Finding His Footing - Queen Sugar
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Charley has trouble getting a loan to improve the mill if Davis isn’t a part of it. Remy wants he and Charley to keep their relationship professional until her divorce is final. 

Violet is training women from the halfway house to work at the High Yellow because Ralph Angel taught her everyone deserves s second chance. She’s upset because Hollywood isn’t picking up her phone calls. 

Nova and Calvin have broken up and she’s sleeping with random men who all look like Calvin. Nova, Charley and Violet got to a club for a girls night out. Charley sees Davis there with another woman. She chastises him for being out in public while they’re trying to control the press on their divorce. Violet, who has had too much to drink, gets in Davis’ face and he has her kicked out of the club.

Davis gives Micah an expensive car for his 16th birthday, but Micah sees it as more of a bribe. While driving to his birthday dinner, Micah gets pulled over. When he can’t produce his license and reaches for his cell phone too quickly, the police officer pulls his gun and arrests Micah. 

Micah is terrified in lock up where he’s told there are 400 people in front of him to make a phone call. After hours of searching, Nova finds out that Micah has been arrested and she, Charley and Davis rush to the precinct. The police don’t help until they recognize Davis. Afterwards, Charley and Davis argue, while Nova tries to comfort Micah who literally peed himself while in jail. 

Hollywood eventually picks up when Violet calls. She tells him that they ended all wrong and she’s sorry for it. 

Ralph Angel hasn’t told his sisters about the new version of his father’s will because he’s afraid they’ll try and take the farm from him. Darla encourages him to give them a chance but Charley only chastises him when he gets their father’s old tractor fixed instead of buying a new one.

Carla goes to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. She later tells Ralph Angel that they need to slow things down and learn how to stand on their own before they can really be together. 

Charley signs Davis’ name to the loan papers for the improvements to the mill without talking to him about the venture. 




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Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Remy: You two are still together as far as the world knows.
Charley: Not for long. Our lawyers are working on terms right now.
Remy: And once it's safe for you to be seen drinking with another man, then we can toast to that, but from now on...for now, I think it's best for both of us if we just keep things professional.

I guess I should be used to people thinking there's no me without Davis.