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Why did a troubled teen contact Dr. Reese?

That was addressed on Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 16 when a teen contacted the doctor from a psychiatric facility.

Meanwhile, a comatose woman was unexpectedly pregnant, leading the doctors to question what really happened to her. 

Also, the doctors had to act fast when a young girl from Ecuador collapsed mid-flight, but what was the root cause of her collapsing?

Use the video above to watch Chicago Med online to get caught up with the latest drama for the characters on this hit drama. 

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Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Yeah, younger patients are the hardest. Very tough to draw a line between an actual disorder and good old fashioned adolescence.


Dr. Latham: Uh, just a moment. Uh, one more thing -- more of a question really. What does a Jewish pirate say? [blank stares from staff]
Connor: I -- I beg your pardon, Dr. Latham?
Latham: Ah. What does a Jewish pirate say? [more blank stares] "Ahoy vey." [Still more blank stares] Get it? "Ahoy vey?" [Connor and others start to laugh]
Connor: That is a good one, Dr. Latham.
Latham: Jewish humor. Long tradition.