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Teresa is one of the most amazing characters on all of TV. 

That was solidified on Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 4 when she was tasked with hunting down a DEA mole and, yes, it involved a side dose of murder. 

How did it all play out, you ask?

Teresa was worried because of the way some of her friendships were going because anything she does could quickly turn into her death sentence. 

It was rather crazy. 

Use the video above to watch Queen of the South online to see what we're talking about. You will not be disappointed. 

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Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Epifanio's a bastard but he's still Isabela's father. If something would happen to him, Isabela would be devastated.


Epifanio: The people who did this are rabid dogs. They are going to be killed that way.
Cortez: And if I'm right, if it was Camila?
Epiranio: Then she'll meet the same fate.