Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Shed Your Skin

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Willa is back...maybe.

On Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 2, while investigating a demon infestation, Wynonna became convinced she was being haunted by Willa.  

She might have been right on the money as there was something following her around, but could it really have been Willa?

Spider Creatures - Wynonna Earp

Whatever those ugly black spirit things were, they didn't look very friendly. While we thought there was only one, it looks there's a pair of them.

So who's hanging with Willa? If it is Willa?

Wynonna is convinced Willa is haunting her, but it just may the residue of guilt that Wynonna is feeling.

But what could those black things be?

What if they're not there for Wynonna but for Waverly instead? 

What if they're trying to connect with one of their own? 

We still don't know the full effects the goo Waverly touched. There's definitely something dark floating inside her.

Each day it gets weirder and weirder in Waverly's world. 

Nasty Spider Egg - Wynonna Earp

Did anyone really expect her to dig into that spider like it was a bucket of fried chicken?

Things are looking worse for Waverly. She's doing a good job hiding her dark impulses right now, but someone is going to catch her.

Does she even know she got something evil flowing through her veins or does the Waverly we know just shut off when the other side takes over?

It's nice to think that Waverly knows something strange is going on, but if she did wouldn't she go to Wynonna or at the least Nicole and shed her burden?

That's why it seems that she doesn't really know what's happening to her. 

Maybe she's hypnotized when the darkness takes over and that's why her doing weird things like controlling Soul Devourers and eating spiders isn't completely freaking her out.

Waverly just doesn't know what's happening.

She keeps saying she feels different. Even Nicole has mentioned it a few times, but how long before someone actually sees what's going on? 

It can't stay hidden for that much longer. 

There's a strong possibility that Nicole might walk in on Waverly feasting on demon spider guts next hour. What a shocker that will be.

Certainly not the after effect Nicole would expect after a long-overdue lovemaking session.

Wayhaught Level - WEARP

Yep. Wayhaught finally got it on this hour. It was a relief that Nicole let her anger and disappointment subside. We knew it couldn't last that long anyway. Her feelings for Waverly are way too strong. 

She was a little frigid at the top of the hour but by hour's end, her heart had opened up again.

True love is true love, and it can't be denied.

Wynonna was still in a rut most of the hour. Her guilt over Willa and Dolls is still consuming her. But fighting demon spider sort of took her mind off it...at least for a little while.

How great was that Sister Power scene with Wynonna and Waverly destroying a nest full of demon spider eggs? It made Wynonna day knowing that she still had it in her even as gross as it was.

Having Waverly at her side made her feel so much better.

Doc didn't do much to help Wynonna feel better. He was off in his own little world trying to buy Shorty's and making deals with Lucado.

There's something up with Doc again. How Rosita fits in is anyone's guess, but whatever they're up to better not hurt Wynonna. 

She doesn't need anything else messing with her mind.

Sassy Sisters - Wynonna Earp

We got a little taste of Jeremy and his role with the team. What a hoot! How adorable is it that he's got a major crush on Doc? Who doesn't, right?

Will there be a little Jeremy and Doc action later in the season? That'll make things much more interesting, but how would it affect Wynonna? 

Anything that might unnecessarily hurt Wynonna needs not to happen. She doesn't need to be crushed anymore than she already is. 

Still, it would be tantalizing to see Doc travel down that road.

What did you think of  "Shed Your Skin"? Does Waverly even know there's darkness in her? Will someone catch her eating the spider? What's going on with Doc? 

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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Shed Your Skin Review

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Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

You are the Earp-iest Earp of them all.

Nicole [to Waverly]

This may be a shit show, but it's our shit show.