Outsiders Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Healing

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There's some supernatural activity happening on the mountain. 

It's been hinted at in the past, but Outsiders Season 2 Episode 8 confirmed it. Here I was, thinking G'Win was going to be the latest casualty before the hour was over. 

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Physically and emotionally, she was done earlier in the episode. She was practically handing her title over to Foster while making him promise to keep the darkness at bay. 

G'win: Foster, listen to me. When I go, that oak will be yours again, and you have changed. I've seen it, but the darkness is still there, too. So, I'm afraid Foster, that if you lead us again, more blood will be spilled. So, promise me. When that oak is in your hand, that you will keep the darkness at bay.
Foster: Well, don't go and I won't have to.
G'Win: Promise me, Foster.

I was fully prepared to lose the character because, well, this show has a knack for taking out significant characters and the past Brenins have not exactly had longevity. 

There's no way G'Win just happened to get better in a matter of hours. Considering the way Elon appeared to Foster and whispered something in his ear, my best guess is it has to do with faith. 

Foster was ready to turn to modern medicine to save the woman who has become the love of his life. Losing someone you love is not easy, and Foster knew time was running out on his wife. 

The meeting with Elon gave Foster some resolution about his death. It was something Foster felt strongly about way back on Outsiders Season 1

He blamed himself, but seeing his deceased son at peace helped him move on. Maybe the spirits appear when someone is in need. 

If you watch Outsiders online, you will probably remember G'Win thinking she was not good enough to be the leader of the people on the mountain, thus paving the way for Lady Ray to appear to give her some advice. 

Then, Sally Ann was led up the mountain when she ran away from home following her pregnancy bombshell.

It would be interesting to see Asa make a comeback as a ghost, but I'm now thinking that because he left the mountain, he's not getting an encore in the supernatural afterlife. 

What I'm enjoying on Outsiders Season 2 is the character development for Big Foster. He was a power hungry horror of a man last year. 

Now, he knows for sure his actions have consequences, and that's why the death on the way down the mountain hit him hard. He was aware there was no way he could atone for his sins, so he opted to have his son murder him. 

It was evident Li'l Foster was messing around with his father when he agreed to pull the trigger. With his solitude away from the island, the young man will not want to break any of the rules in case it sends him away from home again. 

Li'l Foster does hate his father and rightfully so. It was never going to be easy for them to forge a friendship when you consider the way Foster dismissed his son at any given opportunity. 

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Add in the fact that he stole G'Win; there's just nothing redeemable that Li'l Foster sees in his father. Look for that to change, however, now that G'Win has somehow arisen from the ashes. 

Either way, I want to see how G'Win reacts to her sudden burst of life. Will she hand the oak over to Foster, or will she have a newfound drive to fulfill her duties as Brenin?

So many questions. But so few answers. 

Let's talk about Wade and his arc. He's growing paranoid that the net is closing in on him. Helping with the big prison break on Outsiders Season 2 Episode 7 is something that could cost him his freedom and career. 

He felt bad for Li'l Foster. I get it. But he should be focusing his efforts on the fractures appearing amongst his family. 

Matt knows Wade did something to help the mission go ahead. Logically, there was no other way the Farrells knew what was going on.

Wade may have passed over Li'l Foster's freedom, but he's also handing over a whole host of ammunition for the Farrells to use to manipulate him. 

Hasil - Outsiders

He should have kept out of it. Telling Hasil to leave town was Wade's way of covering his tracks. Why should Hasil give up his happiness with Sally Ann to conceal Wade's deceit?

We're probably going to see a less than savory side of Wade when he learns Hasil is still in Blackburg with a crazy new look. 

It must have been difficult for Hasil to wear Butch's clothing. Hasil has already left his people and ways behind, so losing his ability to wear the Farrell attire is yet another part of his identity lost. 

It's sad, but what else could he do? He knocked up Sally Ann without thinking about the consequences. I do like that we're getting to see more of Freda due to the living arrangements. 

Eve Lindley was a standout on Mr. Robot Season 2. Her acting has been phenomenal across both shows. 

"Healing" was another solid episode of this WGN America series. The stakes continue to get higher, and I can't wait to see where the story goes next. 

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • Ledda does not have much time left, and I really hope she gives up on the group. It affected her pets, and now it's affecting her daughters. She needs to relax and find a way to make her final days with her family worth it.
  • Haylie is a tough nut to crack, so I found it surprising that she would give in to the activist. She's going to regret it when it all comes crashing down. 
  • Wade capturing one of the men who escaped from the bus was kind of convenient. I loved that everyone cheered him on, without knowing he was essentially the one who set them free. 

Over to you, Outsiders Fanatics. What did you think of the episode? Hit the comments below!

Note: Outsiders Season 2 Episode 9 airs March 21 on WGN America. 

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