13 Storylines That Totally Sucked

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You’re watching your favorite show and you love it. The concept excites you, the characters have you hooked, and each new episode is must see TV!

But then it happens…that plot you just can't stand.

Sometimes your favorite character becomes  someone you no longer recognize, or does something so stupid you’re tempted to change the channel.

Perhaps it’s a new character who simply doesn’t fit in, or a romance that either never takes off or takes a wrong turn. 

How about a character’s death that’s either so devastating you can’t believe it happened or so infuriating you consider tuning out for good. 

Come take this walk down memory lane of the 13 plots on TV that we absolutely hated!

1. Castle - Kate Beckett Was Married?!?

Castle - Kate Beckett Was Married?!?
Kate Beckett was an intelligent woman and an extraordinary detective…and yet she somehow didn’t know she was legally married to some jerk she met in college?

Not only didn’t it make sense (Beckett had gone through multiple background checks for both NYPD and the Feds), but it destroyed the “one and done” concept that fans had loved about Beckett since Castle Season 1 Episode 2.

The fact that this horrible plot derailed an entire installment that fans believed was going to be filled with Rick and Kate’s wedding just added insult to injury.

Don’t even get us started on the ill-conceived non-wedding/disappearing Castle story that followed!

As for the entirety of Castle Season 8, we’re still pretending that was nothing more than a really bad dream that never actually happened.

2. Revenge - Daniel Dies!

Revenge - Daniel Dies!
We know that Emily and Daniel’s romance started off as Emily’s strategy to take down the Graysons, and things got worse from there, but no one can deny this couple had chemistry! It even spilled over into the actors' real lives.

We know the show was determined to pair Emily with Jack, but we always had a longing to see Daniel and Emily turn their lives around and end up together. The best part would have been how it could have driven Victoria Grayson crazy!

3. How I Met Your Mother - They Killed the Mother!

How I Met Your Mother - They Killed the Mother!
The entire point of How I Met Your Mother was to finally see Ted meet the mother of his children! Of course fans also thought they’d get some romance, an actual wedding and perhaps some happily ever after…but they were greatly mistaken.

Fans waited season after to season to meet the much anticipated “Mother” only to have Ted apparently put off their perfect wedding for years, and then have her die!

To make matters worse, Ted then jumped into a “meant to be” relationship with Robin that the show spent all of nine seasons convincing fans was a horrible idea.

In the end, we still feel like we invested in a show and it cheated on us.

4. E.R. - Dr. Romano is Crushed by a Helicopter

E.R. - Dr. Romano is Crushed by a Helicopter
ER’s run of 15 seasons meant there was plenty to love and plenty of stories we wished had gone differently, but nothing beats the death of Dr. Robert Romano.

Dr. Romano was complex. He could be a complete, arrogant ass…but he also loved his dog, mentored Lucy Knight, and adored Elizabeth Corday even if the feeling was never returned.

When he lost his arm in a helicopter accident, and thus ended his career as a surgeon, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to explore other aspects of his character, but obviously the writers didn’t see it that way.

Instead of character growth, Romano was crushed by a falling chopper as though he was starring in a cartoon. Robert Romano and the fans who rooted for him deserved more than that.

5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Dawn Appears

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Dawn Appears
We know that Buffy the Vampire Slayer was all about the supernatural, but having Dawn Summers appear out of no where was more than most fans could take.

Dawn, we were told, was actually a mystical power of living energy, called The Key. Thanks to a magical ritual, she was transformed into a teenage girl, who suddenly became Buffy’s supposed younger sister so that the Slayer would protect her from the hell goddess Glorificus.

As if that weren’t confusing enough, Dawn never, ever left…and fans really wished she would. Who knew that fictional, supernatural pre-teens could be even more annoying than the real thing.

6. Roseanne - It Was All a Dream?!?

Roseanne - It Was All a Dream?!?
For nine seasons we rooted for Roseanne and Dan Connor. We rooted for Darlene and David. Heck, we even rooted for Becky, no matter who was playing her.

So when the show pulled the rug out from under us during the series finale by making most of the final season a dream, killing off Dan, and pairing Becky with David and Darlene with Mark, we were dumbfounded.

What the hell did they do? Why? We still don’t have answers.

But thankfully there’s going to be a Roseanne reboot for a limited Season 10…and rumor has it that the dream was all just a dream after all.

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