Scandal Round Table: Keeping Their Souls

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Olivia took a look back at what life could have been like for everyone if she had voted "no" on rigging the election in Defiance, Ohio all those years ago. 

Our TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Sarah Hearson, Jasmine Blu, and Christine Orlando are here to discuss this look at an alternate reality, the future of the Gladiators, and Huck's faux "The Bachelor" addiction on Scandal Season 6 Episode 10

Scandal Round Table 1-27-15

Did you like the alternate chain of events?

Jim: It was fun to see a "what if" episode. I was kind of disappointed there wasn't even a mention of Harrison in the alternate timeline.

I understand Columbus Short had a pretty bad falling out with Shonda, but given how much he was a part of the beginning of Pope and Associates, I was hoping there would at least be a reference to him. 

Sarah: I also thought it was weird that there wasn't even a mention of Harrison. It was a little distracting, at least in the beginning. Otherwise, it was kind of fun.

I'm surprised Scandal didn't go for a big 100th episode filled with a crazy death or plot twist, but overall, I enjoyed watching the episode.

Jasmine: I find it odd they didn't mention Harrison either. I was also a big Stephen fan back in the day, so ditto for him too. I know he was only there for one season, but he did come back to save her. 

Overall, I liked it. It was different. Everything but Huck's hair. Ugh.

Christine: Oddly, I didn’t even think of Harrison. As Scandal does crazy deaths and plot twists for breakfast, I thought this episode was really unique and entertaining…and although I hated Huck’s hair, I loved Olivia’s!

Olivia in an Alternate Universe - Scandal Season 6 Episode 10

Will Olivia revert to her old ways of being a fixer?

Jim: I have no idea... she needs to do something, it feels like she is in limbo right now. I guess only time will tell for sure.

Sarah: I really hope so. I know a lot has happened in the past six seasons, but going back to the basics and seeing Olivia work on something she is so passionate about was refreshing and made me miss the early seasons even more.

Jasmine: I agree with the others. I miss when she was a fixer and she actually fixed things. The episode made me nostalgic. I'd like to see the cases and the clients.

I don't know if she'll be able to go back to her old ways, but I would like to see her give it a go. What do the others even do anymore?

Christine: Can she even find her white hat? Everyone has gotten so bogged down in the evils of power and politics that the show has completely changed from its early seasons.

It would be nice to see Olivia and the Gladiators fight for good for a change. 

Quinn as Lindsey  - Scandal Season 6 Episode 10

On a scale of 1-10, how absurd was Quinn on The Bachelor?

Jim: It was no more absurd that how addicted Huck was to watching the show. I give them both about a 5, as it wasn't the most ridiculous thing they could have done. 

Sarah: It was definitely a 10, but it was a fun-to-watch 10.

Jasmine: I agree with Jim. It actually wasn't that ridiculous to me, but like Sarah, I thought it was fun to watch. Huck being addicted to the show and everyone coming to Olivia's house just to watch it was my favorite scene of the episode.

Christine: I’ll go with a 5. I kind of hated Quinn as the “princess” but I loved how Huck was addicted to the show; that part literally made me laugh out loud. 

Will the gladiators be able to take down Peus?

Jim: Of course they will! The real question is, how long will it take, and what type of collateral damage will it cause. 

Sarah: I'm expecting a season finale cliffhanger that leaves us asking that question again! But I'm sure it will happen eventually. 

Jasmine: I am expecting a cliffhanger as well. I think eventually they will be able to, once they assemble the team. I'm trying really hard not to make an Avengers joke. LOL I think the first step is getting Cyrus out of prison. 

Christine: If they can all figure out how to work together, then I think it’s possible. Watching Fitz. Jake, and Olivia strategize gave me hope, even if they all didn’t agree on how to handle it. 

Olivia and Fitz Get Married...Sort Of - Scandal Season 6 Episode 10

What did you like most about Episode 100?

Jim: I loved the surprise at the end of the alternate events where Liv handed Fitz an envelope that turns out to be a townhome. I thought it was sweet and such a surprise given that I though she was giving him divorce papers.  

Sarah: Agreed Jim! I thought it was going to be divorce papers too. I thought it was a semi-realistic look into what Olivia and Fitz's relationship might have been like, and I enjoyed exploring that.

While the rest of the characters' fates were less believable (Mellie and Cyrus, come on!), it was fun for an episode. 

Jasmine: I loved the wedding. Olivia looked beautiful.

My favorite part of that, however, was when Huck refused to let her go. It was such a Huck thing to do. Just like it was fitting that Huck was the one she chose to walk her down the aisle. I'm a sucker for the "Oluck" friendship.

Christine: All of it! I loved that we got to see what could have happened if Olivia hadn’t sold her soul.

Nothing was perfect but I think things turned out better for almost everyone, except perhaps Mellie. I hated that she was made to feel second best by her husband yet again. 

Say Cheese, Mellie - Scandal Season 6 Episode 10

Check back on Thursday for our review of Scandal Season 6 Episode 11 here and you can always watch Scandal online here at TV Fanatic. 

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