The Bachelorette Season 13 Episode 7 Review: And Then There Were Four

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It's almost time to meet the parents.

The Bachelorette Season 13 Episode 7 brought Rachel and her remaining contestants – Bryan, Dean, Peter, Eric, Adam and Matt – to Switzerland for the last round of dates before hometowns. 

Rachel Cries - The Bachelorette

Rachel is casually sitting on a bench in Geneva thinking about her six boyfriends. (She can't be thinking too hard though because we know Peter, Dean, Eric, and Bryan HAVE to be the top four).

Switzerland is known for so many things... chocolate, cheese, watches.


Rachel announces that there isn't going to be a rose ceremony this week, but instead four dates where all of the roses will be handed out. Bryan is the first one to get a one-on-one date, and all of the other guys, especially Peter, are super jealous.

Matt, who definitely snuck onto the plane to Switzerland because it makes no sense that he is still here, is concerned about not getting enough time with Rachel before she meets his family.

Don't worry Matt, there is a zero percent chance that you're getting a hometown date because Rachel would have to meet you before she decided to meet your family.

Rachel: Is that your style?
Bryan: I like black.
Rachel: Do you?

On her date with Bryan, Rachel "buys" them matching watches. I'm using quotation marks because we all know production paid for those watches.

But if I'm wrong and somehow she did spend her own money, Bryan should have to pay Neil Lane for the engagement ring (or at least offer).

Dean, who is only 25, is the first one to FINALLY point out that there is something off about Bryan being eternally single at 37-years-old. Four for you, Dean! You go, Dean. And none for Matt or Adam, bye.

Rachel talks to Bryan about his most recent ex-girlfriend, and he admits to rushing his last relationship. I'm sensing a trend here.

He also admits to wanting an earring when he was younger and his ex dumping him because of his mom. RUN RACHEL, RUN.

Rachel gives him a rose, and we're officially going to get to meet his now infamous mother. But not without a quick makeout session in front of two violinists, of course. 

Dean gets the second one-on-one date, and the pair goes sightseeing and to church. He doesn't seem too interested in the mass, but he's certainly handling it better than Nick Viall did last season at Rachel's church in Dallas.

Do you believe in the tooth fairy?


Dean is clearly panicking about bringing Rachel home to meet his family, and it's written all over his face that he is not ready to marry her. Or anyone.

When Rachel asks Dean to talk about his feelings, he asks her if she believes in the tooth fairy and what her favorite dinosaur is. #DeepThoughtsByDean is probably going to be the latest podcast to debut on PodcastOne or iHeartRadio. 

I can also see Dean on Bachelor in Paradise chatting up Raven or Alexis about different kinds of dinosaurs and fairies. And maybe they can be the first guests on #DeepThoughtsByDean!

At dinner, Dean finally opens up about his strained relationship with his father and feeling abandoned by his family. It's safe to say it's going to be super awk for his family when this episode airs.

He gets just deep enough to get the rose but isn't too emotional or dramatic. Stay cool, Dean.

My family is not gonna be the family you want to see.


Peter gets the third and final one-on-one date, which means Eric, Matt, and Adam are going on the three-on-one date. Shocker! 

After a quick helicopter ride and make-out sesh, Rachel and Peter go dog-sledding and talk about their feelings in the middle of a snow storm. (Only on The Bachelorette, am I right?) 

He admits that there have been times that he has wanted to go home during the show, but stuck it out for her. Rachel seems a little concerned by that, but I think it makes Peter seem more normal than any of the other guys (cough, cough Bryan). 

I honestly don't want Peter to win anymore because I NEED him to be The Bachelor. 

I'd also like to point out that ABC has been known for a misleading promo or two, but the one for tonight's episode might be the most frustrating. The voiceover in the commercial made it seem like Peter did something horrible to make Rachel cry, but in reality, he told a story about feeling guilty over hurting his ex. 

I should have known Peter didn't go anything wrong because Peter is PERFECT.

Peter's hometown could become my hometown.


On the group date, Rachel takes Adam, Matt, and Eric on a boat ride to France. It was basically her way of saying "sorry I have to dump two of you and eventually all three of you, but at least you get to go to France!"

Rachel gets emotional talking to Matt because she thinks they are a lot alike, but the connection between the two of them just never developed. She sends him home, and Matt finally has a memorable moment when he tells her he's going to bring his glass of champagne into the limo with him. 

If Rachel really felt bad for Matt, she would have offered him the whole bottle.

There must be a lot of scenes with Adam and Rachel on the cutting room floor because she is acting like it is a tough decision to choose between Eric and Adam. Maybe Rachel is just a really good actress, or she's just crying because of the cold, but no one on this three-on-one is worth her being this confused or upset over.

In the end, Eric is the one who opens up to Rachel and gets the rose.

Adam (and Matt) shouldn't take this breakup so hard. At least they finally got enough air time for America to learn their names and look them up on Instagram.

Plus, Adam will always have Adam Jr.

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The Bachelorette Season 13 Episode 7 Quotes

Rachel: Is that your style?
Bryan: I like black.
Rachel: Do you?

Switzerland is known for so many things... chocolate, cheese, watches.