This Is Us Season 1 Episode 15 Review: Jack Pearson's Son

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How can so much beauty come at a time of so much heartbreak?

I've been waiting for an hour like This Is Us Season 1 Episode 15, that not only brought Kevin and Randall closer, but did the same for Kate and Toby. 

Swinging into the past for a big bump in Jabecca's marriage, hints at the tragic nature of Jack's death and Randall's suffering, though, weren't what I expected as part of the package.

Put on the Breaks - This Is Us Season 1 Episode 15

There's no good way to address any of this, and frankly, I want to leave a good portion of it to you guys to discuss in the comments. I'm just going for broke here.

Thank GOD Kate told off Duke and got expelled from camp. Sure, it was fantastic that she had the opportunity to wrap her head around some massive issues while there, but if the owners of the place thought it was cool to have their son rule in their absence, they should have their license revoked.

Duke jumping in between Kate and Toby gave them both food for thought. Toby got jealous and wondered why he was jealous, which set in motion their day of discovery.

I loved them shopping together, doing some normal couple things. We've never seen them in that capacity. 

Asking the profound questions of one another led to the moment we all want to know about the most – what the heck happened when Jack died??

Kate said she'd been burying it inside for so long she couldn't even bring herself to talk about it yet, although she wanted to share it with him. Having lost my father, I can't begin to imagine what was horrific that even speaking of it is impossible. 

If it's tied into 9/11, I swear you guys. I don't know what, but I swear.

Now What? - This Is Us Season 1 Episode 15

Valentine's Day was ugly for Jabecca in the flashbacks. I'm not sure where she was coming from in her conversations with Jack about going on the road. 

Rebecca: For the past 16 years I have put everything and everyone ahead of myself, you and the kids, and I just knew if I were ever to tell you about this whole Ben thing that you would spin out and I needed to have something for myself without you getting in the way.
Jack: I never thought of myself as being in your way, Becca.

Jack has been working a job he doesn't love for years to support his family. Work does not fulfill him, family does. If Rebecca had a job that brought in an income equal or above Jack's (and kept her near home), he'd probably jump at being a stay at home father.

There were some conversations they had not been having as a couple that needed to be had long before she decided to team up with her ex to go on the road as a lounge singer.

Would she have felt equally compelled to approve Jack's road trips if he was going with an ex and spending his time working in a bar? Doubtful. 

The whole thing felt off, and not just to me. Jack began drinking again. Is this the beginning of his end? Why am I always looking for the flag pointing to his death? 

I would never want to know when I'm going to die. The gift of foresight isn't a gift at all, is it?

At least Jack had Miguel to confide in when he felt down. If only he had called him before taking that drink. That was a colossal cocktail, probably followed by several more.

OK. Does anybody like Miguel more now? His conversation with Kevin incredibly moved me. Can you imagine being so close to your best friend's children and knowing they can't stand you? That would hurt.

He Was My Person - This Is Us Season 1 Episode 15

I'd never thought of Kevin and his similarity to Jack before, but he's easy going, charming and lets most things slide off of his back. 

Miguel: I talked to your dad. He was my person. He was the one who could steady you when the world felt like it was spinning.
Kevin: Yeah, that's my dad, that's very true.
Miguel: You remind me of him, you know that? The way that you move your hands when you talk, the way that you walk across a room. Sometimes you remind me of him so much that the hair on my arms stands up. That's why it breaks my heart that you don't like me, Kevin. Because when I'm around you, I feel like I get a piece of my best friend back.
Kevin: Miguel, ahhh...
Miguel: You are Jack Pearson's son. You have him inside of you. And when you're nervous or at your most nerve-wracking moment, the curtain's about to go up, all you have to do is remind yourself of that, and you'll be fine.

There's truly nothing in the world than hearing you're similar to a loved one you've loved and lost. It would be an interesting turn if, going forward, Kevin reached out to Miguel to learn more about his friendship with Jack and decided to get to know him better.

If Kevin was willing to do it, might you be able to give Miguel a chance, too (I'm looking at you, Jasmine!)?

What's Wrong with Randall? - This Is Us Season 1 Episode 15

Did you notice the "previously on" segment aired Beth confirming Randall's previous nervous breakdown? 

If the world was trying to push the guy to his limits, it was doing an excellent job. 

We discovered he's been having these attacks since Kevin lost his virginity. Ol' Randall, always trying to one-up his brother. 

As Kevin was hearing about the birds and the bees from his parents, Randall ran into the house in tears because he was unable to put a unique spin on Hamlet. Triplets are always vying for the attention of their parents in some way or another.

Everybody is always so wrapped up in their universe that they miss the triggers dragging down the ones they love. Not that Beth could have asked her mother to make an appointment to break her hip, or William could have put aside his cancer for few days.

Could Kevin please move the opening of his play and ask the New York Times to come another day?

What Would Jack Do? - This Is Us Season 1 Episode 15

Actually, yes, Kevin might just be able to do that. Not that he was willing to take the time to ask when he knew his brother was really in trouble.

I'm not sure if it's the clean New York air, Kevin's re-acquaintance with Sophie or his chat with Miguel, but he's been a lot more present in his life of late. It's not passing him by. He's active and involved.

It was Kevin, the man who took 36 years to call Randall his brother, who squinted across the office at Randall when he got the call from the hospice nurse. He was reading the signs he'd missed all his life. Something wasn't right with Randall.

Kevin Comes to Randall's Aid - This Is Us Season 1 Episode 15

The theater lights went down, and when they came up again, Kevin was exactly where he was supposed to be, were Jack Pearson would have been, where any good brother would be under the circumstances.

He was running like hell down the street so Randall wouldn't be alone.

I've been waiting for Sterling K. Brown and Justin Hartley to have their day, and it's finally here. There shouldn't be any going back from this. They're making up for lost time, proving you can start over again, making things right.

It was such a beautiful scene, and I was sobbing. Hopeful scenes are the ones that tear at my heart the most; the ones that show the best sides of humanity, not the worst. Not the sad moments, but the ones brimming with possibility for the future.

So what about you? There was so much beauty during "Jack Pearson's Son," yet on the Jack front, it's nothing but worry. What are your thoughts on what's next for all of these wonderful characters? 

Don't forget to watch This Is Us online to relive the very best Pearson family moments.

I back take my inclusion of Jack in the slideshow below. How could I have known this was coming?? How could I have known????? We're coming, Jack, we're coming!

Jack Pearson's Son Review

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