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Episode begins with a view of a typical day at Summerland.

David sees The Eye as he uses leeches to torture Amy to get information about David from her.

Melanie and Ptonomy enter David's memories to access his first manifestation of his powers.

Melanie tries to identify what triggers his powers in his memory.

The yellow eyed demon prevents Melanie and Ptonomy from seeing the rest of the memory, but only David can see yellow eyes.

David and Syd talk about Syd's past, and how he still feels their body switch.

David gets tested more by Loudermilk.

David has a memory of Halloween as a child, where he is chased by a live version Angriest Boy in the World from the story his father read him.

David has a hallucination where he talks with Lenny. She warns him not to trust Melanie. 

David has another manifestation of power, where he and Syd astral project to Division 3, where Amy is being held.

The Eye sees the ghosts of David and Syd, but the disappear before he can touch them.

David, Syd and Melanie discuss the next step in his treatment.

Syd has a dream of a David memory, where she sees the yellow eyed demon.

David talks to Syd about his junkie past. 

David is sedated so they can access his dreams without resistance.

Syd joins Melanie and Ptonomy as they explore David's mind.

Syd sees things that Melanie and Ptonomy can't, probably because she switched bodies with David.

Syd and child-David are pursued by the Angriest Boy, and then yellow eyes, until David wakes up.

Melanie is last to escape the memory, but is attacked by the Angriest Boy book before she wakes.

As the episode ends, David is still sedated and can't wake up.




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Legion Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Syd: It's like the soul. No one knows for sure if it exists, but I have proof. We're more than just, THIS. I've been a Chinese man, a 300 pound woman, a 5 year old girl. but everywhere I go, I'm me.
David: Well, I liked it. Being you.

Melanie: You're not just a telepath. You can control objects with your mind.
David: Control may be an overstatement.