Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 12 Review: None of Your Business

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What a funny episode. 

It was morbid at times, and obviously more than a few unfortunate and disheartening situations came up, but Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 12 was filled with dialog that made me laugh out loud a few times. 

It was classic Grey's, with soapy drama, but the fun antics that remind you of high school.

The show is at its best when it's a healthy dose of heart wrenching angst and drama with a handful of dark humor and childish shenanigans thrown in.

You know, when they remind us that adulthood is a myth; and that even the greatest medical minds are oversized, disaster children trying to figure out life and getting caught up in frivolous things along the way just like the rest of us.

Personal Business - Grey's Anatomy

Grey's wasted no time getting right to explaining how Alex avoided going to prison. They just ought to have. It only took the third episode back for answers. 

As many of you guessed, Andrew waltzed into the D.A's office just before Alex took the deal and tried to drop the charges.Tried being the operative word, because as I had mentioned before, the problem with a case like that is it's at the state's discretion.

Even if Andrew dropped the charges, the state could still go through with it. 

And it was a solid case, and everything about Alex would have led them to go through with it. If I were the D.A. I would have. That's why the concept of Andrew coming in at the last minute and dropping charges annoyed me a bit. 

Meredith: So Andrew called off the trial?
Alex: Yeah.
Meredith: For you?
Alex: Yeah.
Meredith: Why?
Alex:I have no idea.

And when faced with that, Andrew bluffed (I hope) and said that he would go so far as to lie on stand if he had to, and tell the court that he and Alex got into a fight. That bugged me too. That's a hell of a risk, and knowing what Andrew, himself, had a stake if he perjured himself was too much. 

There was still no real incentive for the D.A. to drop the charges, even after Andrew's statement. If anything, they could have gone harder on both him and Alex. As far as a quick fix to write themselves out of the corner they put themselves in, I give it a C-. 

Maggie: They said that the trial was cancelled. You said that you were taking a plea.
Alex: I did.
Maggie: Are you hiding? Are you evading the police? Are you on the lam?!
Meredith: I can help you, but I have kids here.

I LOVED the confusion amongst Maggie, Meredith, and Alex while Alex was retelling this story. 

I also love the fact that Meredith is the ultimate "ride or die" friend. Both sisters assumed that Alex was on the lam, and Meredith never even questioned the morality of the situation if that were the case. She already committed herself to the felony and wanted to know how they could swing it. 

Why is no one making any sense?


This is what I'm talking about when I say this episode was classic Grey's. Meredith, who has been teetering back and forth on being flaky for the past season and a half, was back to being the twisted sister that we all love. 

In fact, every single scene that involved Maggie, Meredith, and Alex in the house together was an blast. I absolutely adore this sibling bond that they have. They've all become quite the family and it again, gives me flashbacks to the early days when Meredith's house was like a college dorm.

Grey's Mer, Izzie, George

How could you not enjoy every second of the three of them sitting in an oversized bed together, casually talking about their personal drama, while sharing a pan of lasagna and other snacks.?

The familiarity and level of comfort between the three of them was awesome. I wanted in on those scenes. In fact, I could watch an entire episode of just the three of them hanging out around the house.

Grey's- mer, alex, maggie

And kudos to Alex, because he didn't get his Waffle Sunday with his "sisters," but he did get lasagna in bed, so close enough. Perfect "Welcome home" celebration if you ask me. 

Of course, for Jolex fans, the real welcome was when Jo showed up at the house just to silently give Alex a hug before bailing again. What do you think that means for them? She was clearly relieved that he was free, but it doesn't seem like she's ready to address their relationship just yet.

It's only going to be more complicated, given the fact that they really are pushing the angle that Deluca has feelings for her. I'm...just, not feeling. 

Andrew Deluca - Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 12

It really sucks, because I genuinely like Andrew, and I was thrilled with his presence when he was first there. I even loved his relationship with Maggie. But ever since, it feels like they're desperately trying to force him into a story line.

There are so many other things they can do with Andrew if they wanted to. We know virtually nothing about him, after all, so why not give him something more than this? 

Instead, we're heading towards another dreaded love triangle that nobody asked for. We just barely (?) escaped the last one! 

The big mystery floating around the hospital was why exactly Andrew dropped the charges. It seems like the only ones who knew what motivated him was the audience and Ben.

Plotting - Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 12

I freaking love Ben. Keeping up with the absolutely hysterical gossip theme that was going on the entire episode, Ben, as usual, was at the forefront of it. 

Ben is the best, you guys. His being the husband of the Chief, has in no way hindered him being the first one to know all the juicy stuff going on in the hospital and it never ceases to make me giggle. 

Andrew: Jo's been through enough. She shouldn't have to live her life scared.
Alex: Yeah, well Jo would say that she's pretty good at taking care of herself.
Andrew: She shouldn't have to.

Ben picked up that Andrew has feelings for Jo, and after Andrew's confrontation with Alex, I'm sure he knows too. 

I'm glad he had the chance to say his piece. The romantic implications aside, he had every right to call Alex out for not genuinely apologizing when he should have and not talking to him before he went all Mike Tyson on his face. 

All the focus has been on Alex, but Andrew has really gone through hell. He was beat up and ostracized, then made to feel guilty by everyone from Meredith, to Miranda for inconveniencing people with pressing charges against the man who assaulted him. 

