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Dr. Latham's TMS treatments are allowing him to start to connect with his peers and his patients, but those connections distract him from focusing on the surgery to heal them. He decides to stop the treatments, at least for a time, while he learns to deal with his new emotions. 

While Latham and Connor fix the little girl's heart condition, Choi, Jeff, and April treat her mother. She was acting as a drug mule in order to finance the trip to Minnesota in search of treatment for her daughter. She vomits and flushes most of the cocaine, but passes out from an overdose. Choi and team retrieve one more balloon, but the last one bursts in her esophagus, causing a heart attack. April begs Choi and Jeff to not report the woman, but they end up taking it to Sharon. Sharon gives them an out by saying if they only found one bag, that's not evidence of trafficking and thus does not need to be reported. April pounces on the loophole, denying that there was anymore cocaine. Jeff agrees with her, but Choi is reluctant. He reprimands both of them for putting him in that position after they leave Sharon's office. 

Nat won't give up when a comatose woman is brought in and found to be pregnant. She's upset with the parent's decision to go forward with the pregnancy even though it puts their daughter at severe risk, and asks them if it's what *she* would want. After noticing an eye flutter during an examination, Nat orders a battery of tests and eventually gets Dr. Abrams involved. With his help they determine that the patient has not been comatose, but has actually been suffering from locked in syndrome. With proper therapy and assistive devices, she will be able to communicate with her parents (though probably not in time to share her opinion about continuing the pregnancy).

April insists on coming to work despite doctors orders to stay home and rest. She brushes off everybody's concern, but eventually thanks Jeff for his sincere condolences and accepts her brothers clumsy attempts at comfort. 


Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Yeah, younger patients are the hardest. Very tough to draw a line between an actual disorder and good old fashioned adolescence.


Dr. Latham: Uh, just a moment. Uh, one more thing -- more of a question really. What does a Jewish pirate say? [blank stares from staff]
Connor: I -- I beg your pardon, Dr. Latham?
Latham: Ah. What does a Jewish pirate say? [more blank stares] "Ahoy vey." [Still more blank stares] Get it? "Ahoy vey?" [Connor and others start to laugh]
Connor: That is a good one, Dr. Latham.
Latham: Jewish humor. Long tradition.