The 100 Round Table: Skairippa, "Death from Above"

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Clarke and Bellamy set out on a humanity-saving mission with Jaha that was ultimately a failure, while Abby worked to save Luna and the other radiation-sickened grounders on The 100 Season 4 Episode 3.

Octavia, meanwhile, learned a shocking truth about Indra's past back in Polis – and wound up betraying Roan in a major way in the process.

TV Fanatics Yana Grebenyuk and Allison Nichols are joined by Samantha Coley from Tell-Tale TV, to discuss everything that went down during "The Four Horsemen."

Check out their thoughts, and chime in with your own by leaving us a comment below. Be sure to tune in for The 100 Season 4 Episode 4 on Wednesday, February 22nd at 9/8c on The CW.

The 100 Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of the twist that Gaia is Indra's estranged daughter?

Yana: I think I was actually hearing whispers of this before the big reveal, so I was expecting it. But I love watching Indra and Gaia. There was a lot going on there. and I was very intrigued. Specifically, I want to see more of Indra's relationship with her daughter vs. her relationship with Octavia.

Allison: I really enjoyed the twist. You can't go wrong with giving us more Indra. The twist makes you look at Indra and Octavia's relationship a bit differently as well. I want to see a lot more of Gaia, Indra, and Octavia.

Looks like you found that daughter now.

Gaia [about Octavia]

Samantha: Like Yana, I saw it coming, but I'm really into it so far. The conflict between Indra and Gaia is kind of that classic battle between a parent and a child when the child goes down a path that the parent doesn't approve of or expect.

Echoing Yana again, I'd love to see more comparison between Indra's relationship with Gaia and the one she has with Octavia. Octavia values family pretty highly, so it will be interesting to see if she can bridge the gap between Indra and Gaia.

Jaha went off on another zany quest – that, ultimately, was a failure. Is this the last we've seen of the Four Horsemen doomsday cult?

Yana: Not by a long shot. Their motto was the theme of the season's trailer, we will be hearing a lot about this cult in the near future I think.

Allison: I doubt it. I personally don't know how you seal up a bunker, but isn't that something that Skaikru could do? I mean they are fixing a spaceship, so how much harder is it to seal a bunker?

Samantha: Oh man, I hope not. This kind of backstory is absolutely fascinating to me! I can't wait to see how these people played into the end of the world and how their story effects that of our heroes.

Octavia sided with Gaia and Indra, lying to Roan about the chip's destruction. Will this decision come back to bite her (and the Sky People who are currently enjoying a tenuous peace with the grounders) in the ass? Or will Roan be understanding when he discovers the truth?

Yana: No doubt about it. Not even mentioning the synopsis releases for the next few episodes or the promo we saw, that moment where Octavia lied to Roan was very telling.

I'm not sure if we were supposed to feel that way, but I thought Roan knew right away that she wasn't being honest with him. He can only have so much patience and I'm guessing that we will see that run out very soon.

Allison: Roan will not be understanding. This was a betrayal of his trust, and he's king now. He cannot let those kinds of things slide, especially since he lost the flame, the one thing that was keeping most of the clans in line.

Samantha: I'm not sure if it'll be Octavia that it blows back on. She's gotten really good at playing the cards to her advantage, so if/when Roan does find out, I'm not sure if he'll even realize she played him.

If he does, then I doubt he'll be very patient or understanding, but she might be able to sweet talk her way out of trouble. Or, if all else fails, stab her way out.

Luna's nightblood is a potential cure for or vaccine against radiation poisoning. Will Abby be able to make this work as a possible apocalypse solution?

Yana: Maybe? If Luna is up for it and everything, I just don't know how that would work. Abby would really have to dumb the process down for me, because all I'm worried about now is Luna being okay.

Allison: I'd like to hope so, because god knows we need some hope on this show right now. I feel like Luna will do anything she can to save her people and anyone who gets sick. Plus, now Abby and Jackson will have something exciting to do!

Samantha: I think that this endeavor is going to a crucial part of how they manage to save as many people as they can this season. I feel like Luna will be willing to help this time because what Abby's asking isn't for her to assume a throne drenched in the blood and violence that she first fled from.

Abby is asking for her help in saving the human race through science and medicine and tests. It won't be the whole solution, but I'm certain this is going to be a huge help.

Clarke and Bellamy had a significant moment while Clarke was drafting her list of the 100 people who would be allowed to live in Alpha Station. What was your take on this scene?

Yana: I was not prepared for those two ripping my heart out yet again. It was such a great transition to go from "I'm going to get that wristband even if I have to kill her" to "I can't and won't survive without you there with me."

Their partnership and friendship is so wonderful. It's something I always look forward to because of how much they trust one another. I'm hoping we get more of these moments throughout the season because the chemistry between these two is my weakness.

Allison: I loved it. You really get a glimpse at how close these two have gotten. Bellamy fell asleep in the room, and it was not weird for either of them. They are used to being close to one another and looking after the other who is asleep. Don't even get me started on Clarke resting her head on Bellamy's hand.

Clarke would never have been able to write her own name down on that list, and I'm not sure Bellamy would have been able to write his down either. They both want to protect their people, even at the cost of their own lives. Like Jaha said, they balance each other out, and they need each other to survive and to lead their people.

Samantha: I thought it was a great show of how far they have come together and how highly they value each other. Neither of them would have ever put themselves on that list, so seeing them both put the other on the list just feels right.

Clarke values Bellamy and trusts him and sees the good in him and Bellamy sees the same in her, and they need each other to remind themselves that there is still good in each of them.

The show is so much better when these two are working together and I'm looking forward to their relationship being a positive driving force for this season.

What was your favorite moment or quote?

Yana: Jaha telling Bellamy that he doesn't need redemption. It's about time someone told him that. I'm very tired of these guilt trips that others keep giving him.

Allison: Oh goodness, I have so many. I'm going to cheat and pick two: Indra's reaction to Roan telling her that she raised a killer, and Murphy stealing the pills and Abby's reaction to it.  

I'm not really a fan of the assassin Octavia storyline, so I am SO GLAD that we are seeing that Indra is concerned about Octavia's behavior. Someone really needs to be. The only other person who has shown concern is Abby, but she's all the way in Arkadia.

I'm hoping that we are about to get some great Indra and Octavia scenes out of all of this. 

Roan: What's wrong? You created a killer. In the street, they're calling her "Skairippa" – death from above.
Indra: I'm so proud.
Roan: You should be. One killed, to prevent thousands? It's good politics.

I really just love Abby believing in everyone. She said she knew Murphy was like his father and would steal medicine to help others. Murphy came to Arkadia to steal food, but he could not leave after hearing that there was medicine that could save people in the med bay.

He waited to see if it would work. Murphy didn't just drop it off and walk out the door.

Samantha: Definitely Murphy stealing the medicine that Abby needed. I've been craving more of a relationship between Abby and Murphy since they worked together in The 100 Season 3 Finale to keep Clarke alive.

I love Abby's faith in Murphy to do the right thing, and I love that he stuck around to see if it worked or not. And from what Murphy says to Emori at the end, I don't think that this is the last we've seen of them together.

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