The 100 Season 4 Episode 7 Review: Gimme Shelter

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With the black rain came not only physical but emotional pain as well. Everyone had to deal with their demons while they tried to stay safe from the deadly weather, but not everyone came out happier on the other side.

On The 100 Season 4 Episode 7, Clarke made it to Becca's mansion to help figure out next steps with Abby. Except things got worse when an intruder from Emori's past came barging in.

Meanwhile, Bellamy goes to save someone out in the woods, while Octavia and Ilian seek shelter in a cave where they get more than a little bare with one another.

Clarke and Emori — The 100 Season 4 Episode 7

''Gimme Shelter'' had three different locations, with three different kinds of shelter keeping everyone safe (at least from the rain).

There was Becca's Island, which housed Clarke, Abby, Murphy, and Emori. There were probably others, but they were all taking naps or lifting heavy things out back or just roaming out of view.

Then there was Arkadia, which kept the sky people safe as they all dealt with the horror that came with the rain because closing the door didn't make it all go away.

And finally, the woods offered safety to both Blakes, although they were on separate paths this time around.

Emori tricking everyone, including Murphy, just to make sure that she wouldn't be sacrificed was exactly the kind of thinking that this little group needs.

Murphy and Emori — The 100 Season 4 Episode 7

It really is about making the difficult choices sometimes, and they had a perfectly good test subject hanging around, but no one would think about using him, which is where Emori came in.

It made sense from the very beginning that she wasn't telling the truth, although you might have to be cunning yourself to figure out exactly where her head was. It did help her a great deal when an opportunity came smashing through the window. 

I loved how Emori owned her decision, even if she didn't need to because Murphy was nothing but proud.

Emori did what she had to so she could stay alive, and she wasn't trying to excuse it. It's this sort of self-surviving behavior that I'd love to see more of, at least when it comes to Emori because it's very relatable. 

Not everyone is looking out for the greater population when they know there isn't much time left, although the bone marrow experiments don't exactly sound like much fun either.

Making Things Right — The 100 Season 4 Episode 7

Going forward, I think Emori could have a great role in that lab because the general group is focused on saving everyone, what happens when people break off on their own because they don't want to risk their own life for the sake of the others? 

Clarke: I know that, but you just said it, we have no choice.
Abby: No, we have to make a choice.

Speaking of people who would do anything to save their chosen people, Bellamy was risking his life as always to help someone.

I want to say that his name was Mark. Let's go with that. 

We didn't get to see them, which makes sense since there wasn't any time to get attached or even care if they died in front of us.

But the way the radios were used, both between Bellamy/Kane and Bellamy/two Arkers out in the woods, accomplished an amazing amount of emotion.

Chaos at Arkadia — The 100 Season 4 Episode 7

They didn't need to be in the same room to play off each other's emotions and show us how much both men were struggling with the decision to abandon their own people. 

Bellamy Blake doesn't need to say much to get us going, yet he still tried to top the last emotional breakdown of his when he thought his sister was killed. 

This time though Bellamy was alone in the Rover, desperate to get out and possibly deal with some crazy burns for the sake of these faceless people.

Watching him fall apart when he realizes he has to stay in the car while they die a few minutes away was heartbreaking, with Bob Morley reminding us once again that his acting skills are off the charts.

Bellamy doesn't keep it to those two people, though, it sounds like Octavia and even his mother still push down on him.

He feels guilty, even questioning where his mother could even be. 

It's that character arc of his, never letting him stop hating himself and pushing away anyone (besides Clarke) who tries to tell him that he can't see it this way.

Kane Struggling — The 100 Season 4 Episode 7

Now Kane tries the best he can to comfort Bellamy, but I think it's time that he accepts the truth. Kane has his own specific philosophy when it comes to his ''children'' and the good of his people.

Yet he seems to forget that not everyone is the same, especially if we are talking about Bellamy.

He doesn't respond to Kane trying to think about what would happen going forward, Bellamy responds to the cries over the radio that might be their very last words.

The sooner Kane realizes that he has to take a different approach with Bellamy, the better of a chance he might have to convince him to let go of his self-hatred.

Bellamy! Bellamy, turn around!


On the other side of the woods, rock bottom has never been this weird.

Ilian and Octavia slept together, which we pretty much all saw coming. It's worth noting though that we didn't see them have sex, an important absence on a CW show that wouldn't lose anything to have that written into the script.

It says a lot about what that moment was; it wasn't part of the story that on which we were meant to focus. It was the before and the after, specifically Octavia at both points prior to her making that move on Ilian.

And in a very familiar scene, Octavia tries to feel something the only way she knows how right now. She came out the other end not hating Ilian the way that she might have claimed to before, offering him a spot on her beloved horse.

Saving People — The 100 Season 4 Episode 7

I have no clue where they might go from here, but I really hope this isn't the last we see of Ilian.

His hesitation was perfect, he didn't seem like he was too excited to have sex with Octavia, but he also didn't come off as too unsure.

It gave us that little glimpse that we all knew was there, the reminder that Ilian has a soft spot for her. I might need him to explain to me why, but at least I believe that he cares for her.

Tragedy in Arkadia — The 100 Season 4 Episode 7

Maybe it's that mutual darkness, the one that this fairy grounder got to escape from and now wants to help Octavia ease out of?

Ilian: You want to survive out here alone? Let me help you.
Octavia: You've helped enough.

In the future, the most I could wish for is Octavia catching onto the fact that she can't blame everything on her brother.

That scene where she offered Ilian her hand was meant to speak volumes, while I'm just over here waiting for Octavia to rid Bellamy of this huge weight that she's been building up over the last two seasons.

The same goes for Bellamy; he reminded Kane that he didn't think he deserved to be saved which tells us that his view of himself hasn't changed.

Bellamy is truly ripping himself apart; he can't save everyone so he would rather believe that there was another way and he just didn't figure it out. Where is Clarke to remind him how special he is? Seriously, paging Clarke and her powerful Bellamy speeches! 

He reached for me and I didn't help him.


Stray Thoughts 

  • Harper deserves an abundance of screen time because that background plot where she blamed herself for that guy dying was too real. Maybe all of Kane's children just need to sit in a circle while he tells them that they are good people, it's the least he could do.
  • Roan took his sweet time delivering those barrels into the lab, was he taking one of those infamous Becca Island naps? This is my not so casual reminder that I missed his sass.
  • It sounds like there won't be any shower scenes after this because of Arkadia running out of drinking water, at least we got a shirtless group scene as a nice goodbye.
  • Clarke taking a shower and enjoying that bed for 0.5 seconds was everything I could have wanted for her. That small moment of peace was long overdue; I only wish there were more chances for her to sleep or just have some time to herself. 
  • I really appreciate how much talking took place this time around; it wasn't just us deducting what everyone was feeling, it was them expressing it clear as day.
  • Where is Jasper? He was meant to have an arc, but he's been more MIA than ever, did he have nothing to say about actual black rain? He had a whole big plan prepared, and he didn't even get to execute it?

What did you think of the episode? Which character arc are you loving the most this season? What are you expecting to see happen know that Abby and Clarke have a test subject? And where do you think the Bellamy/Octavia relationship is headed?

Let us know your thoughts by commenting below. Don't forget that you could watch The 100 online right here at TV Fanatic! 

Gimme Shelter Review

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The 100 Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Ilian: You want to survive out here alone? Let me help you.
Octavia: You've helped enough.

Clarke: I know that, but you just said it, we have no choice.
Abby: No, we have to make a choice.