The White Princess Season 1 Episode 6 Review: English Blood on English Soil

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Lizzie has to make her own moves on The White Princess Season 1 Episode 6, because where would England be without her?

No, seriously. What would have happened to England without Lizzie there to manage things for Henry?

She's the one playing the long game, thinking about alliances with Spain, and taking action instead of just letting the soldiers walk away. Even when dealing with the most insane of family drama, she's a leader for her people. 

English Blood on English Soil - The White Princess Season 1 Episode 6

The show-stealing scene was obviously Lizzie rallying the men back to Henry's side. Jodie Comer absolutely nailed it with the restrained emotion. Lizzie was dealing with so much in the moment (a lot of it conflicting) but managed to do what no one else could do.

I love the visual of her leading the massive line of soldiers over the hill. Even if some of the CGI wasn't quite up to snuff.

I'm not normally nit-picky about that kind of thing because big crowds are difficult to film and super expensive, but there was one guy's face that was It reminded me of the botched Spanish fresco restoration.

But her success before the battle highlights my big issue with Henry – his lack of trust in anyone.

Lizzie: My lords! My lords! Do you know me?
Soldier #1: Of course, My Grace. You are the Queen of England.
Lizzie: Then listen to your Queen when I command you. England is invaded by a pretender and the Scots! Since when have Englishmen feared Gaels and Celts and run from warfare with their tails between their legs?
Soldier #2: They say he is the true king, Richard of York!
Lizzie: If he were Richard, he would be my brother and I would tell you so myself! But he is here to kill your kin and rob England of what was never his! If you fear God, then you will honor your true king, Henry Tudor! And if you will not do it for your King, then do it for me! The daughter of Edward IV and Queen Elizabeth Woodville, who has just passed from this life into God's hands.

I'm not saying that his issues with paranoia aren't based in reality, but at this point Lizzie's been on his side for eight years and he's still questioning her loyalty.

The whole point of massaging the rape scene from the book into defiant consent in The White Princess Season 1 Episode 1 was that modern feminist viewers could learn to love him. His constant whining about not having the love of the people and doubt of his wife are big turnoffs. 

Henry: If the man who won the field at Bosworth could betray me, then...
Lizzie: The rest are loyal.
Henry: Are they? Are you?

Coming in for a close second place was meeting Queen Isabella. Man oh man, I want more of her. Maybe that should be Emma Frost's next project, a bio-show about the badass warrior queen who funded Christopher Columbus and instituted the Inquisition.

One of the notable things about that scene is that Isabella is the one clearly in charge. Even her husband defers to her. She may be the strongest woman that we've met yet.

But her demands are definitely going to cause some problems. Even if she doesn't show it to Henry, the news that The Boy was previously known as Perkin Warbuck, the alias arranged for Richard, shakes her. And she may have given up on freeing Teddy, but that's a far cry from arranging his execution.

Two Queens - The White Princess Season 1 Episode 6

There was one small thing that I really enjoyed about "English Blood on English Soil" which wasn't a main plot point or an event meant to develop a character. It wasn't a particularly beautiful shot, or amazing choice of music.

It's no big spoiler (to us) that little Harry is going to grow up to be king. And not just any king, but probably the best known king of England. But within the context of the show, he is most assuredly "the spare," loved by his family, but an afterthought when it comes to plots and intrigues.

With the knowledge of what's coming for the Tudor family, Lady Margaret's comments to a bored child absolutely ticked me.

Once again, I couldn't help pondering what she would think of her grandson's eventual path – but also, within this interpretation, how much influence she had on him.

You are the second son. While your brother will be king, you may be pope. And answer only to the Lord, your God.

Lady Margaret [to Prince Henry]

The kid cast as little Harry is only imperfect because he's not a ginger. In fact, he's so dark it leaves me a little puzzled.

Not as much as by the complete ignoring of Princess Margaret when the Tudors go to Spain, but I hate when little details aren't attended to.

Speaking of children, we only got a glimpse of Princess Catalina, and I was bowled over. Her dance routine didn't reveal much about her character, but I'm pretty sure I couldn't do a routine like that at seven or eight. Or now.

The "backup dancers" of the court were also very good, even if they did make me giggle.

Can you imagine being some very wealthy Spanish noble, with lands and people depending on your care, and you have to dedicate two or three hours a day to learn a dance routine like that?

Flashmob - The White Princess Season 1 Episode 6

Now that The Boy is in Tudor hands, Lizzie will finally have to make a decision about her loyalties. On The White Princess Season 1 Episode 7 ("Two Kings"), his close proximity will have her questioning everything she's believed about her brother's fate.

It doesn't help matters that the beautiful Cathy Gordon is lured out of sanctuary by the opportunity to help her husband.

Lizzie's finally going to understand some of the turmoil her mother faced in marriage. 

You can watch The White Princess online, and join in the conversation in our comments section! What was your favorite scene of "English Blood on English Soil?"

Are you starting to believe The Boy may be Richard like Lizzie, or do you relate to the doubt creeping into Duchess Cecily's heart? 

English Blood on English Soil Review

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The White Princess Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Henry: If the man who won the field at Bosworth could betray me, then...
Lizzie: The rest are loyal.
Henry: Are they? Are you?

You are the second son. While your brother will be king, you may be pope. And answer only to the Lord, your God.

Lady Margaret [to Prince Henry]