Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Forgive Us Our Trespasses

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Welcome to the family.

It looked like J was going to cause a major hiccup during the church heist on Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 5, but it was Craig who may be the one bringing trouble.

That was one intense hour. Did anyone else think everyone wasn't going to get out of the church in time?

Deran In Trouble? - Animal Kingdom

J found himself in a precarious position when he got caught on a piece of metal, but leave it to Baz to save the day.

The only way for J to get out of the air ducts was for Baz to pull him hard, ripping his leg wide open. I could feel J's pain, but they had no choice. They had to finish the job and get out of there.

There were so many other moments where it could have all gone wrong, but the Codys are a skilled bunch, and they were able to pull off the job successfully.

Craig opting out of the job is going to be a problem. Even though he tried to join the fun later, all he did was cause problems.

The security guard saw him racing out of the church parking lot and things could have gone downhill really fast if the guard went out to investigate.

That should have been the end of it, but Craig couldn't contain his anger and he was drunk and high and now the cops are on top of him for crashing into a beach party.

He's lucky he didn't kill anyone in the process, but he's got himself in a mess, and it's going to spell trouble for everyone else.

Deran was right when he said Craig needed to grow up. Even Nicky called him out on it. Craig was cocky though, thinking that J wasn't going to be able to handle the job. 

He was wrong. 

J handled himself quite well during the job, even suffering through getting his messed up leg stapled shut by Baz. Ouch. 

It's hard to believe that none of them have any guilt about stealing from a church. Pope seemed like he might have had a twinge considering he is getting hot and heavy with Amy but even that didn't stop him from doing what he needed to do.

It was hilarious watching Baz pretend to be getting into the church singing. He could barely contain his eye rolling. He's so good at pulling off heists; why can't he put the same effort into being a good dad? 

Praise Baz - Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 5

Speaking of that, where was Lena during all this? 

Smurf wasn't around because she was busy getting kidnapped by Javier. It almost looked like she was done for, but Smurf has luck. Javier should have just put a bullet in her head rather than ask for money. 

If Smurf gives him the money he asked for, it's never going to be enough. He's going to keep asking for more and more and more. 

The best bet for him is to hand over the tapes to the cops, but why didn't Smurf demand the tapes once she gives him the money?

She has been acting very weird lately.

Craig the Fool - Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 5

Did anyone else catch how cozy she got with J at the shooting range? She's moving in for the kill with J, and he needs to listen to his uncles and watch out.

Taking J's gun at the end was strange too, though it could be that she's feeling so much pressure from this Javier/Manny situation that she's just going to go off and start shooting people.

Or she's just trying to get into J's head. Why take his gun from the dresser? 

She's more than pissed about no one picking up their phone when she was stuck in the middle of nowhere but didn't Smurf know the job was going down?

Smurf is messed up. She has nothing to do. She's about to crack, and J is the one who's going to feel the full brunt of her breakdown.

What did you think of "Forgive us Our Trespasses"? Will Pope break up with Amy? Is Smurf flipping out? What's going to happen to Craig?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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Forgive Us Our Tresspasses Review

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