Claws Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Self-Portrait

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Something finally went right for Desna.

Now let's see how long that lasts.

Racism was a major theme in Claws Season 1 Episode 6. Apparently, the Koreans run the establishment when it comes to nail design.

Not a Warm Welcome - Claws

They treated Desna and her crew like, well, crackers, people only worthy of their contempt.

And when Desna essentially fired them for their nastiness, they hit back by damaging the shop she had worked so hard to get.

So let's get ready to rumble at NailPalm.

Who knew that nail design was a competitive sport? Don't ask me how they judge it.

NailPalm served a dual purpose for Desna: giving her money she desperately needed to repair her new salon and allowing her to get back at the Korean bitches who ruined her new shop.

It was a pretty exciting build up in the competition, although it was an obvious result to have the underdog Desna win.

Still, Desna was just as guilty of racism by referring to her crew as black, white, brown and "whatever the hell Virginia is." She expected Vietnamese Desna to translate what the Koreans were saying, proving that all Asians looked alike to her.

Making Herself at Home - Claws Season 1 Episode 6

Once again, Virginia proved that what she was is naive, despite her hard exterior.

Did she really expect to get to paid $400 an hour to just dance on camera? I guess you can take the stripper out of the club but not the club out of the stripper.

And she and Dean together, whether a couple or not, can only lead to trouble. Despite his special needs, not much gets by Dean, so with her big mouth, he'll soon know things he shouldn't, for his own sake and Desna's.

His Sister's Supporter - Claws Season 1 Episode 6

Another question is how Dean will react to Desna's new beau. When it comes to Gregory, Desna's crippling self-doubt is understandable. She isn't trying to sabotage the relationship, but she has so many secrets that it's going to be tough to date a normal guy.

I don't see how Desna and Gregory could possibly work, but he hasn't been scared off yet, so who knows? I loved how Barry White's "Can't Get Enough of Your Love" was the soundtrack every time they were about to kiss.

Roller has found himself a quirky, new significant other in Psycho Gladys. At least with the shock collar, she's found an innovative way to squeeze his neck.

It's got to be hell for him to be caught inside A Room With a View. For now, he's embracing the scenario, at least until he can get ahold of her cell phone for a long enough period of time. 

It hadn't been readily apparent that Roller could be such a bull-shitter, talking about her art. A sculpture crafted from prisoners' pubic hair, which earned her a genius grant? I think she's also living in an imaginary world when it comes to her art.

Amazed by Location - Claws Season 1 Episode 6

Even Quiet Ann has found someone new in Arlene. Too bad everyone is prohibiting her from dating a policewoman.

I suspect they're right to do so. The way Arlene was paying attention at the strip club, I think she may be undercover for some federal agency.

And poor Jenn just can't get Bryce free of Uncle Daddy's grasp. Uncle Daddy gave them a mansion in the right school district, and Jenn crumbled. She's gotta know things are only going to end badly.

Not only that, but the house caused major friction between her and Desna. Granted, Desna does want what's best for Jenn, but there's also some jealousy involved because she thinks she has earned a big house as well. 

Now, thanks to Dean's wonky collage, Jenn is on to Desna's secret, and that can't help the bond between the two of them.

It was encouraging to see how well the show worked with small doses of Uncle Daddy, who has been at the heart of the previous episodes.

Also absent were any big production numbers, and that didn't seem to hurt the narrative at all.

So this was just a transition episode to get Desna to her new salon, a new man, to further entrench Jenn and Bryce and to confirm, yup, Roller's alive and paying for his sins.

What's left is to let everyone know Roller is alive while still keeping Desna and Virginia safe, as well as rescuing Jenn and Bryce from the Dixie Mafia. That's quite a lot to handle over the next three episodes.

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Do you like having Roller alive? Should Desna move on to Gregory? How can Jenn and Bryce get out? Comment below.

Self-Portrait Review

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Claws Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Jenn: In light of this news, I feel you deserve a morning BJ.
Bryce: Race you to the car!

Dean [about the Coombs}: They got what they deserved.
Desna: Yeah, they did. Are you OK?
Dean: Hm, hm. I'm glad those assholes are dead.