How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 12 Review: Go Cry Somewhere Else

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Who did Wes call the night he died?

That was one of the biggest questions after How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 12.

That person could be the key to resolving this solid murder plot. 

I Can't Do This - How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 12

However, It seems a little too convenient for it to be Nate. The pair crossing paths at the house before the fire was hardly surprising. 

Wes battled for so long to move on from his troubled life that someone calling him by his old name absolutely has to be someone from the past. There's still so much story left to tell and I want the answers now. 

That said, the body going missing was a shock.

Considering how it managed to get Annalise out of prison, it could have been someone close to her who orchestrated it. 

Nate would not be silly enough to arrange a the transfer. He knew fine well that Atwood was watching his every move.

There is a possibility that Atwood was the one who forged the papers in order to get revenge for Nate once being close to Annalise. She's came across as a jealous woman all season long. 

If it's not Atwood, it has to be someone close to Annalise. It's crazy to think that she's out on bail. It seemed like she was going to be stuck in the slammer until the close of the season. 

It would not be a satisfying conclusion to have Atwood as the killer. Yes, she's not the nicest person, but I just don't think she could pull off a murder. 

Cicely Tyson's return was awesome. Annalise had her mother fighting her corner this week. Unfortunately, her mother was showing early stages of dementia. 

Who Is That? - How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 12

This reminded Annalise of the fire her mother set all those years ago to kill her uncle. There was something odd about the way Ophelia was offering to take the fall for the fire, so it should have been evident what was happening. 

Her husband has always been in denial about the fire and what his brother got up to. Annalise schooling him on the true story was needed. She's done keeping things to herself. 

In addition, she probably had time to reflect on it while inside. Annalise lying to her mother that all the charges were dropped was not the best idea. A case as big as hers will be subject to a lot of media attention. 

Saying Goodbye - How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 12

Laurel breaking down at the memorial was tough, but her comments about people crying were spot on. We never got to see any of these people with Wes when he was alive.

We were lead to believe he had no one, so it seemed like a bit of a stretch to have that many people at the memorial. 

The memorial made it hit Laurel that Wes was not coming back. That's why she sought comfort in his apartment. She's hurting. 

Having doubts about Frank is only going to add to her pain. She knows he's a horrible man, but she also knows he had nothing to do with the murder. 

Something tells me she's going to come clean about Frank's lack of involvement before the season is over. Otherwise, it's going to eat away at her. 

Oliver being hauled in for questioning was quite the shock, but he really aced it. With that in mind, I think we're going to get some shocking reveals about the character. 

Oliver Is Scared - How to Get Away with Murder

He managed to lie way too easily. He was even shocked himself. In addition, he has a copy of the phone Annalise asked him to wipe. Oliver wants to know everything about his boss, so he will be ecstatic to find out who she was talking to leading up to the fire. 

Will her phone hold the key to finding out who the killer is?

"Go Cry Somewhere Else" was a solid episode of this ABC drama series. With just a few episodes left of the season, we should get the answer to who killed Wes pretty soon.

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • That meeting between Laurel and Frank was tense. It was clear Frank wanted to tell her he had nothing to do with it, but then that would make things worse for her. 
  • Could Simon have something to do with all of this? I have a sneaking suspicion he was the one Wes called. 
  • Michaela being there for Laurel was good. I dread to think just how bad things would be for Laurel without Michaela. 
  • Frank having Bonnie work with him was a twist too far. It was silly. 

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Over to you, How to Get Away with Murder fanatics. What did you think of all the twists?

Sound off below. 

Note: How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 13 airs February 16 on ABC. 

Go Cry Somewhere Else Review

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How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Annalise: Keep coming at me. Maybe I will murder someone.
Prisoner: Annalise, the hood rat. That's my new nickname for you.

Morgue worker: Talk to the DA's office. My hands are tied.
Laurel: You're going to hell someday.