Midnight, Texas Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Sexy Beast

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Guys, beware! Blondes may be fun, but they can also be deadly!

On Midnight, Texas Season 1 Episode 4, another strange supernatural creature arrives in town, but Joe still doesn't say anything to the team about the veil.

When will he share the news?

Enjoying a Drink - Midnight, Texas Season 1 Episode 4

It would be much easier for the team if they knew what they were up against if only Joe would share what he knows about the veil. The Rev is the only person who knows and he was completely absent this hour.

If the team knew about the future danger, they could start preparing for the big fight, but I don't even think they know Joe is an angel. It's another piece of information that only the Rev knows.

There has to be some reason why Joe is keeping so many secrets. He's running from something, but what it might be is unclear. Still, it's bothersome that he's holding back because the veil fraying is huge news. 

Is he afraid of something? I hope we find out soon before more crazy supernatural beings find their way to the sleepy town, and we know there's going to be bigger and badder things headed the town's way before the big bad arrives. So Joe needs to think long and hard about continuing to keep quiet.

Annoying Brother - Midnight, Texas Season 1 Episode 4

It didn't take long for Manfred and the team to find the succubus. It was lucky that Connor walked into the Cartoon Saloon (what a name) when he did. If wasn't for him, as annoying as he is, they wouldn't have found her before she killed more men. 

You have to give credit to the special effects crew on this show. It would be easy for things to look hokey, especially being a summer show, but the effects are great. The succubus rising up and scrambling away was incredibly creepy.

Connor is lucky he wasn't eaten alive, but to be honest, I wish he was. He's an annoying character, and I'm not getting why he's even part of the mix. There's something more to him than just trying to protect his sister.

He either wants to be part of the team or he's doing it for something or someone.  Maybe he's being paid to follow Manfred around. Like Hightower. It would make perfect sense, and I wouldn't be surprised, if Connor is working for Hightower.

One thing I don't get is why Xylda doesn't know about what's going on in Midnight. She had Manfred go there for a reason, and I can't believe it was just because she knew Lem was there. And if she does know something, why isn't she telling Manfred about it?

Where's Olivia - Midnight, Texas Season 1 Episode 4

Joe isn't the only one with secrets. Bobo is hiding something too and it's not good. It appears that he might be a former white supremacist. When he confronted Lowry's guys at the saloon, they did say Bobo used to be one of them. It would be very disturbing if he was. I can't imagine a former racist being too keen on dating a black woman.

Whatever he's hiding, the key to his secret is under his truck. He was so relieved the door was still locked. What could he be hiding there?

Considering Bobo and Fiji finally kissed, I hope whatever secrets Bobo is keeping won't break Fiji's heart too much. She deserves happiness. She's been waiting a long time to get together with Bobo and it's finally happened.

We learned a little bit more about Olivia this hour too, but she's still a mystery. I love that she has not only her badass gun closet but that she's got an outfit and wig closet, too. This girl's got everything. 

I also love her relationship with Lem. Out of all the relationships on this show, theirs is the best. It's very sexy and erotic and I want to see more of them together. 

There are secrets everywhere in Midnight and many of them are with our favorite characters. How soon will it be before secrets are revealed, and what will happen when they are? We'll soon find out!

What did you think of "Sexy Beast"? Will Joe ever tell the rest of the team about the veil?

Where was the Rev this hour? Are you happy about Bobo and Fiji?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Sexy Beast Review

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