The Affair Season 4: Who Has A New Love Interest?

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The Affair will continue on Showtime in 2018, and we now know that one character will have a brand new love interest. 

Per TV Line, Ramon Rodriguez has been tapped to appear as Ben, a marine veteran who lands a new job with the VHA.


Ramon Rodriguez

His path will cross with Ruth Wilson's Alison because of his new work on PTSD. 

Alison's new career involves her counseling people with grief, so we think it's fair to assume they meet on the job and have a connection from there. 

If you watch The Affair online, you will already know that Alison has had her fair share of grief throughout her life, in part due to the death of her son. 

Being Honest - The Affair Season 2 Episode 12

So, it makes sense for her to attempt to help people who have had similar feelings to her. 

Considering Alison is not back with Cole or Noah, it sounds like she's ready to move on with her life and start a new chapter. 

That's where Ben comes in, and we're all for her moving on. With the show being called The Affair, will one of them be cheating on their significant other?

It's unclear at this stage whether one or more of the characters will be making a move to Los Angeles. The series snagged a lucrative tax credit program to relocate production from New York. 

Far Away Family - The Affair Season 3 Episode 10

It's hard to imagine Helen Solloway moving to the same neighborhood as the woman who was instrumental in the breakdown of her marriage. 

They may have sipped wine together that one time, but it's doubtful they will become BFFs.  Could you imagine Whitney's face if they did, indeed, become close friends?

God, maybe it should happen just for her reaction. 

Ramon Rodriguez Attends Event

Rodriguez most recently appeared on Netflix's The Defenders and is expected to appear in multiple episodes of the Showtime drama. 

It was widely expected that The Affair would return later this year, but Shameless has been confirmed to debut November 5, so it's more likely The Affair will return at the end of January now. 

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