Tremors Making Waves AGAIN with Pilot Order Starring Kevin Bacon at Syfy

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In 2015, Kevin Bacon was ready to return to the Tremors character he created in 1990.

Two years later, that pilot is being made by Syfy.

Of course, it's also 27 years, something like five movie sequels, and one 13-episode television series after the original, too. So, time's a wastin'!


You'd think after all this time, a successful Kevin Bacon game and, well, his equally successful career that a pilot wouldn't be necessary.

Especially since Jason Blum, one of the most successful horror producers out there is on board as part of the creative team with Blumhouse Television and Andrew Miller as showrunner.

Tremors Revival

But, we'll take what we can get, right? Pilot it is!

Also on board are Universal Cable Productions, Bacon and David Schiff will executive produce with Blumehouse.

Bacon let the news slip while at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, so the official release may have come a little early.

“This is the only character I've played that I've ever thought about revisiting. I just got to thinking, where would this guy end up after 25 years?” Bacon said in a Syfy release announcing the pilot pickup Monday.

"Andrew Miller has a fantastic take on it and we hope to create a show that will be fun and scary for fans of the movie and folks that have yet to discover it. Let's kick some Graboid ass!”

Syfy is in the midst of refreshing their brand and their commitment to sci-fi entertainment 24/7.

Not only do they have a new logo, but they are working harder than every to bring quality programming to the lovers of genre television.

Recent returns include Dark Matter and Wynnona Earp, and Killjoys returns to the schedule on June 30th. The Expanse is still on the schedule, and the well-received anthology series Channel Zero.

There is a Superman prequel Krypton on the way as well as Happy! which is an adaptation of a famed graphic novel.


This is Blum's second script for Universal Cable Productions. The first is Purge, which is in conjunction with USA Network and Syfy.

“We are so pleased to continue our partnership with Syfy and UCP in reviving this cult classic with none other than Kevin Bacon as Valentine McKee; we look forward to thrilling original fans and new audiences alike,” Blum said.

There has certainly been a lot of genre programming taking its leave lately, but a lot of programming is also making its way onto the small screen in due time.

What do you think about a Tremors reboot with Kevin Bacon back in his original role, something he stayed away from until the time was right? 

This is a big get for Syfy, and unless the pilot falls apart, it seems like we should be watching this sooner rather than later. 

Share your thoughts on this one in the comments!!

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