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Someone sends a hit squad to kill Epifanio, but Colonel Cortez stops them.

Camila’s informant in the Sheriff’s department tells her the DEA has an informant in her operation. She orders James and Teresa to find the rat and kill it. Pote follows Teresa and thinks she’s the rat. She tells him about Guero but he leaves it to Teresa to tell Camila. 

The Sheriff’s officer is dating one of the DEA agents. James plans to torture her for the name of the informant and then kill her. Teresa manages to send the agent a text message and she turns back before entering the house. 

Guero goes back to the DEA. Another informant tells them that Camila is having a shipment arriving in Galveston. When James, Teresa and the crew go to pick it up, the DEA descends on them. Teresa sees Guero in one of the DEA vehicles. 

James risks his life to save Teresa, but it’s Guero who breaks free of the DEA agent and saves them all. Agent Finnerman is killed. James takes Guero to Camila who plans to kill him, but he claims to be able to set her up for a new supplier in Bolivia. Camila asks Teresa if she knew Guero was alive, she lies and says she didn’t.

Despite the danger, Camila goes to Mexico to attend Manuel’s godson’s wedding. Manuel’s brother, Boaz, calls Epifanio who shows up with his soldiers. She assures him she didn’t order the assassination attempt  on his life and the two dance. Epifanio lets Camila leave without a fight, but their war goes on. Camila sees Isabela at the wedding. Isabela swears that her father is no longer a part of the cartel and she doesn’t want to be a part of her mother’s life. Camila tells her that someday, she’ll realize how she’s betrayed her. 

Later, Epifanio tells Manuel that he works for him now. Manuel refuses to comply and his brother kills him. Turns out Colonel Cortez promised Boaz the business behind Epifanio’s back. Epifanio is furious. 


At the wedding, the band plays a song inspired by Epifanio, calling the new governor the biggest drug trafficker in Mexico. On the way home, Isabela is upset to hear the song on the radio. Colonel Cortez kills the people playing the song. 

Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Epifanio's a bastard but he's still Isabela's father. If something would happen to him, Isabela would be devastated.


Epifanio: The people who did this are rabid dogs. They are going to be killed that way.
Cortez: And if I'm right, if it was Camila?
Epiranio: Then she'll meet the same fate.