Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 4 Review: El Beso De Judas

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Teresa continued to walk a tight rope on Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 4, as Guero being alive put her in even more danger.

I wasn’t surprised that Pote figured it out. He already knew Teresa was hiding something. He’s protective of Teresa but not to the point of risking his life or going to prison for her. 

Her Greatest Challenge - Queen of the South

But James was willing to risk his life for Teresa.

Was it because he felt he owed her for coming back for him after the militia captured him, or is her starting to have feelings for his partner in crime?

Either way, it made me wonder what decision Teresa would make if she had to choose between James and Guero because as far as I’m concerned, James wins, hands down.

I don’t trust Guero. Yes, he managed to break free of the DEA and help Teresa, but that was as much about circumstances as anything else. I’m not convinced that he wouldn’t have let her get hauled off to prison and cut his own deal if the chips fell that way. 

Camila: I have one question for you, Teresa. Did you know he was alive?
Teresa: No.
Camila: Then we only have one hole to dig.

For Camila, there is no gray area when it comes to loyalty. She’d be dead already if she allowed it. 

Now Teresa has to hope that Guero will keep his mouth shut about contacting her, and once again, I’m not sure I trust him. Not that I think he’d purposefully look to hurt Teresa, but as with his dealings with the DEA, I think he’d look to save himself first. 

But Teresa wasn’t the only one with her life on the line. Colonel Cortez handily took down the assassination attempt on Epifanio, but they certainly got close enough to leave the governor shaken. 

Epifanio: The people who did this are rabid dogs. They are going to be killed that way.
Cortez: And if I'm right, if it was Camila?
Epiranio: Then she'll meet the same fate.

Isabela Takes Daddy's Side - Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 4

Camila and Epifanio have just enough love for one another and their daughter not to try and actually kill each other. They might tear one another to pieces, and destroy one another’s businesses, but neither wants their daughter to lose a parent.

However, Isabela could use a good dose of reality. The teenager is beyond naive, of course, her father works hard to keep her that way. 

It will be interesting to see what Isabela does when she realizes that neither of her parents is a saint, as a matter of fact, they are both far from it.

Will she just accept the family business, or make a run for it, and if it’s the latter, can Daddy’s little princess even survive on her own?

But that’s a story for the future. Right now, Epifanio and Camila are still doing their dance with this Queen of the South quote

Camila and Epifanio Dance - Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 4

Epifanio: I have something to ask you, but I needed to look you in the eyes.
Camila: I didn't order the assassination attempt. I know you think it was me.
Epifanio: Colonel Cortez thinks otherwise.
Camila: Colonel Cortez. I can smell his ambition from here.
Epifanio: Perhaps you're right, still, I know you blew up my tunnel.
Camila: Yes I did, but an assassination attempt, that wasn't me.
Epifanio: You know, I miss this.
Camila: You were always good on your feet.
Epifanio: You used to think that I was good off of them too.
Camila: All I know is that we never had a problem in either area.
Epifanio: Perhaps that's because I always allowed you to lead.
Camila: Perhaps. What happens when the music ends?

My guess is that the dance doesn’t end until one of them is dead. it’s a complete toss-up as to who goes first. 

I loved that Camila immediately saw the danger that Colonel Cortez poses to Epifanio. The man can’t be trusted beyond what will help his own self-interest.

Cortez is simply forging his own path to power. Eventually, that path may end up with a bullet to the back of the head for Epifanio, the same way it did for Manual. 

Epifanio: The Jiminez cartel will cease to exist. You and your people will work for me.
Manuel: No. No, I'll never agree to that. I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

At the moment, Epifanio’s weakness is that the people closest to him aren’t necessarily loyal to him, whereas James and Pote would die to protect Camila. Teresa would fight to protect Camila. 

The Colonel has no loyalty to Epifanio or anyone else and is making moves behind Epifanio’s back and practically mocking him to his face when he’s called on it. 

Colonel Cortez Plays For Power - Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 4

Epifanio: A man who kills his own brother is a Judas.
Colonel Cortez: Yes, but he's our Judas.

Boaz is out of control. If anyone should have gotten shot, it was him. 

Will Camila keep Guero alive? How many questions will Teresa have to answer in order to keep Camila and James’ trust? And how long before the relationship between Epifanio and Colonel Cortez deteriorates further?

Check back July 5 for my review of Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 5.

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El Beso De Judas Review

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Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Epifanio's a bastard but he's still Isabela's father. If something would happen to him, Isabela would be devastated.


Epifanio: The people who did this are rabid dogs. They are going to be killed that way.
Cortez: And if I'm right, if it was Camila?
Epiranio: Then she'll meet the same fate.