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Lord Stanley's brother is executed, and Henry receives word that The Boy is gaining support in Europe. His paranoia starts to kick in again, and he doubts Lizzie's loyalty to him. It doesn't help matters when she reveals the secret of hiding Richard from the Tower and keeping him safe until Bosworth. She insists that her brother is dead though. Henry insists on finding out who The Boy really is so that he can reveal to Scotland and his other allies that he is a nobdy. Lizzie is shaken when Henry receives word that The Boy is "really" Perkin Warbeck, son of a Flemish boatmaker, since that is the identity Elizabeth told Richard to take. Just as she begins to doubt Richard's death, Duchess Cecily begins to doubt The Boy's identity. After The Boy marries Catherine Gordon with all of Europe except Spain in attendance, Lizzie changes her position on Arthur's engagement and insists that she and Henry travel to Spain. Much to Maggie's dismay, Pole is left as Arthur's guardian which necessitates their staying at court. Little Harry is sent on pilgrimage with Lady Margaret, who is attempting to please God so that she might hear his voice again. In Spain, the Tudors are given a demonstration of Catalina's dancing skills before they speak to Ferdinand and Isabella. Isabella clearly wears the pants in the relationship, at least when it comes to marrying off her daughters. She insists on speaking Spanish, but Henry doesn't speak the language. Everyone is surprised to find out that Lizzie has learnt in the expectation of Catalina becoming a member of the English court. Isabella does not mince words; she will not agree to a marriage between the children until England has dealt with The Boy...and with Teddy. Before the Tudors arrive back in England, The Boy has launched an invasion from Scotland, necessitating Lady M and Harry to take refuge at an abbey. As thanks for riding out to warn them, Lady Margaret endows a library at the library. Henry takes to the battlefield upon his arrival, only to find that The Boy has abandoned the field. It turns out that he only retreated because Cathy was giving birth to their son. The Boy comes back to England once more, sending Cathy and the baby to take sanctuary at an Abbey. Henry's men start to desert him, leaving him with only mercenaries. Lizzie shows up after visiting Elizabeth on her deathbed and rallies the men back to the cause. In the battle, The Boy disappears. It turns out that he has also taken sanctuary -- at the very abbey that sheltered Lady M and Prince Harry. Lady Margaret goes to the abbey and insists they release The Boy to her, citing her recent generous donation. 

The White Princess
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The White Princess Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Henry: If the man who won the field at Bosworth could betray me, then...
Lizzie: The rest are loyal.
Henry: Are they? Are you?

You are the second son. While your brother will be king, you may be pope. And answer only to the Lord, your God.

Lady Margaret [to Prince Henry]