Legion Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Chapter 3

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If you guys can get through an episode of this show without a honking headache at the end, then boy, are you lucky!

The pace slows even more in Legion Season 1 Episode 3, but the mind bending trippiness doesn't let up one bit. Dreams within dreams, memories that aren't memories, and more general insanity makes this one REALLY hard to follow.

David Gets More Tests - Legion Season 1 Episode 3

I'm still liking it, but I wonder if we are reaching a saturation point with the cray cray "unreliable narrator" structure of the show. It might be getting too weird for it's own good. 

I love a show with lots of layers, and this one sure has that. But at a certain point, we as an audience need to know what the deal is regarding what the hell is REALLY going on. 

Melanie: You're not just a telepath. You can control objects with your mind.
David: Control may be an overstatement.

I for one, can only take so much of not knowing what is real in David's mind and what isn't.

They keep rehashing the same two or three incidents of his powers manifesting, but they are slow in telling us what we should believe and what is just David being nuts.

The kitchen telekinesis scene was cool the first time we saw it, but they need to move on from that and tell us WHAT IT MEANS in regards to the overall story.

I do like the World's Angriest Boy angle, and the live paper mache headed boy chasing David and Syd was creepy as f*ck for sure. 

But is that real? Or is it a construct from ol' Yellow Eyes? So far, only David and Syd can see Yellow Eyes, and I'm sure that's because they switched bodies.

Davis and Syd Bond - Legion Season 1 Episode 3

Yellow Eyes seems to be the big bad here, but I want to know who he is and what he wants from David.

As I've said before, I haven't read the comic, and I might be totally off base here, but Yellow Eyes seems to want David's powers.

Or is David really crazy, and Yellow Eyes is just one of his personalities? It's about time we find out, don't you think?

A Looming Threat - Legion

I love a slow burn show as much as anyone, but shows that wait too long to give up answers tend to have the audience check out on them.

The show is still very visually stunning, and the set pieces are beautiful and imaginative, but we need to have the story move forward IMO.

Cary and Melanie Discuss David - Legion Season 1 Episode 3

I still don't trust Melanie, but right now she seems the lesser of two evils. Division 3 has The Eye, a baddie who we learned is a dude named Walter, who was one of the first residents of Summerland. 

He appears to be a mutant as well, since he was the only one who could see the astral projections of Syd and David.

And when will they learn to not sedate David?

Without his conscious mind there to check his memories and dreams, anyone in his noggin is in for a nasty ride. He did warn them, after all.

Davis and Syd Bond - Legion Season 1 Episode 3

Syd and David have quite the connection since the Freaky Friday body switch, and the conversation about what they did while in each other's bodies was too funny.

We know David loved feeling up Syd's boobs while he was "her",  but did we really need to know that he checked out her lady parts? TMI.

And Syd jokingly telling him that she masturbated while she was "him" was weird, awkward, and hilarious.

Syd: It's like the soul. No one knows for sure if it exists, but I have proof. We're more than just, THIS. I've been a Chinese man, a 300 pound woman, a 5 year old girl. but everywhere I go, I'm me.
David: Well, I liked it. Being you.

Lenny, though dead, is still a great source of comic relief, and she is David's own little Jiminy Cricket, maybe the only sane voice of all the ones in his head. 

Lenny Still Haunts David - Legion Season 1 Episode 3

I really wish that they hadn't killed her, but the role she plays now is actually very good, and essential to try and make sense of the convoluted plot. 

Lenny: It's sweet, really. They think they can save you.
David: You can't be here.
Lenny: What are you doing, kid? You think you're safe here? With these clowns?
David: They're helping me.
Lenny: Oh, like the hospital helped you?
David: No-I'm not sick. I have abilities. They're showing me my past. I have power.
Lenny: Oh, that's good. I'm happy for you. Meanwhile, who knows how many commandos are gang banging your sister, but that's all right. That's good. Work on you man, that's what matters.
David: But Melanie said-
Lenny: Melanie said-you think Melanie's on your side? That bitch's secrets have secrets.
David: What do you mean? Why are you doing this? You're supposed to be my friend.

It seems like his love for Syd is the only thing holding David together at this point, so I hope they can find a way for them to finally be together in more than just an emotional way.

So where are we now? We still haven't established whether David is crazy or not. Just because Melanie tells him he's not crazy doesn't make it so.

Is Yellow Eyes real? Or is he a manifestation of David powers? Or something else entirely? 

David: Why am I so important?
Melanie: Because we're at war, and we're losing. And you may be the most power mutant alive.
Syd: You want to fix him so you can use him?
Melanie: No. I want fix him because he deserves to be healthy, and he deserves to be happy. And then I wanna use him.

A couple of random things I noticed.

At the beginning, there was a quick scene where Kerry Loudermilk, the female assistant to Summerland co-founder Cary Loudermilk, is absorbed into her boss in a flash of light.

WTF? Is she a mutant? Is he? Are they two parts of a whole -- kinda like Firestorm? Hopefully we will find out.

Cary Watches Over David - Legion Season 1 Episode 3

And why did The Eye use leeches on Amy? What was up with THAT? Just to scare her? Who knows?

There were some funny lines in this one, too.

Here was one of my faves:

Loudermilk: Could you, maybe, not break everything this time?
David: I'm not gonna promise that.

The cliffhanger has David still sedated, so maybe he will have a showdown with Yellow Eyes inside his head. 

I just don't know what to make of the show at this point.  Legion Season 1 Episode 1  blew me away. It was visually stunning, and very imaginative. 

Legion Season 1 Episode 2  was different, more dream like, but it still grabbed me.

I feel like this one lost some of the momentum built up from the first two episodes. The slower pace is fine, but I feel like we aren't getting enough information about the main characters yet. 

Syd: Do you love me?
David: You know I do.
Syd: Then there's nothing else to say.
David: Everyone here says I'm sane. What if they're wrong?

That sums up the show for me so far: we have a cute love story with a guy who may or may not be insane. 

I have no doubt he has amazing powers, but the show needs to establish if he is of sound mind or not.

If we know he's truly crazy, then let's go with it: that would be an amazing ride. If he can be fixed, then fix him already, so we can get on with the war! 

David Has Questions - Legion Season 1 Episode 3

And please, if Yellow Eyes is real, then bring him into the light of day so everyone can see him: not just David and Syd.

That's my take. Your turn: do you have any theories about Yellow Eyes? Is he Mojo from X-Men? The Shadow King? Someone else? Let me know in the comments section.

And remember, you can watch Legion online again to pick up what you missed, right here on TV Fanatic!

Chapter 3 Review

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Legion Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Syd: It's like the soul. No one knows for sure if it exists, but I have proof. We're more than just, THIS. I've been a Chinese man, a 300 pound woman, a 5 year old girl. but everywhere I go, I'm me.
David: Well, I liked it. Being you.

Melanie: You're not just a telepath. You can control objects with your mind.
David: Control may be an overstatement.