The Originals Round Table: Death In The Quarter!

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Should Will have been better developed?

That's a huge question on our minds after The Originals Season 4 Episode 4 in which the character was killed off. 

Below, TV Fanatics Mandy Treccia, Justin Carreiro, and Amanda Steinmetz discuss the death, The Hollow's new victims and Freya's potential love interest. 

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Did you care for Will's death?

Mandy: I never cared much for Will. I wanted to because I love Jason Dohring. But they never developed his character. He always felt like a plot convenience rather than a person. I felt bad for Vincent, though.

Justin: It's a shame that Will was underutilized on The Originals. The character had some good qualities to him and could've been an interesting addition. I fully expected him to die as the episode progressed, so I wasn't too sad.

Amanda: It's hard to care when we never truly got to know Will. Jason Dohring was robbed of a decent character arc.

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How will Klaus and Marcel being consumed by The Hollow play out?

Mandy: I'm happy this story is finally picking up steam. It'll be interesting to see what the evil does to characters who both have so much power to exploit. If it warps their minds the way it did to Will and the others, it could be an unstoppable force.

Justin: Does anyone else feel Charmed nostalgia every time they say "The Hollow"? I think this evil power will consume them, it will corrupt them, and they will seek out more. I have a feeling it will start to influence other members of the Mikaelsons and the city.

Amanda: Justin, I totally forgot about The Hollow on Charmed. Nice connection! I'm really interested to see how this story line will play out. Having both Klaus and Marcel corrupted leaves everyone else at a disadvantage considering they are the two most powerful vampires.

Spell Time - The Originals Season 4 Episode 3

Do you see something more between Freya and Keelin than just friends?

Mandy: I think we're supposed to see something. But the actresses have very little chemistry. I also don't believe one kind act would be enough to ease Freya's ruthlessness. Her family's safety is her only priority.

Justin: The writers are trying to create this storyline. There's some light chemistry, but I don't think they'll have this epic romance/friendship that some other pairs have had before. Keelin seems like the character they're building up for us to ship and long for, only to be killed off halfway through the season for plot purposes.

Amanda: I got the vibe that there may be more between them down the road, but the actresses aren't fully there yet with their chemistry. Freya acts so cold all the time. I would love to see her develop feelings for someone. 

React to Hayley's speech to Elijah about thinking about others. 

Mandy: Hayley's right in theory. But I don't see this being something any of the Mikaelsons, including her, put into practice. But I'm also not bothered by that. I think most people would save their own family over someone else's. It's just extreme because these characters go around killing people on a regular basis.

Justin: Isn't this a "pot calling the kettle" situation? All of these characters only think about themselves, their family or kill people at the drop of a hat. It felt meaningless now after four seasons.

Amanda: I definitely liked Hayley's speech. Having vampires be the main characters we watch leaves us with that horrible notion. The Mikaelsons kill innocent people all the time in order to survive or just eat. While we want to see these people survive, it's still important to be mindful how little other people's lives mean to them.

How long will the Mikaelsons stick around New Orleans?

Mandy: They're not leaving again. Either Marcel will relent when all is said and done, or Klaus will take the power back by force. 

Justin: I think by the end of the season it will determine who stays and who goes. I agree with Mandy that Klaus will take back the power, but I wouldn't be surprised if Elijah, Hayley, and Hope were to depart New Orleans for a life together. Rebekah longs for a happy life away, Freya might stay to be near magic, and Kol...he goes where the fun is.

Amanda: I don't think they're leaving anytime soon. They need to defeat The Hollow. After that, who knows?

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The Originals Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Keelin: This is a cure. It's everything I've ever wanted. What's the catch.
Freya: No catch. Insurance.
Keelin: More like a leash. A spell that I can't take off.
Freya: It's like I said. Insurance. Provided you help me.

Klaus: Thank you.
Vincent: Look, the only gratitude I need from you is that all of you leave the city.