Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Should Owen and Amelia Just End It?

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On Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 12 the tension between Eliza and Bailey and the rest of the attendings could be cut with a knife. Upon Catherine's return to GSM, Bailey made her boldest move yet and suspended Meredith.

The rumors and gossip were flying as the others tried to figure out why Andrew dropped the charges against Alex. And Maggie's mother stopped by for a visit, only to receive devastating news. 

Below, TV Fanatics Tiffany and Jasmine as they discuss Catherine's return to GSM, the Jo/Alex/Andrew love triangle... and much more!

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Andrew dropped the charges against Alex. Are you pleased with how they resolved this, or do you feel like it was weak?

Tiffany: I'm not very happy with it. The show built up the case for so long then we barely saw anything leading to DeLuca's change of heart. Yeah, we know he has feelings for Jo and we now know Warren put the ball in motion for him to drop the charges, but to have him rush in like that felt cheap.

Jasmine: I have mixed feelings on the issue. In fact, based on how they resolved it, I'm annoyed that they ever bothered to make this a story line to begin with. They did spend a lot of time building it up, only to have it written off so easily.

It's like they wrote themselves into a corner and then didn't know how to write themselves out of it.

It's been brewing for some time now, but it appears as if they really are heading into an Alex/Jo/Andrew love triangle. How do you feel about it?

Tiffany: I feel like there's a natural way the show can do it if they don't force a love triangle.

I can see Alex pushing Jo towards DeLuca because she deserves better and DeLuca's the better guy and I can even see Jo trying to make things work with DeLuca because girls always try to make it work with the good guy. But ultimately, Jo loves Alex and that's who she'll end up with.

Jasmine: I think it's forced, and I want no parts of it. I'd rather see more of Andrew developing as a character on his own before they toss him into the fray with Jo. I can see what Tiffany's saying, happening on the show, but that's not even fair to DeLuca.

He already got raw deal being dragged into Jolex drama. I'd rather see him back with Maggie.

Everyone at GSM fell in love with Diane Pierce. Did you? How did you feel about her finding out she has breast cancer and not telling Maggie after Maggie's outburst?

Tiffany: I liked her but I had completely forgotten she left Maggie's father and in Maggie's opinion, blew up their family life. I get what she was saying about being happy for the first time & not apologizing for it, but you still have to be respectful of your children and their feelings.

Of course, it's incredibly sad that she has breast cancer. I hope she tells Maggie before it's too late for them to make up and say good bye. I can't imagine it'll be easy for Jackson to keep that secret and, though he's bound by doctor/patient confidentiality, my guess is he'll tell Maggie eventually.

Jasmine: I really liked her. She was such a fun person. It's had to believe that she and Maggie are related because Maggie is so awkward and neurotic and her mother is so easygoing. I agree with Tiffany.

I know a lot of people tend to be hard on Maggie, but she's trying to adjust to the news of her parents' divorce, and she had to get that out.

I'm so upset that she found out she had breast cancer. Can any family member appear without being sick or bringing loads of drama? Sheesh! I don't think Jackson will tell Maggie about her mother. He can't. Which means he'll be in a really awkward position.

I get why Diane didn't tell Maggie after her outburst, but I'm sad that she didn't.

Not only did Bailey suspend Meredith, but she replaced her with April. React.

Tiffany: Bailey, Bailey, Bailey... all I can say is, WTF? I understand she's pissed the attendings aren't "falling in line" but why shouldn't they have a say in what goes on in their OR's, with their patients?

It's their careers on the line after all. Initially, I think Bailey was trying to do what she thought was in the best interests of everyone, but now I just think her pride is hurt and she's on a power trip.

Even Dr. Minnick told her to stop interfering this week. As for April, she's officially Bailey's puppet, and I hope she's ready for the hate the attendings are going to unleash on her. 

