The Arrangement Season 1 Episode 10 Review: The New Narrative

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Megan isn't fooling around. Or is she?

On The Arrangement Season 1 Episode 10. Megan resists then gives in to the Institute's demands, coming out a changed person. 

But it's not the kind of person the Institute was hoping she'd be.

Trapped Megan - The Arrangement Season 1 Episode 10

I'd like to say I'm surprised by how the hour ended, but I'm not. Megan's too headstrong to fall into the hokeyness that is The Institute of the Higher Mind.

Once she caught on to their game, she was all in. She was ready to do whatever was necessary to get out of the prison where they placed her. And it was like a prison, even down to the utilitarian uniforms everyone was given.

No amount of purple liquid was going to convert her. Megan is all about survival and while it's unclear if her "memory" is true or not (because the story keeps changing), she's not about to let The Institute or anyone else take her down.

The whole memory itself was rather strange. Why go to Hong Kong to confront your rapist? It seemed almost hokey itself, but could it be true? Did Megan really kill her stepbrother the way she remembered it?

I'm going to venture that there's still more to the story. I'm not saying she wasn't raped, I'm just saying that her story about it keeps changing.

And if it is true that she did kill her step-brother the way she remembered, she'd be a fool to try to bring the Institute down when they're the only ones who can protect her.

Red Carpet - The Arrangement Season 1 Episode 10

Unless she plans on taking full responsibility for what happened and is willing to face the consequences. Because you can be sure that if she starts trying to bring the Institute down, they are going to come at her full barrel, and she won't have a chance.

But then again, if she can uncover all the deep, dark secrets the Institute is hiding then she might have a chance.

Maybe they'll come to some sort of agreement.

The big question is whether Shaun will help her to see it through. 

I never thought Shaun was the one who went to Terence about Megan's blackmail issue. I always knew it was Kyle because Kyle doesn't know how to function without Terence or the Institute.

He's so brainwashed by it all, it would take years and years for him to finally shake it off.

And while Shaun made it very clear that her friendship with Megan is more important than her job, how do we know that Shaun won't get caught up in the madness of the Institute?

I'd like to think she won't. She's as headstrong as Megan, but she did decide to work for Terence. There has to be something about the Institute that she finds intriguing. I can't believe it would just be the money.

But we'll have to wait for season two to see which side Shaun ends up taking in the end.

The other issue is Kyle. I'm still not sure if Megan really loves him. It's been something that's nagged at me throughout the entire season.

Now that she's all about bringing the Institute down, where does that leave her and Kyle? 

Does she really think he'd choose her over the Institute?

Even though she had no reaction when he admitted to her that he went to Terence, it had to burn her up inside. 

Terence and the Blackmailer - The Arrangement Season 1 Episode 10

I really believe she only sees her relationship with Kyle as a way to destroy the Institute. 

She's not committed to Kyle anymore if she ever was. She was married to the idea of Kyle, but not the man himself. She wanted everything that came along with being his girlfriend/fiancee: Fame and fortune.

I'm not saying she's a gold digger, but she wants what she wants, and when you desperately want something you'll do anything to get to where you want to be. 

It's not like the whole thing is real anyway. If it was, there wouldn't be a contract. It would have been allowed to happen naturally then a prenup could've been signed which would have been perfectly acceptable.

Instead, Megan was basically hired to play a part, and that's exactly how she sees it.

Does Kyle love Megan? Probably, but that's only because Terence and the Institute told him he should.

If they told him he had to spend an hour each morning barking like a dog as part of his routine, he'd probably do it because that's how devoted he is to all their mumbo jumbo.

Megan and Shaun - The Arrangement Season 1 Episode 10

Kyle is the one with the real problem here. He doesn't know what's real and what's not. 

Megan might try to help Kyle, but it'll be a futile effort and deep down she knows it's true.

It's going to get dangerous for Megan. We already know what Terence is capable of, but he might not be the one Megan needs to be wary of.

DeAnn has a very dark side and will do anything to protect herself and the Institute. There is no doubt she was responsible for Colton's death. 

Terence didn't ask, and DeAnn didn't offer, but it was very clear she knew more than she was telling after the security guard came in with the news.

You have to wonder if DeAnn did it herself. It wouldn't surprise me if she did.

Megan is going to tread some dangerous waters next season. Let's keep our fingers crossed she'll get through it all.

What did you think of "The New Narrative"? Were you surprised Megan was faking it all along? Will Shaun keep her secret?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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The New Narrative Review

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