The 100 Season 4 Episode 8 Review: God Complex

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Nothing ever comes easy, and this time our heroes learned it in some unexpected ways.

With an episode that started out with minimal happiness, there was a lot to get excited for by the end. If you weren't on the island at least, otherwise you were probably screwed at one point or another. 

On The 100 Season 4 Episode 8, Bellamy and Jasper share a meaningful bonding experience while Jaha leads the expedition that has them discovering the bunker of their dreams.

The Fate of the Flame — The 100 Season 4 Episode 8

Things on the Island were a bit darker, with difficult choices having to be made about what to do after their first grounder subject died on them.

''God Complex'' once again introduced three different places and paths for the characters. 

First, we had Arkadia, which is where Bellamy and Jasper started their adventure into the woods. Those two haven't spent much time together, but it paid off having them take a break from the heavy atmosphere back home. 

Jasper went off on his own at first, but Bellamy wasn't looking to be a cool dad when he could be an overprotective one instead. 

And while Jasper has hit a low point, it's refreshing to have his dark sense of humor back. He isn't afraid to laugh off his possible death.

It's parallel to the reactions we would all have in situations like this; everyone doesn't deal with it the exact same way.

Jasper is suffering just like everyone else, but he isn't dwelling on it, which is exactly why Bellamy and he paired off this time around.

It was a long hike for them, but their prize happened to be the infamous job nuts from The 100 Season 1, although this was more of a condensed day trip if we're being honest. 

But it's not the nuts that brought the real purpose to this trip, it was Jasper telling Bellamy that there isn't much time left for him to keep blaming himself. Like I mentioned during The 100 Season 4 Episode 7, it's about how Bellamy is approached when he is advised not to blame himself for everything.

It took Jasper finally pointing out that they have ten days left and that there isn't a way to fix what had happened for an understanding. Bellamy listened, though, and took that into account when they returned to Arkadia.

Clarke — The 100 Season 4 Episode 8

And it looks like the kids took the opportunity, with all the adults away, to throw a party. 

It was great to see everyone let loose because it has been nothing but tragedy lately. Who wouldn't want to get drunk while they still can?

Which is exactly what Jasper convinced Bellamy to do and just in time for Bree to get the dance she's probably been waiting for since she slept with Bellamy the first time around.

It took me a minute, but Bree was the girl that got to be part of Bellamy's first threesome on the ground, and it looked like she was happy to spend some more time with him. Good for you, my friend!

Bellamy got his drink, and I got all I ever wanted, which happened to be a big smile after all the pain he's been going through. 

It would be amazing if we could continue to see Bellamy have these small moments of happiness because nothing looks better on him these days.

One could hope this was a victory, yet it doesn't seem to be lasting long. Jasper, specifically, is a ticking time bomb, and I'm wondering how much influence he could actually have over the members of Arkadia. 

Similar to Jaha, there is interesting potential for Jasper to be spreading his ideas of how they should all deal with the end of the world.

How intense would it be for two different sets of teams to be working towards keeping their people safe, only to then have them not want to risk their lives for options that won't make their lives on the ground any better? 

Hunting for someone else to kill? What is wrong with you people?


Then there's the Island storyline, one that I've been worried about the most because there's a lot that has been going wrong there. 

Emori tricked them into getting someone else in that radiation chamber, but he died just as quickly as he came into our lives.

RIP dude we didn't know. 

But to raise the stakes means making it hurt more when they decided to find another test subject. And who better than the girl who lied to them, right?

I would have to be on Luna's side in all this, probably because I actually knew Emori, so there's actually something for me to lose with her not making it. 

It helps that Luna and Raven are the voices of reason lately, saying when they are going too far when the others can't see it themselves.

Yet no one is exactly hoping to hear what she has to say which makes no sense when Luna is basically the moon and stars. She's one of the only people who can truly be called innocent, a quality they will need since Abby keeps mentioning them finding their humanity again.

At one point it actually felt like all was lost, with Roan helping subdue Luna so they could take her bone marrow to test on Emori with neither women actually approving of this beforehand. 

Hunting for someone else to kill? What is wrong with you people?


Roan tried to remind Clarke that he is her biggest fan, admiring her leadership skills because his might need some work. For a second it was like Clarke was really leading the decision to test someone else for the sake of many, that is until Murphy got in the picture. 

Emori was getting ready for her life to end, not wanting Murphy to be next. But he wasn't going to let his girlfriend die, not when he could first make it very clear what would happen if Clarke killed the person that he loves. 

Murphy stole the scene, not holding back when Emori's life was at risk and that pretty much broke my heart. It was an outstanding scene, all because of Richard Harmon putting his all into that chaos. 

