Supernatural Season 12 Episode 17 Review: The British Invasion

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For an episode that started out promising, Supernatural Season 12 Episode 17 just seemed to fall apart in disappointing fashion.

And the one British Men of Letters member that became an interesting character, one the show seemed like it was trying to make more than a bad guy stereotype, was killed off.

Yup, Mick's dead.

Mick sits for a second - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 17

Sure, there was always the possibility that him going rogue from the group would put him in the crosshairs of his compatriots, but so soon? And in such a one and done way?

And how did he not realize that him shouting about his change of heart to an obvious bad guy and standing next to a psychopath that likes to kill wouldn't go better? I thought Mick was a much smarter character than that.

It was good he had a change of heart about the code, and his flashbacks to Hogwarts revealed the dark upbringing that ingrained in him that code. Clearly, that's what the show wanted to illustrate with his conflicting ideals after working with Sam and Dean.

Mick draws his gun - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 17

But really his death felt like such a waste in terms of his time on the show.

Plus, it just adds to the messiness that has surrounded bringing the British Men of Letters on in the first place.

Seriously, what's their plan?

Handing over the Colt? - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 17

It was all about recruiting hunters and then there was a major focus on Sam and Dean joining. Then one forgettable British newbie gets killed and the "experiment" is over and now they are to kill all the hunters?

What? Now they just want them dead?

Is there really no deeper plan to the British Men of Letters? It's just cliche bad guys?

Impala goes on a night drive - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 17

And why, oh why, was Mary hooking up with Mr. Ketch? It felt so random.

I've got no problems with Mary wanting to hook up, but with Mr. Ketch it felt so forced.

I've really wanted to be invested in the British Men of Letters, but I've grown tired of them. And killing off its best and most interesting member doesn't add a lot of confidence in that arc going forward.

Time for a drink - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 17

However, Eileen's return was a big highlight. It felt natural and not some grand announcement. She fits in perfectly as a hunter and her rapport with Sam is a major positive.

Having her accidentally kill a human instead of Dagon could have really dug into her dealing with those consequences.

Instead, they were touched on briefly and then sort of forgotten. A missed opportunity there.

Sam and the others look on - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 17

And with mention of her heading to Ireland, bets on if she survives?

Wouldn’t that be disappointing if she gets killed off, too.

Then there's Lucifer's baby, which I'm debating if I'm actually interested on where that's going.

Kelly looks worried - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 17

Sam and Dean initially getting to Kelly felt like a win, and the setting for battle against Dagon was cool. But she just tossed them around and disappeared, pretty much put them all back to where they were before they picked her up.

Almost felt like the fight was more of a setup to be a catalyst for the British Men of Letters attacking hunters rather than any forward progress on the Kelly baby story.

Dagon attacks - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 17

And I'm not surprised Lucifer isn't bending to Crowley, but the Hell scenes are tiresome rather than entertaining. The whole demons in suits just isn't exciting.

It was great that Crowley was steps ahead of Lucifer, so let’s hope he didn’t actually fall for Lucifer’s charade.

Mick has a deal - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 17

And was it me, or did it almost feel like Sam and Dean weren’t really in the episode that much?

At least they got the Colt back, but I figured they would have had more going on during the hour.

Dean found Kelly - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 17

Frankly, this was a disjointed mess that felt like it went nowhere for the most part. So many big story arcs could have been moved forward, and yet they weren’t really, and the new character that was beginning to gain traction was wiped off the board.

I was really on board at the start, and there was so much promise, but this just wound up a real letdown by the end.

We are headed toward the final stretch of episodes of Supernatural Season 12. The show better get back on the road and kick it in to high gear.

What did you think of the episode? Of Mick's death? Of the British Men of Letters' plan? Sound off below, and be sure to watch Supernatural online at TV Fanatic!

The British Invasion Review

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