Jasmine: Meredith's reaction was priceless. She's so cool, calm, and collected. She just went home like it was no big deal. I loved her exchange with Alex. And then when she found out Kepner replaced her; she said her name like it was diseased. Haha! I love Bailey, but she is not coming across likable with this situation. 

The razor-wire case inspired Owen to try to reason with Amelia. Do you think she'll finally talk to him after that?

Tiffany: I don't know what to think about that relationship. I'm not even sure why she left anymore. Was it shame over the child she lost? Guilt over not being pregnant after trying ONCE? Or that she doesn't want kids anymore? She was so on board with having kids, how could she change her mind so drastically and quickly?

I don't think they have enough of a foundation to keep going after this. They were off and on for so long then married for like two seconds before Amelia took off. Unfortunately, I think Owen should move on. He deserves to be happy, and I Just don't think Amelia is the person for him.

Jasmine: This Omelia situation is confusing to me. I get that they had to find a way to accommodate the actress being pregnant, but this tension between them is too much. Many of us distinctly remember Amelia telling Owen about having a baby that died before, but now they're acting like that never happened.

I guess the issue now is that she's scared to have another baby again, or she doesn't want to have a baby, and she's scared to tell him that. I don't even know. It seems childish on her part, and I'm as confused as Owen is. 

Do I like Omelia as a couple? Yes. Do I like them individually? Yes. But if Amelia continues with this, then I just need them to end it. We've been through watching Owen in a marriage that didn't work out, and I don't understand why this man can't find a compatible woman to make him happy.

His expectations are so low and yet he finds these amazing women who can't quite meet them.

Eliza seems to be wearing down, and now she's insistent on pursuing Arizona. Do you like this potential ship?

Tiffany: I thought it had potential early on when they were subtly hinting at it. But the conversation last week felt so forced and out of the blue. Plus, does anyone think Arizona's standing up to Minnick because she's scared of falling in love with her? I mean, really?

Jasmine: I agree. I was indifferent to the ship at first, but it had potential. Now it just feels ridiculous and forced. I don't see Arizona catching feelings for the woman who treats most of her friends, including Richard, like crap.

And I hate the idea of  Arizona being paired up with the first lesbian/bi woman that shows up, just because they both like girls.

Catherine and Richard might finally have a showdown. Are you annoyed that Catherine won't admit she's behind Eliza replacing Richard?

Tiffany: I'm basically annoyed with everything Catherine does. But especially now that she's turned someone I actually like (Bailey) into an annoying, power driven, unreasonable, Catherine clone. I love Richard and never wanted them to end up together.

Jasmine: Haha! Yeah, I can agree with Tiffany. I'm annoyed with all things Catherine at the moment. I love Debbie Allen, but Catherine can be a pain. I don't understand why she hasn't come right out with it.

And I almost fell over laughing at her reprimanding April for butting into her marriage, like she didn't and still doesn't do the exact same thing with Jackson and April.

What's your favorite scene and/or quote from the episode?

Tiffany: I liked Jo going to the house to make sure Alex wasn't in prison. It reminded me of the bomb episode in season 2 when Derek stopped by just to see that Meredith was still alive. Both Jo and Derek heard the news from other people but had to see for themselves because they loved the person so much.

It's also similarly heartbreaking in that neither Derek nor Jo think they should be with that person. Grey's is great with little throwback moments like that.

Jasmine: I LOVED Mer, Maggie, and Alex sitting on the bed and sharing food. I love their little family that they have formed. I could watch an entire episode of just Alex and his "sisters" dealing with life and running a household. I also loved that it was classic Grey's. 

Do you agree with our round table? Let us know below!

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Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 12 Quotes

Alex: What are you doing?
Andrew: I'm dropping the charges.

Maggie: They said that the trial was cancelled. You said that you were taking a plea.
Alex: I did.
Maggie: Are you hiding? Are you evading the police? Are you on the lam?!
Meredith: I can help you, but I have kids here.