Clarke was once again meant to make a decision that wouldn't affect only herself. It was going to involve everyone, and it couldn't be made under the kind of pressure that was taking over that lab room.

Which is why Clarke did the unthinkable by injecting herself with Luna's blood, a reminder that Clarke is plenty fun when she wants to be. 

Raven's Brain — The 100 Season 4 Episode 8

Who didn't love Clarke thinking that the answer was to put herself in danger? I'm still mad that she went there, especially now that she's a Nightblood and that doesn't sound promising in the slightest. 

I'm asking this now, please don't make Clarke the next Commander. She's a leader with value but she could do better than trying to put that chip back in her system for the sake of leading on a grander scale. 

I love Clarke but this would destroy her, especially when we remember the last time she stayed at Polis too long. There might be a sky person who could honor that title, I would go with Octavia since she thinks she is one of the grounders at the end of the day.

But Clarke is the last person who should be considered an option because it would be too much for her and it wouldn't go over well in my opinion. 

There is still no way to know what it means when you're turned into a Nightblood because Abby lost it a bit. The radiation chamber got the worst of her breakdown, but there's now a bigger issue since no procedure was actually completed.

There's no doubt that this was all meant to be a way for Clarke to have the Nightblood inside of her; where that goes is still yet to be decided. Although it would make for a blinding shift in gears if Octavia came back just to find all this out; her reaction would be priceless.

Monty: How much have you had to drink?
Harper: Just the right amount.

Polis was another location that had its own set of problems. That was before Monty came to their rescue and figured it out because he is everything we wish we could be. 

Jaha, Monty and Kane teamed up with Indra and Gaia to find a possible bunker that was protected by Azgeda grounders in present time. 

Luckily Indra learned a thing or two, shooting them all since she knew they wouldn't let them take over the bunker if it exists. 

There is plenty to say about what it means for a grounder to pick up a gun, and it was a nice reminder that the end of the world is changing not just the sky people but the grounders, as well. 

No one has time to follow all their beliefs because they have to be broken for them to figure out a way to survive. 

And figure out they do, connecting Gaia's tattoo to Jaha's theory about a possible location being unlocked with his key. Nothing is that easy, though, and after some serious contemplation they figured out how to get inside.

That was a big moment because after every idea failed, that was one that actually worked out.

Tensions Rise — The 100 Season 4 Episode 8

It wasn't obvious that Jaha and his cult obsession would be the path that would keep them alive, but I'm very much on board him actually getting it right this time.

Jaha figured out a way to help, putting his skills at believing what others wouldn't pay attention to. And it seems to have paid off because the bunker could probably house more than 100 people. 

Now it's up to the general population to want to go into the bunker unless there's another idea to coming into play. It's not necessary at the moment, but who doesn't like options?

Usually, people don't all agree about anything, which is making me wonder about another divide happening. Things aren't that simple, and if we waited this long for the answer to all our problems to appear, this isn't the end. 

There will be another problem up ahead because happiness is a fleeting emotion when it comes to our favorite heroes and their high impact journeys. 

Jackson: He's ready
Raven: Yeah, but are we?

Stray Thoughts 

  • Niylah was doing her thing and I was loving it. How does one make sure that we see more of her in the episodes to come?
  • Roan is jealous that he isn't a leader like Clarke but he's too focused on her progression instead of his own. He still has his cool crown so maybe he could put it back on to ponder how to transcend himself?
  • Bellamy loosened up, which might be the key to figuring out his relationship with Octavia. Maybe if he doesn't focus on her it will give her time to figure out her own issues and come to him. He was too happy this time around for all of it to come crashing down. Just give this guy some time to relax, he will be selfless again in record time. For now, he could just bask in people having fun because for once he is one of them.
  • Indra is better than everyone, but Gaia is a close second. It's enchanting to see Gaia in her element because it's a nice reminder of characters like Niylah or Luna who bring such a calming presence with them. If I could wish for anything it would have to be those three forming a girl gang.
  • Monty and Harper are relationship goals. There was never anything that soft and there never will be again.
  • Hey Miller, I really missed you. 

What did you think of the episode? Which arc did you enjoy spending time in the most this time around? What do you think will happen now that the bunker has been found? Are all their problems over or is this just the beginning? 

Let us know your thoughts by commenting below. Don't forget that you can  watch  The 100 online right here at TV Fanatic!

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The 100 Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Jackson: He's ready
Raven: Yeah, but are we?

Bellamy: Jasper, it's not safe out there.
Jasper: What else is new?