Zoo Season 3 Episode 1 Review: No Place Like Home

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Were you able to pick up on the clues Zoo was throwing down?

If you missed the first hint that Clementine didn't come in the form of Gracie Dzienny (Chasing Life) on Zoo Season 3 Episode 1, there were a lot of follow-up clues to help out.

Abraham first brought her changing looks to our attention (not that we'd know), and then the IADG she was so down on treated Mitch awfully well, with the final clue (that I saw) being Jamie making another note about her looking different. Or...

Jackson Being Heroic - Zoo Season 3 Episode 1


Right? We haven't seen Clementine for ten years. Neither have any of the others. While it would be nice to think Mitch would recognize his daughter, the guy was in a stasis tank for goodness sake. 

The reality of the situation is either one of the blonde gals could be an identity thief.

Clementine Needs Help - Zoo Season 3 Episode 1

I've had a girl crush on Dzienny since she played Greer on Chasing Life, though, so my hope is she's got her pulse on the trigger of the IADG being up to some wrongdoing and that they've pulled in their own Clementine ringer.

After all, have any of you ever seen a show in which perennial Canadian baddie Stephen Lobo (Continuum) played a good guy? That dude doesn't even get cast as a good guy on Hallmark movies. 

He's a good looking guy and plays roles with humor and grace, but he always has something up his sleeve. As nice as he was to the tankified Mitch, we have to believe he's the opposite of good.

Mitch in Stasis - Zoo Season 3 Episode 1

Still, the preview makes it seem as if Clementine and the IADG want Mitch to help them put an end to the hybrids.

That's the desire of all, isn't it? Jackson and his Sarah Carter lookalike girlfriend, Tessa, are stopping hybrids. They're doing it even while using a couple of lion hybrids to help them on their adventure.

Remember when Jackson was a hybrid? I miss those days. If he was a hybrid, he could probably talk to other hybrids.

But those lions were super cool, and he talks to them with both a flip of his hand and a flip of a switch.

Awesome Friendly Hybrid - Zoo Season 3 Episode 1

Jackson obviously has a relationship with Pedro and Sampson because, in addition to the button on his flashlight thing that must send a signal to his pals, he also uses hand signals. 

Nothing is that easy, though, and no animal would attack so simply. I'm going to assume the lions have a deeper relationship with our own Oz.

Pedro and Sampson Fight Valiantly - Zoo Season 3 Episode 1

Jackson has made the most out of his Falling-Skies like life battling hybrids and securing the Pacific Zone. 

I don't recall the Falling Skies blue tinge to the filming before. Is that new with the post-apocalyptic world in which they're fighting? It's not present in Jamie's world that I noticed. Not outside, anyway.

I love that Jackson and Tessa took a little time out to cop a feel and kiss before separating. 

Hanky Panky with Jackson and Tessa - Zoo Season 3 Episode 1

That's something Jackson failed to do with Chloe despite really being into her. He must have recalled how little saving the action for later did for his personal life and his professional life.

After all, humanity is on the brink. Why not enjoy every minute of it?

The hybrid they caught must be morphing into something completely different again if we're to believe the sample Abraham was investigating.

Things have changed so much since Mitch was out and about in the world. How on earth could he help?

Big Bad Hybrid - Zoo Season 3 Episode 1

If Abraham has never seen something like the blood that was either turning into an organ or 2017's version of The Blob, then it seems ridiculous to think a man with knowledge ten years gone would be of any use.

I was laughing out loud when Myers was trying to communicate with Mitch. First, Mitch was pounding the crap out of his right hand. NO NO NO NO. He didn't know his name, the year or where he was. 

But then suddenly Myers was talking to him as if he didn't pound no at all, saying the IADG was looking for him for a long time, blah blah. But my favorite was Myers asking, "What does that say? What does that mean?" to the jibberish Mitch had written on paper.

Geez. If Mitch could talk, wouldn't he have said it out loud? Why was he asking him those redundant questions? 

So excuse me if I wouldn't be surprised that Mitch didn't recognize Clem. 

He'll recognize Jamie, though. Although, who is Jamie these days? World renowned author and millionaire?

Jamie Pulling a Con - Zoo Season 3 Episode 1

International superhero and spy? Am I the only one who remembers Jamie was a blogger? Investigative journalist my arse. 

Zoning in on her necklace made me think she was the Oh Mighty Isis (Saturday morning program of the 70s, not the destructive terrorist group of the present), and frankly, she had the mad skills of the woman, too!

When she zoomed back to the jet and plugged the necklace into a computer system and sped off to continue her international woman of mystery shtick, I thought things couldn't get any better. I was wrong.

How in the hell did Logan pass security to become a police detective? Maybe in the Pacific Zone, but not in New York City. 

Superhero Jamie - Zoo Season 3 Episode 1

I need an update on how much of the population remains.

Against what odds did Jamie become an international bestseller? Logan, a detective? Mitch discovered in Siberia just before his tank stopped supporting life?

These are things we must know! Oh, OK. They are not. But there are some things we do need to know.

Now that the supposed IADG woman blew up the poor hybrid captured by Jackson and Tessa (after apologizing to it, no less), will the bits and pieces grow like the drop of blood Abraham is handling? 

Why does the IADG want Mitch so badly they imported a faux-Clementine?

"Our" Clementine is the real one, right? Why else would she be gathering all of her father's friends and begging for their help? She sounded too honest and conflicted while asking for help to be the imposter.

Jamie has all the skills of a superhero. Jackson is an alien hunter with hybrids. Abraham and Dariela are happily settled in the 'burbs raising Isaac.

It was a great start to Zoo Season 3, but now I'm ready for it to go completely off the rails. How about you??

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No Place Like Home Review

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