Queen Sugar Round Table: Advice For the Bordelons

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Charley was still entangled with Davis both personally and professionally, while Micah suffered the consequences. Nova tried to deal with a messy breakup, and Ralph Angel struggled to gain respect from everyone in the family on Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 1.

Our TV Fanatics Jasmine Blu, Lee Jutton, and Christine Orlando debate whether Davis has the right to joint custody; if Ralph Angel should present the new will; and what advice they wish they could give the Bordelons after Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 2

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Talk about Charley forging Davis’ signature on the loan papers. How wrong was it and when will it come back to bite her?

Jasmine: Oh Charley, what are you doing?! It was totally wrong. I understood her impulse, but it was a big mistake. It's definitely one that's going to come back to her sooner rather than later. I can't always place how much of a jackass Davis is, so I don't know for sure just how much he would use her doing that to his advantage.

Lee: For someone so smart, this was a really stupid move. Davis has shown us several times that he has very few qualms about being a jerk to Charley, so I'm sure he would use this to his advantage in some despicable way. 

Christine: Oh, this isn’t going to be pretty. At best, she just handed Davis a part of her mill, and at worst, he could file charges against her. Charley’s control issues are just out of control.

On The Side Of The Road - Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 1

Do you think Ralph Angel should show his sisters the new will?

Jasmine: I think so. I would rather he get it out of the way sooner because the tension between him and Charley is so thick it can be cut with a knife. I would rather they resolve their issues, and part of doing that is the sisters knowing the truth before feelings truly get hurt.

Lee: Yes. Too many secrets! Just get everything out in the open. The last thing the Bordelons need is more conflict between the siblings, and the longer this is kept a secret, the more of a disaster it will be when it is finally revealed. 

Christine: This is going to be a mess no matter what, but yes, he needs to tell his sisters. With all of the money Charley has invested, she and Ralph Angel will have to be partners no matter what, but maybe they’ll act more like partners if she knows the truth. 

Who was right about tipping the waiter, Ralph Angel or Darla?

Jasmine: Tipping has become quite the controversial issue. I understood where both of them were coming from. Etiquette and American social norms dictate that Ralph Angel should tip the server even if he didn't like the service.

He could have tipped on the lower side and explained why, so the server could understand what he needed to work on. Although, I wasn't under the impression that the service was bad. Ralph Angel just didn't care for the doll issue, which, while irritating, was minor.

Lee: Eh, I think tipping is important, but I also think the tip should reflect your experience with the server. You shouldn't not tip at all, but if you feel you received bad service or you didn't enjoy your experience, the tip should reflect that. So, I think Jasmine's point is a good one.

He should have just tipped on the lower side and said why. 

Christine: I can understand why Ralph Angel was upset. The waiter insulted his kid. That’s not a good way to garner a tip. It might be petty, but I’m not sure I’d tip after that either. 

Should Davis be allowed joint custody of Micah?

Jasmine: Absolutely. I don't care for Davis, and I hate their entire marriage/divorce situation, but that should have nothing to do with Micah. Micah is old enough to decide, and if that is something he wants, especially now, why shouldn't Davis have joint custody? Especially with Davis relocating to NOLA. 

Lee: Yeah, Davis sucks as a husband, but he does love Micah. If he wants to be a part of Micah's life, and Micah is willing to let him, then he should be able to have joint custody.

Christine: Davis is a lousy husband, but he has the right to be Micah’s father. Far too many kids don’t have fathers in their lives. Micah and Davis deserve to have their own relationship, no matter what goes on between Davis and Charley. 

If you could give one short piece of advice to each of the siblings, what would it be?

Jasmine: I want Charley to learn to let go. She has some serious control issues, and her focus is always on the wrong things. I would advise Nova to face her demons or herself, despite being the free-spirit, the way she throws herself into many of her activities reminds me of someone who is... lost. 

Ralph Angel needs to be more open. I love that he lets Blue be himself (regarding the doll), but he's so closed off when it comes to his own past with crime and the police. He never wants anything to do with Nova's activism, and he didn't even use his experience to connect with Micah.

Also, his resistance to Darla's support group and addiction was close minded too.

Blue Shows Off the Chicks - Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 2

Lee: I agree with Jasmine that Ralph Angel definitely needs to be more open. I had a big problem with how he reacted to Darla's support group and addiction. He seems to exist in his own little bubble sometimes where he is always the victim, and everyone else is a villain, or at least someone whose problems pale in comparison to his. 

In my opinion, Nova still needs to focus more on the people close to her. She is always so focused on activism and the big picture and just seems to ignore things going on closer to home.

Charley needs to learn how to let loose and have some fun. The girl is focused, but sometimes that single-minded obsession hurts herself and others. 

Christine: Charley has such issues with control. She has to learn to trust someone else or at least give other people the chance to step up.

Ralph Angel is doing better, but he needs to not see every encounter as someone out to put him down. He’s earning people’s respect, and he just needs to continue doing that, while being able to accept other’s advice. 

Nova’s personal life always takes a back seat. It’s great that she wants to save the world, but maybe she needs to focus on her own happiness. 

What, if anything, disappointed you on Queen Sugar Season 2?

Jasmine: Honestly, I would have to nitpick to find something. I'll go with the lack of a Calvin mention. Nova's parade of similar looking men as bed partners implied that things were over with them, but she's not over it. I was surprised that he wasn't her first police contact. I thought it was odd and disappointing.

Lee: Yeah, I agree that glossing over the Calvin thing was a bit weird, but I guess we'll have to wait and see where the story takes us. Apart from a few specific personal actions, like Charley forging the signature and Ralph Angel's reaction to Darla's support group, I wasn't disappointed with the return of Queen Sugar. 

Christine: It’s hard to be disappointed in two hours of great TV, but watching Charley and Davis rip into one another the moment they got Micah out of jail was disappointing. They should have been focused on their son instead of who was to blame. Thankfully, Micah had Aunt Nova there to worry about him. 

Nova Is All Smiles - Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 1

What was your favorite quote or scene from these episodes?

Jasmine: Every second of Nova and Micah. Nova has a way of getting through to him when no one else can. In particular, I loved when she gave him her sweater to cover his soiled pants and let him know it was OK that he was afraid at the same time.

All the while his parents were arguing in the background. It was just such a quiet but powerful scene to me. I'm still emotional about all things Micah, at the moment. 

Lee: I really enjoyed Aunt Vi and Hollywood's brief phone call when Micah was missing. I just love these two together. It's the only romance on this show I have ever really believed in. 

Christine: I loved how Darla spoke up for herself with Ralph Angel when it came to managing her addiction. So many people don’t understand what it means to be an addict, and I thought Darla was incredibly smart and strong in the way she handled herself and their relationship. 

Also, I just could have hugged Remy in every scene. He’s a hard man not to love. 

Check back in on Wednesday for our review of Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 3.

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Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Remy: You two are still together as far as the world knows.
Charley: Not for long. Our lawyers are working on terms right now.
Remy: And once it's safe for you to be seen drinking with another man, then we can toast to that, but from now on...for now, I think it's best for both of us if we just keep things professional.

I guess I should be used to people thinking there's no me without Davis.