.

I swear that must have been what was going through Lydia, Scott, and Malia's head when they came across a tiny child and then Lenore.

They were super trusting and showed no hesitation when drinking Lenore's lemonade.

I just...I don't understand.

They should have also realized that she was a banshee a lot earlier, like when she almost knocked them unconscious with her voice or at least considered the possibility that she drugged them.

The other problem with the Canaan trip was that we didn't learn anything except Ghost Riders don't take banshees. 

That's it. That's all we learned, but somehow Lydia came away with this "we can't let them leave" theory. Um, where did that come from? Please share.

As for the Claudia and Caleb thing, it's more confusing than anything else. Yes, Claudia is somehow alive because of the Ghost Riders. We've all known that. It's nothing new.

Lenore said that Ghost Riders gave her Caleb back, but when and how exactly did that happen? She did not see the Ghost Riders until after they had taken everyone but her.

My theory is that Caleb was just a hallucination. Somehow the town's energy, which was most likely caused by the Ghost Rider's visit, caused Malia and Scott to hallucinate, and they were only there minutes.

Perhaps since Lenore never left, her hallucinations of Caleb grew more powerful. Plus, her banshee skills could have played a part and made Caleb a hallucination that everyone could see. What's your theory on how Caleb's "alive?" 

Lenore: You won't be taken. You will be safe.
Lydia: I don't want to be safe. I want to save Stiles.

Now let's discuss Liam and Hayden, who also make poor life decisions and have no survival instincts.

Oh goodness, where to begin? Let's go with looping in Mr. Douglas, the Nazi werewolf teacher. 

Mr. Douglas TW

It's unclear why they trusted him, and then why they told him everything

It didn't seem like they figured out he was a werewolf, but Liam and Hayden sure did talk a lot about absorbing powers and putting people back where they came from. 

It would not surprise me if they filled Mr. Douglas in on who Theo was, where he was, and how they got him back. Mr. Douglas seemed to be completely in the loop regarding all things Ghost Riders and supernatural. 

Yes, okay, part of the reason is that he is a werewolf, but I'm saying that Mr. Douglas seemed completely aware and knowledgeable of the supernatural conversations Hayden and Liam were having in front of him.

Theo: Who is making decisions around here? Where's Scott? Where's Stiles?
Hayden: You remember Stiles?
Theo: Why wouldn't I remember Stiles?
Liam: Maybe you'll be useful after all.

Aside from asking him what he saw on the lacrosse field, Liam and Hayden did not really try to figure out how aware of the supernatural element in Beacon Hills Mr. Douglas was.

It was almost like he was pack or a trusted confidant like Melissa, Noah, or Argent.

Liam and Hayden never seemed to think about how Mr. Douglas could have immediately called the police on his crazy students and probably have them sent to Eichen. 

If Liam and Hayden really needed Mr. Douglas' help with the science aspects of their plan, they could have gotten what they needed from him without spilling a ton of supernatural secrets.

It could have been entertaining to watch them try to dodge any questions Mr. Douglas might have had about what they were up to, and why they needed a lightning rod.

Honestly, it is hard to decide which was the more stupid decision – looping in Mr. Douglas or bringing back Theo. Which one was the worst decision in your book?

Wait, since when do you call me Mel? Since when do you use a nickname for anybody? You don't even use your first name! Everybody calls you Argent.


While I enjoyed the scenes between Melissa and Argent, there's just one thing I don't understand: why didn't Chris just refuse to have the surgery?

Chris was alive and mentally capable to make decisions regarding his medical treatment. No one could have overruled Chris' decision.

Argent Up TW

He has the right to decline medical treatment, so why didn't he do that?

We could have still had Melissa treating him in secret and everything. The sneaking him out to avoid surgery felt forced, and it added unnecessary drama to the mixture.

Random question: does anyone know why there was blood on the carousel? Did someone go on a murder spree before or while the Wild Hunt was happening?

Last time I checked, you didn't bleed out when the Ghost Riders shot you.

What did you think of the episode? Are you excited to see Theo back in action? Leave your thoughts and theories in the comments below!

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Ghosted Review

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Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Malia: You saw a carousel?
Lydia: And a big sign that said Canaan and people disappearing in clouds of smoke.
Malia: Do you ever have nice dreams?

I heard Stiles on that radio. I'm sure of it.