Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 12 Review: Todas Las Horas Hieren

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Everyone has a right to the throne if they can take it. 

Teresa Mendoza took some serious steps toward taking that place on Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 12. 

Uneasy Alliances - Queen of the South

It’s funny how everyone sees Teresa differently. 

Camila views her as nothing more than a dog that needs to be put down.

Camila: Teresa was a stray mutt when I met her. I brought her into my family, let her sleep under my roof.
James: What did you expect after she calls the DEA to save you? Once someone's in bed with the Feds, you can't ever trust them.
Camila: You tried to warn me; I should have listened. I opened my arms to that girl and she spit in my face. Let her die in the cold with the other dogs.

For all of her self-righteous indignation, Camila brought this on herself. She treated Teresa like a partner when it suited her, but would have sacrificed her to the DEA if that’s what was necessary to get out of prison. 

It’s clear that Camila’s loyalty to anyone lasts only as long as they are useful to her. Pote always saw that, and that’s part of the reason he’s now pledged his allegiance to Teresa. 

I told you, you're no Camila, and I meant it. You're better. You've got a heart.


Pote watching as Gato raped Teresa way back on Queen of the South season 1 episode 1, was the one crack in this duo’s armor, and I’m glad it was addressed. 

Teresa and Pote - Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 12

Teresa never let that horrible moment define her, but she also hasn’t forgotten it. For as hardened as Pote is, I think it bothers him that he allowed it to happen and that’s part of the reason why he walked away after Teresa brought it up.

Pote wasn’t wrong to question Teresa forming an untested alliance with the gang, but it’s not as though she had a lot of options. 

And I was left wondering how she was going to find the guns she promised until she went to King George who delivered my favorite Queen of the South quote

I delivered a small arsenal to a backwards-ass group of skinheads about a week ago. Dudes were sketchy as shit. Big plans, little brains, plus they insulted Bilal, so fuck ‘em. But don't you let one of those hillbillies kill you, girl. Cause we've got an empire to build.

King George

I love that even crazy King George has no time for white supremacists and continually backs Teresa at every turn. 

Whether it’s her heart, her brains, or her guts, and it’s probably all three, Teresa continues to read people and win them over.  

That Pote reached out to Guero surprised me. Perhaps he felt bad for sending Guero away, but I don’t think he should. 

Guero still views Teresa as the girl he needs to protect and take care of. He still fails to understand that Teresa can take care of herself and so much more. She’s outgrown Guero, and I think his reappearance in her life will only be a hinderance to her.

James turned out to be the most disappointing player in this game. His loyalty to Teresa lasted slightly longer than Camila’s, and like Camila, he was playing Teresa for his own benefit. 

Epifanio's Secret Plan - Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 12

But James sees Camila as his queen in this game, and I don’t know if that will ever change. 

Of course with Camila now with Epifanio in Mexico, James may end up rudderless. What will he do if he can’t contact the woman in charge? Will James find Camila, or will he begin to think about taking over the throne himself?

But Epifanio snatching Camila wasn’t nearly as shocking as Isabela’s reaction to being kidnapped by Pedro.

Isabela: You stupid, pathetic, wannabe gangster. You think my father ruined your life? I hate him more than you could ever hope to. I'm not going to ask him for five million. I’m going to ask him for ten. Kique and I get two, and you and your cousins get eight, and we go free. You want revenge? Be a man and do it yourself.
Pedro: You think you've got leverage, bitch, I'll kill you right now.
Isabel: Then you don't get nothing. Put me on tape.
Pedro: You think I’m stupid.
Isabel: My father won’t pay you anything unless he sees me alive. Put me on tape. I’ll get you your ten million and Kique and I go free.

Apparently, Isabela really is her mother’s daughter. She didn’t blink an eye at her best friend getting shot in the head.

Poor Olivia - Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 12

But her father was right; she’s also spoiled. What does she plan to do with that $2 million if she gets it, and will Kique go along with her plan because he looked almost more horrified by Isabela’s actions than he was by the gun being held to his head? 

As for El Santo’s man and the girl in the creepy mask, we’ll have to wait for Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 13, to find out their plans for the machete and the knife.

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Todas Las Horas Hieren Review

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Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Everyone has a right to the throne if they can take it.


King George: She ain't exactly one for flowery speeches, huh?
Devon: No, she's not.