The Originals Round Table: Is Hope Powerful?

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The Mikaelsons are in a lot of trouble. 

That much was confirmed The Originals Season 4 Episode 3 when the latest villain wanted to kidnap Hope. 

Below, TV Fanatics Mandy Treccia, Justin Carreiro and Amanda Steinmetz discuss Hope's power, Klaus changing his ways and Rebekah's departure. 

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Is Hope as powerful as we are being led to believe?

Mandy: Yes. She's a Mikaelson witch, which the mythology already taught us makes her more powerful than any other witch, and she's part werewolf. Plus, she has vampire blood. I don't think we're even close to scratching the surface of what Hope can do.

Justin: I agree with Mandy. Hope is already a hybrid and part of one of the most powerful families in existence. She could even be more powerful than her grandmother.

Amanda: Hope has a lot of different things going on, so it's hard to know what side of her (vampire, werewolf, witch) is going to show through the most. I'm also curious how all those different aspects of her makeup are going to affect her. Will she continue to age normally over time? Will her powers overwhelm her? 

Is Klaus really turning over a new leaf?

Mandy: I don't think it's a new leaf. Klaus has always been about keeping his family close to him and protecting them. Letting Rebekah and Kol go was a noble gesture and genuine growth on his part. But knowing Klaus, he would demand their return in an instant if he thought they could help with Hope.

Justin: This isn't a new leaf for him. He's shown kindness and compassion in the past, but he will always be the conflicted person we've seen before. He's not evil, but he's not a hero.

Amanda: Klaus looks after himself and his family. Damn anyone who gets in his way. I don't think Klaus will ever turn over a new leaf, but for the sake of his daughter, I would like to think he will try to curb his anger around her.

Will Marcel try anything when the Mikaelsons show up in the Quarter?

Mandy: He won't hurt them as long as they don't make any moves against them. Marcel puts kids' safety first. He won't want anything to happen to Hope. But once he finds out Freya's actively working to kill him, all bets might be off.

Justin: For the time being, he needs the Mikaelsons on his side to save the other children and prevent this. He's trying to balance the peace. But, similar to what Mandy said, if he finds out they're working against him, he will try to kill them.

Amanda: I agree as well. Marcel won't pull anything against the Mikaelsons as long as they don't try anything first. But I wouldn't put it past Freya to go behind her family's back to try to kill Marcel. 

How Long Am I Here? - The Originals Season 4 Episode 3

Discuss Rebekah leaving to find happiness. 

Mandy: It's better than seeing her get stuffed in a coffin again until Claire Holt's available. But I don't think Rebekah has it in her to be happy anymore than the rest of the Mikaelsons do. These people are far too tragic. She said she wanted space, but she chose to leave with Kol. I see the two of them finding more trouble than happiness.

Justin: I'm not surprised one bit. Claire Holt continues to leave and return in a very sporadic fashion. Rebekah is always searching for meaning and happiness, but she keeps coming back to these dangerous situations that could ruin it all. This time doesn't look like it will be the solution.

Amanda: Happiness has always alluded Rebekah, so I don't see how this time will be any different. Her departure is temporary until the next time they decide to bring Claire Holt back. I'd be more curious to see what adventures Rebekah and Kol find themselves on together.

What Did You Say? - The Originals Season 4 Episode 3

What is Will up to with the children?

Mandy: I think he's being possessed by the evil rather than him being truly bad. But at least they're finally giving him something to do other than stand around crime scenes.

Justin: I agree with Mandy. I think he's being corrupted and influenced by the true Big Bad this season. He's going to keep the children until the villain needs them.

Amanda: He has to be possessed. Will has seemed like an ordinary guy so far. It would be a complete shift in what we've come to learn about him if he turned out to be truly bad.

What will happen with Vincent and the darkness?

Mandy: It will overtake him eventually. He's powerful, but the darkness will ultimately be too strong for him to resist. Then it will put Marcel and the Mikaelsons in the position of having to decide whether to save Vincent or kill him for the greater good.

Justin: The darkness will lead to Vincent's death. There's only so much that he can do to protect the community, the children and himself. He will try, but I think he will ultimately fail.

Amanda: Nothing good, that's for sure. The darkness will take Vincent over. He'll come for the book and will probably be killed by Marcel and the Mikaelsons in order to save the city. 

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