17 Shows That Traversed Time And Space

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Time travel is fascinating isn't it?

There are countless theories and interpretations on the fundamentals of it all, such as wormholes, the butterfly effect, paradoxes, etc. The list goes on and on and makes our heads spin.

As different as they all are, all of these ideas have one thing in common: they have made for some amazing TV entertainment over the years.

Whether they're still jumping through time or are now a part of TV history, let's take a look at some of the best shows involving time travel to hit the small screen.



1. Timeless

Another show with immense potential. While also only lasting one season, this series involved a stolen experimental time machine that brings a history professor, an engineer and a soldier into the mix in order to prevent history from being rewritten.

2. DC's Legends Of Tomorrow

DC's Legends Of Tomorrow
The defenders of our past, present and future will do anything to protect the space time continuum. It goes without saying that messing with time can have disastrous consequences. Just ask Barry Allen on The Flash.

3. The Flash

The Flash
Barry Allen can never quite seem to refrain from meddling with time, and thus everyone's lives. Regardless of some boneheaded decisions he's made over the past 3 seasons, Barry is still everyone's favorite speedster.


The survivors of Oceanic 815 encountered their fare share of oddities during their time on the island. Through six seasons, we've truly seen everything from flashbacks to flashforwards to flash sidways.

5. FlashForward

Speaking a flashfoward, this was a fun, promising, yet short lived series in which a strange event causes nearly everyone on the planet to gain the ability to see 6 months into their own future. It's just a shame this series' run only lasted one season.

6. Doctor Who

Doctor Who
What did you say? An immortal alien who only goes by "The Doctor" has a knack for meddling in Earth's history while traveling through time in a British police box? Sign me up!

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