It'll be interesting to see how things work out for him now that Alex has been reinstated. 

Plotting - Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 12

Speaking of, I absolutely adored the scene Alex had with Bailey. It has been years since the original characters have been interns, so every moment where Bailey gets sentimental with them, is treasured. 

Bailey can be a hard-ass, but she loved Izzie, George, and Christina and she still loves Meredith and Alex. They're like her children.

You could hear the emotion in her voice when she reprimanded Alex and then made him promise her that he wouldn't revert back to his old ways. And Alex was equally as emotional. 

I'm really frustrated with this situation that Bailey has found herself in. 

It's obvious she didn't want to suspend Meredith for refusing to abide by the new rules, but she felt the need to assert herself. 

Miranda: You're saying you won't let Minnick into your OR?
Meredith: I think a lot of us are saying that, yes.
Miranda: Then you no longer have an OR. You're suspended. Effective immediately. Go home, Dr. Grey.

Bailey is in quite the predicament, because even Eliza, who doesn't seem to give a crap most of the time, felt uncomfortable with Bailey's decision to suspend Meredith. 

That was quite the turnaround for a woman who professed to not giving a crap what other people thought about her, because she's "not there to make friends." 

Eliza is not likeable. I didn't even find her flirting with Arizona at the end the least bit endearing. She goes out of her way to rub people the wrong way when she doesn't have to. I don't understand it.

My real frustration is with Catherine.

Catherine: I am a dragon. I'm your dragon. And you should feel free to unleash me, if you need back up.
Miranda: I'm a dragon too.

This is all Catherine's doing, and she is a strong, opinionated woman who doesn't mince words or care what other people think, so why the heck is she letting the blame for keeping Eliza around at Richard's expense fall on Bailey?

I was shocked that April didn't catch on to it after spending the day with Catherine being, well, crass.

I'm glad the dinner with Maggie fell through, because Richard was able to pointblank ask Catherine what her deal was, and I hope she wouldn't lie to him.

I was grateful for the dinner cancelation, but not for the reason behind it. 

Diane was so delightful, wasn't she? It's hard to believe that someone as neurotic as Maggie could have a mother that's 

Everyone loved her. She seemed to love everyone. She was like a ray of sunshine flitting around the hospital, making friends with Maggie's friends without waiting for Maggie (I can understand how that could annoy Maggie a tad, but how could you be too annoyed with that woman?)

She was so charming and sweet that I just knew the other foot would drop at some point. And it did, because this is Grey's. 

Meredith: Your mom's in the kitchen.
Maggie: What? You met my mom?
Maggie:You met my mom. My mom met you without me?
Meredith: We did more than meet, she folded laundry, put the kids to bed, and fed me lasagna.
Maggie: I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry she's been in the way.
Meredith: Are you kidding me? I'm in love with her. The woman's incredible!
I'm going to binge watch TV. Tell her she can move in!

Breast Cancer. That was a sucker punch to the gut, wasn't it? 

A lot of people find Maggie annoying, but she's so awkward and it works for a woman who was a child prodigy and excelled in academia and her field but not so much with social interactions and people. 

Sometimes the writers go overboard with making her come across a bit too childish and that can be annoying (she had her moments in this episode), but I still generally like her.

Love her or hate her, Maggie's characteristics make sense given her background. 

That's why I couldn't get angry at her, for finally blowing up on her mother over the divorce. She's not good with change, and she had been holding that in for a long time. Remember how much she freaked out when she first found out the news? 

Maggie: I want my mother back.
Diane: I'm sorry you don't like who I've become, but I do. And I'm not apologizing for that. Not anymore.

It was something that she needed to get off of her chest, but it crushed me that it interfered with Diane being able to tell her the news. 

It also sucks that Avery knows the truth and he can't say anything. Why can't there ever be a happy family situation on this show? 

Owen dodged the family angst and the teenage drama and gossip flying around the hospital, because he was wrapped up in quite the case. Pun intended. 

The Bros - Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 12

Did you cringe? I cringed. Razor wire wrapped around the whole body? No thank you!

All the speculation swirling around the woman and how she got into that predicament, and it turned out she was just trying to free herself. 

It sounded like her husband was mentally ill, and it's unfortunate that she found herself trapped too. But she got out of it in the end. 

It was a case that touched Owen and prompted him to try to reason with Amelia outside of Stephanie's apartment. 

Every day you don't open the door, it gets a little easier to stay inside. I can't pull you out anymore. No one can open this door but you, and I want to be here. I will be. Amelia! [to Stephanie] Tell her I'm not going to wait forever.


It was a great speech from Owen. He's so gosh darn supportive that it pains me that he can never be completely happy for too long. I still feel like Amelia is being childish. 

So what did you guys think of the episode? Am I the only one who keeps forgetting about Heather? Keppner replacing Meredith? That's a no from me, but I'll laugh forever over the way Meredith said her name. Me too, Meredith. Where do you fall on this Jo/Alex/Andrew love triangle? Are you annoyed that Bailey is taking the fall for Catherine? Do you ship Arizona and Eliza? 

Hit up the comments below!

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Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 12 Quotes

Alex: What are you doing?
Andrew: I'm dropping the charges.

Maggie: They said that the trial was cancelled. You said that you were taking a plea.
Alex: I did.
Maggie: Are you hiding? Are you evading the police? Are you on the lam?!
Meredith: I can help you, but I have kids here.