Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 2 Review: To Usward

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The Bordelon siblings continued to be so absorbed in their own troubles that they failed to be there for one another on Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 2, and at times, it hurt to watch.

These three could be a force to be reckoned with if they could only pull together as a team, but they still haven’t found their way. 

Oddly enough, Nova, who seemed to be the most self absorbed in Queen Sugar season 1, was the most interested in helping her family, even as she focused on her community fundraiser. 

Comminuty Fundraiser - Queen Sugar

Nova offered to be there for Charley during her divorce mediation, acknowledged how hard Ralph Angel has been working to make the farm a success, and reached out to Micah as he struggled in the aftermath of his arrest.

And she managed to hold one heck of a community fundraiser. 

We're here for those whose voices cannot be heard tonight. Men and women locked up for no other reason than because they're poor and black. These brothers and sisters find themselves caught up in a system meant to destroy them. Falling into an abyss that has swallowed up too many of our people for too long.


Can you imagine being stuck behind bars for months because you are unable to come up with a few hundred dollars? 

For some it may seem incomprehensible, while for others it’s a reality that has changed or ruined their lives. It’s frightening to think that those with so little are living on the razor’s edge of having even that taken away. 

Given his history, I was hoping that Ralph Angel would show up to support his sister’s cause, but he’s so focused on the farm, Darla, and Blue, there isn’t room for anything else. 

But Ralph Angel blowing off Nova wasn’t nearly as sad as the tension between he and Charley. These two can’t seem to have a conversation without it turning adversarial, although I think that’s mostly due to Charley’s need for constant control.

Charley has lost so much control in both her personal and professional life that she holds onto it with Ralph Angel and the farm with a vice-like grip. At some point, their relationship has to change or it will break. 

Ralph Angel turned to Remy, who as always gave him sage advice with one of my favorite Queen Sugar quotes

Whatever's happening or not happening between me and your sister, that's not going to change the love I've got for your daddy, for your family, and that land.


Remy Newell is a good man and he’s good for all of the Bordelons, not just Charley. 

But it sounded like Ralph Angel was still going to need Charley’s signature as his employer to get that micro-loan, leaving him under her thumb once again. 

The way they’re headed, it’s only a matter of time before he shows her a copy of that will. 

Ralph Angel asking Darla out on a real, proper date was sweet. He’s trying very hard to make their family work and I thought their struggle with different parenting styles was well handled. 

Blue Shows Off the Chicks - Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 2

I believe these two have a real future if they just keep working on everything together. 

Ralph Angel, you don't have to play a role for me. We are so beyond that. Right? Let's just be us, where we are. Honest with each other. Okay?


I also loved how Ralph Angel defended his son about the doll. Ralph Angel will have Blue’s back no matter what. 

Elsewhere, I really thought that the moment Hollywood returned home would be one of the happier ones on Queen Sugar Season 2, not that I’m not happy he’s home, but the feeling during that scene was more of relief. 

You could practically feel Violet’s heart stop as each person walked off that bus, and then feel it beat again when Hollywood finally emerged.

Let’s hope he’s home for good. 

And then there was Charley…

It was the day of her and Davis’ final divorce mediation, so it was bound to be emotional no matter what, but leave it to Davis to make it worse.

So this is what our 18 years comes down to, just ink and paper?


Ink, paper, your son, and a long history of hiring hookers. Hence, the divorce. 

I wasn’t as appalled as Charley over Davis asking for joint custody. He may be a lousy husband, and I may not like the man, but he is Micah’s father and deserves to be a part of his life. 

The bigger issue was how Davis handled it. He deliberately blindsided Charley in order to throw her off balance. It was low and sneaky and what she should expect from her soon to be ex. 

It makes me worry even more for Charley when Davis finds out she signed his name to those loan papers. For all the work she’s putting in to this mill, she could lose everything due to that one stroke of a pen. 

When Charley couldn’t get her mother on the phone…and I hope we get to meet her soon…she sought out Remy. 

Little did she know that it was the fourth anniversary of his wife’s death. 

You are the first woman that I've wanted to know since my wife, Charley, and I want to know everything, but before that can happen, you need to mourn the loss of your marriage. You need to push past the anger and allow yourself to grieve.


As usual, Remy was the voice of reason, even when he was the one hurting. 

Speaking of hurting, Micah was struggling worse than anyone. 

Micah’s been protected most of his life, as seen by the fact that he had no idea how to even ride a public bus. Ending up in jail, even for a few hours, threw him into an emotional tail spin and altered his reality. 

I don't know what those police said to you, or what they did, but we can talk about it. We can talk about anything.


So far, Nova seems to be the only one even coming close to reaching him, but where this boy goes from here is anyone’s guess.

Check back in on Friday for our Queen Sugar round table, and then next Wednesday for my review of Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 3. 

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To Usward Review

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Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

I don't know what's going on between the two of you at the moment, but I need for you to give her some grace today.


I don't know what those police said to you, or what they did, but we can talk about it. We can talk about anything.