Pretty Little Liars Round Table: The Mother of all Sacrifices

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Mary Drake is actually a great mother. 

That much was revealed on Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 19 when Spencer's mother handed over the Lost Woods Resort and admitted to Archer's murder. 

TV Fanatics Jay Ruymann and Yana Grebenyuk are joined by super fan, Meaghan Frey. Read below as they discuss the big Charlotte reveal, Mary's confession and all things Mona. 

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of Charlotte's death?

Jay: It was disappointing, honestly. The only part that shocked me was how it all went down, like Mona killing Charlotte accidentally while trying to save herself, but everyone predicted it was Mona from the moment we knew she was dead.

Meaghan: Like Jay said it was predictable. Even if there was ever a doubt that it was Mona, that doubt was squashed by the promos. They pretty much gave the entire thing away.

Despite it being predictable, I am happy it was her and even happier that it was accidental and not because of her stealing the game. The fact that she went there to protect and defend the girls and that she was going to let Charlotte live, shows how far she has come.

Yana: I agree with Jay. What was shocking though was the fact that they released promo pictures that confirmed it was Mona before the episode even aired? I also loved Mona lately, so I didn't like that they saddled her with this death when she was doing so well. 

It's Bad - Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 18

Were you fooled into thinking Charlotte was reformed?

Jay: Not at all. I thought it could’ve been possible at first, like the first episode of the flash-forward, but as soon as they started investigating, it was evident Charlotte never took any of her treatment seriously. She would’ve stepped right back into the role of -A, so in a way, Mona saved all of these girls by killing Charlotte.

Meaghan: Not necessarily fooled into thinking she had reformed but definitely didn't think she was planning on picking up the A game where she left off. Guess some people never learn.

Yana: Was I meant to be fooled? Charlotte was never going to change, and I thought only Alison was fooled into thinking she had.

Spencer Has the Key - Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 19

Were you shocked by Mary confessing to murder?

Jay: Not particularly. I knew someone would have to confess to save the girls, because obviously, they weren’t going to jail, and Mary was the only one likely to do that for Spencer. Hell, she did it for Alison, too.

Despite her feelings about Jessica, that was her niece’s mother, and Mary has always cared about family more than anything. Poor Mary. She went from being locked up in Radley by her sister to locked up in prison for a crime her daughter committed. She’s had such a hard life, and she’s never going to be free.

Meaghan: Actually yes. I didn't see that one coming. I really only think she did it out of guilt though. The fact that she knew where the body was buried proves that she was working with AD.

As I think AD is Spencer's twin and Mary knows this, she is in a tough position. She can't turn the twin in and hurt her, so the only way she could protect Spencer was to take the fall herself.

Yana: It made sense when you think about how much we saw of Mary and of Mary/Spencer this season. But Meaghan actually has a great point about us finding out that Mary did this not only for Spencer but for the twin.

This seemed to be very clear cut, but if Spencer does have a twin, then that needs to be factored in, especially considering the choices Mary would have to make to keep her safe.

Is Mona a Killer? - Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 19

What are your thoughts on Mona at this stage?

Jay: Poor Mona. “You needed me. You don’t know what that felt like.” I don’t want anyone to say Mona doesn’t love Hanna because it’s clear she does; I think she may even love all of the girls (except Alison, but that’s questionable).

Mona confronted Charlotte to threaten her about taking up the game again because she was trying to protect the girls. 

Charlotte saying, “They will never love you,” was heartbreaking because Mona has tried so hard to make up for being A and tried to make it up to them in so many ways. Hanna’s never forgiven Mona for being A, even though she was suffering from her mental illness.

Meaghan: Poor crazy Mona. I think she has finally proven her loyalty to the girls. Too bad she lost her sanity along the way. Maybe now the girls can find it in their hearts to forgive her. 

Yana: I hate that it had to come to this. Hanna truly believed that Mona was on their side, and she was. If only the other girls would trust Hanna when it came to people like Lucas and Mona.

As much shady stuff as they have done, they are working to do better, and it is because of their love for Hanna. Mona especially was always trying to help them out to prove that she changed. I wish it didn't have to end with her murdering Charlotte though. 

Gearing Up For Confrontation - Pretty Little Liars

Make one final case for who you think is A.D. and why. 

Jay: I have to say Spencer’s twin. The preview for the series finale shows Mary stabbing and/or drugging Spencer, and I think it’s Spencer’s twin that Mary is attacking. She’d obviously know her daughter(s), and she’d know whether one of them was pretending to be the other.

Also, it just makes sense at this point considering everything we know, and also the trailer seemed very Spencer-heavy. Maybe that’s because there’s two “Spencers”?

Meaghan: Spencer's twin. No doubt in my mind. I wrote my theory on Spencer's twin three years ago, and nothing was going to change my mind. Add in the fact that there haven't been any clues this season, that haven't proven to be red herrings, to it being anyone other than her twin.

I noticed the same thing about the promo Jay. Very Spencer-centric. The fact that AD reveals themselves to Mona and then we see Mona attacking Spencer, is probably the biggest clue to me from the promo.

Yana: Spencer's twin. It's the only piece of the puzzle that we know about that hasn't surfaced so it makes sense that if they needed to wrap things up, they would devote all their time to explaining this twin thing. And of course, the clues that keep popping up this season like warnings. I do wish Wren was somehow involved though. 

Over to you, Pretty Little Liars Fanatics. 

What do you think of all the twists?

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