Supernatural Season 12 Episode 14 Review: The Raid

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The British Men of Letters storyline has been lukewarm so far.

From the torture of Sam by its rogue agent Toni (whatever happened to her?) on Supernatural Season 12 Episode 1 to the revelation that the British group simply wants to work with the American hunters to the general notion that there’s something shady going on with the organization’s plan, this aspect of Supernatural Season 12 just hasn’t kicked off in ultimate engaging fashion.

Sure, the elements are there, but it’s felt sort of hit or miss.

Sam and Mary head into the nest - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 14

That said, Supernatural Season 12 Episode 14 was a rather riveting take involving the British Men of Letters and a vampire attack.

There’s still something yet to be revealed about the organization’s higher up, but the boss continues to be mentioned, especially when it comes to the importance of getting Sam and Dean on the team.

Might it be a character from the past? Or perhaps, a monster is running the show in trying to get rid of other monsters?

Sam Winchester, Vampire Hunter - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 14

Either way, it seemed relatively clear that whoever is pulling the strings might have different plans in the long term than say the likes of Mick or Mr. Ketch.

Mr. Ketch seems far less trustworthy between the two, and his game at getting Dean to join up seemed far more risky.

It almost felt like a trap was about to be sprung on Dean before they found the remaining vampire at the nest.

Dean meets with Mr. Ketch - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 14

But with Mick, he seemed far more focused on the task of taking out the vampires in the tactical way they had planned.

And it’s interesting the concept that the British Men of Letters, with the help of American hunters, could truly eliminate the supernatural.

The fact that they had wiped out so many vampires already in the Midwest seemed almost shocking compared to how Sam and Dean and other hunters have been able to deal with the blood suckers.

Imagine a world without monsters, too.

Mary swings away - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 14

But I can’t help but think of how Supernatural in its 12 seasons has shown its monsters, creatures, ghosts, etc. to oftentimes be more than just “bad guys.” So to eliminate them all?

That would mean killing the likes of a Benny or a Garth or any other number of creatures that have managed to avoid taking the pure evil path.

I almost expected Dean to let the vampire go when he stepped in on Mr. Ketch’s beating.

Dean is listening - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 14

Obviously, the majority of the monsters Sam and Dean have hunted have been baddies, so to have a possibility to make that no longer a problem seems like a fantastic idea.

It wasn’t surprising to see Sam decide to get on board, especially after taking down the Alpha vampire (which was a cool return for the character.)

In fact, the entire raid on the compound was pretty creepy with almost an “Assault on Precinct 13” kind of vibe.

Two is better than one - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 14

The redshirts of the episode seemed pretty obvious unfortunately, though I didn’t guess that the hunter that worked with Rufus would be a turncoat.

And having the flashback sequence that revealed Sam was able to get the bullet from Mick seemed like an unnecessary explainer.

Still, seeing that Colt fire was neat and definitely brought back memories of its use from the past.

Sam gives his mom the look - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 14

But I do wonder what its part is going to be going forward, and what those other beings are that it can’t kill.

Plus, is Dean ever going to get on board with the British Men of Letters? Is Sam going to keep his agreement a secret?

It was great that Dean and Mary were able to makeup at the end, but I’m curious as to how Sam “picking a side” might change things.

A family conversation - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 14

The British Men of Letters were used in the main plot in a much better and interesting way, and it was great to get some scary action with the characters working as a team to fight the vampires off.

There’s still more to explore with this British group and its ultimate ends, especially when it comes to the leader that's been mentioned, but this hour had me more interested to keep on digging in to hopefully uncover it all.

What did you think of Sam using the Colt on the Alpha? What about him agreeing to help? Were you glad Dean and Mary made up? Sound off below, and be sure to watch Supernatural online at TV Fanatic.

NOTE: Supernatural Season 12 Episode 15, "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell," airs March 9 at 8 p.m.

The Raid Review

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