Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Are Jackson And Maggie The Newest 'Ship?!

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On Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 19 Maggie returned to GSM after taking time off for bereavement. 

When she chose to hijack Nathan's surgery, the other doctors questioned whether she was in the right frame of mind to take it on. She pulled off the surgery but admitted later on that she's not OK. 

Elsewhere, Nathan and Meredith try to plan a date but after their plans falling through, Meredith put their relationship on hold to focus on her sister. 

Join TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Ashley B. Sumerel, and Amanda Steinmetz as they discuss "What's Inside."

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Were the other doctors right to be concerned about Maggie taking on the case or did they overdo it?

Stacy: Can it be both? Yeah, they had a right to be concerned. Most people ease themselves back into work after taking an extended time off, so it makes sense they all wanted to make sure she was really ready.

But, they definitely did overdo it. Expressing a concern is one thing, but having everyone gang up on her was too much. One person should have checked in and that should have been it.

Ashley: I'm with Stacy. I think it's a little of both. It makes sense they'd be concerned, but the reactions were way overdone.

Amanda: I agree. I would be concerned about her emotional well-being, but they should have trusted that she is smart enough to know her ability to do her job.

Are you tired of the Meredith and Nathan yo-yoing? Is Meredith's reluctance really about Maggie?

Stacy: Yeah, I'm definitely tired of it. Either take the plunge or let it go already. I have to say though, I'm on board with the Riggs/Arizona friendship. That was fun to watch!

I don't know if Meredith's reluctance is just about Maggie. I think she's part of it, but I'm sure the idea of her first real relationship after Derek is in the back of her mind as well. Moving on is hard.

Ashley: YES. I love the idea of Meredith and Nathan getting together, but it's officially exhausting. I do think Maggie is more of an excuse as far as that goes. Remember how hard it was for her to even commit to Derek? So now, it's even more complicated.

Amanda: Yes! I don't think Maggie has anything to do with Meredith's resistance. I think she's probably scared of moving on emotionally from Derek. However, Meredith needs to make a decision already.

I thought her rejection of Nathan at the end of the episode was really harsh. If I were him, I would move on to someone who actually wanted to have a relationship with me.

Which characters do you feel are being neglected by the writers? Would you like to see more of a certain character?

Stacy: This might sound weird after we spent so much of the first half of the season on him, but Alex. We didn't see him at all for two weeks, and this week we barely saw him.

He's finally back after his whole ordeal and we barely get to see him. It's ridiculous. Isn't this supposed to be the season we focus on the originals? I want more Alex.

Ashley: I completely agree. I feel like Alex has all but disappeared.

Amanda: This is an easy one. Alex has pretty much been MIA these last few episodes. It's really weird considering the major story line he just had.

Jackson and Maggie appear to have a sibling bond at the moment, but some fans feel they're hinting at romance. What are your thoughts on Maggie and Jackson's relationship?

Stacy: I like the friendship that appears to be developing. I don't really see it as more than that, at least not from the little we've seen so far. I think Jackson just wants to be there for her. Neither one of them is really in a good position to be starting a new relationship right now.

Ashley: I didn't pick up on anything romantic. I think they're just getting close as friends and this brought them together.

Amanda: I could see a friendship growing, but I don't want their relationship to turn romantic. I'm still Team Japril. I'd rather see them form a strong friendship. Maggie needs someone to talk to other than Meredith and Amelia.

Do you think we're officially past the Minnick situation now?

Stacy: I hope so! It does appear to be that way, so there's no need to rehash the controversy now. It's time to move on.

Ashley: It seems that way, and I'm grateful. I'm really glad Richard and Bailey talked things out.

Amanda: I really hope so! I'm tired of people picking sides. That whole situation needs to be over.

What was your favorite scene and/or quote from the episode?

Stacy: I loved Webber and Bailey's standoff in the gallery. I cracked up at Ben's "Yes, the answer is yes. What is happening right now?"

Ashley: I'm a sucker for any time they "dance it out," and this time it actually made me cry. I love that Meredith is able to share that with Maggie and Amelia.

Amanda: My favorite part, was watching everyone panicked when Maggie froze, but it was her actually being a beast at her job and knowing better than everyone else.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 19 Quotes

Arizona: Oh my God! I mean, I understand why you're into her. She's hot. Wait, she likes you?
Nathan: What? I mean, I'm going to try not to be offended at that.
Arizona: No, no, no. It's just that Derek was, Derek was epic for her. They were the great love story. I mean, that girl's heart beat for Derek Shepherd. It just, it never occurred to me that she would ever be with anyone else. He was perfect. He was everything. That man turned her world. It, I spooked you. Don't be spooked.

Amelia: I guess it's better than the way I did grief.
Meredith: Which time?
Amelia: The time with the Oxy binges.
Meredith: [shrugs] I go a little dark and twisty, but then I come back.
Amelia: A little dark and twisty? You disappeared. You had a secret baby.
Meredith: Please don't refer to your niece as my secret baby.